Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flash 35: Loving Times

Flash 35 

 Loving Times-by Lily Sawyer

For our Columbus Day prompts, we have the following from Freddy McKay:

"...We've come so far..."

"...I think/feel I'm entitled to your body..."

" a problem with personal space..."

And from our lovely Ryssa:   

Use the following elements in your story:  knitting needle, motorcycle, dripping paint

Links to my fellow flashers appear at the end of the story

Loving Times 

“Tom!”  Ben felt so frustrated with his partner he could scream.  “Get in here!”

He impatiently listened to the sound of approaching footsteps
trying all the while to keep calm. 

“What is it

“Look.”  He pointed to the dripping paint on the antique roll-top desk in the living room.  The oak desk had belonged to his grandfather
He'dalways loved that old piece of furniture and he’d been so happy when he found out his poppy had left it to him in his will.   Now it was splattered with egg cream white paint.

“Oh shit!  I’m sorry
Ben.  I forgot to put a drop cloth over the desk when I was painting the window frame.”    

Ben regretted not hiring professional painters to do the job, He loved Tom but he could be careless sometimes.   He’d insisted on painting this room himself.   “Sorry isn't going to fix this, Tom.”

“A nice coat of wood paint would.”  Tom smiled at him, knowing that Ben was a pushover for that smile.

I guess it would, but you have to be more careful.  You know what this desk means to me.”

“I’m sorry
baby,” Tom apologized again
only this time he wrapped his arms around Ben and gave him a liplock that made Ben’s insides turn to mush. “I swear I won’t do that again. I know how much your grandfather meant to you. How can I make amends?”

first you can buy the paint to fix it.”

“I will. This afternoon I’ll take a ride over to Home Depot and take care of it.  Will that make things better?”

“It’s a start.”  Ben stuck his lower lip out in a pout
knowing it drove Tom crazy
and he’d get what he ultimately wanted.


He was lavished with kisses, which led to some tongue battles in each other’s mouths.  Somehow, and Ben didn’t remember how, they were in the bedroom and their clothes were off.  It was amazing how one thing led to another so fast
it was like some force of nature took over and they were all over each other.   Still going strong after all these years.   Not that he was complaining

he wanted to keep the fire going in their furnaces forever.

“Oh Tom, yeah right there!”  Tom was giving him a blowjob that was sending him into orbit.  He knew just where to lick him under the head that drove him nuts.

“Come for me
baby." Tom licked Ben’s slit and the geyser erupted.  “Mm, so good.”

“You know what I really want, Tom?”  Ben said after taking forever to come down from the orbit Tom had just sent him to.

“What?”  Tom said.  Ben pull his legs up, exposing his pulsing hole to him.   He grabbed some lube they kept on the nightstand drawer and slathered up.

“You know, honey.  Come and get it.”  Ben smiled and waited for Tom to seat himself and slowly slide into home plate.  “Mmpf, so full.”

“You want me to pull out?”

“Don’t you DARE!” 

Tom leaned over and kissed him.  “I wasn’t going to,"  he

whispered in Ben’s ear, licking him.    He started to thrust in and Ben met those thrusts; their bodies were dancing to their own music
and it wasn’t long before they got to the top of that mountain together.

“Love you Tom.” He grabbed the back of Tom’s head and mashed their lips together.

“Mm, love you too, Ben.”   Their hot, sweaty bodies entwined like two vines and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Tom’s motorcycle roared to life as he took off on his quest to Home Depot.    Ben took advantage and gave Tom a shopping list on his way out.  

Ben went back inside and went to the completely enclosed back porch. He sat on the comfortable wicker chair and reached into his bag, taking out a pair of knitting needles.   Ben loved to sew and knit. His mother had shown him everything he knew.  Sewing wasn’t supposed to be a ‘manly’ thing to do but Ben couldn't care less.   He was currently working on a scarf for Tom. It was going to be a birthday gift to him. He knew he didn’t have much time left
it was only a few days away.    It was good that it was on Columbus Day

the real one on the 12th, not theMonday one like it said on the calendar.    He’d gotten some wonderful yarn that was a mixture of deep blues. Blue was Tom’s favorite color and he was looking forward to the surprised look on Tom’s face when he unwrapped this gift. Ben loved giving gifts; sometimes he and Tom would surprise each other with stuff even without it being a special occasion.   It was one of the reasons he loved that man so much.

The sound of the phone ringing cut through the silence of the house.   He didn’t know why
but he got a knot in his stomach as he walked over to answer the phone.


“Is this Ben Meyers?” 

Ben’s heart dropped to the floor.  “Yes?”

“I’m Terry Loman, I’m a nurse over at Community hospital.   Your friend Tom Wilkins was brought in.  He was in an accident.”

“H-how is he?”  Ben felt as if his whole world was collapsing around him.

"He's in the ER right now
I don’t have any further information.”

“Thanks I’ll be right over.”  Ben clicked the cell phone off and put it in his pocket.   “Where the hell are they?”  He frantically turned the house upside down looking for his car keys.   He usually put them on a key rack Tom had installed by the front door. 

“Damn it!”  He threw the mail and magazines off the coffee table.  He finally found the keys under the living room couch and he quickly got into his car, but instead of starting it up he sat there
drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.   Thinking about life without Tom.   He took a deep breath and started the motor.   “You better not die on me
Tom Wilkins”

He took the long dreaded drive to the hospital.



  1. Nice way to start your birthday, most definitely. :) Happy Birthday!!!! Have fun.