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Welcome Guest Blogger Sharita Lira

please welcome my guest blogger Sharita Lira

Please sit back, relax enjoy the man servants who are here to serve you and tell us about yourself

Author Sharita Lira

How did you get your start writing gay fiction and/or erotica?  Please tell us about your background and early beginnings. 

Well, it all started with writing fanfiction. I’d read a lot of it from different fandoms, mostly the music fandom of Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. I tried my hand at it and loved putting stories together of two men in love. I received great feedback and once I felt confident enough to submit, I finally did begin to create original stories.

If you had to choose, which one of your novels do you like the most and why?

Well, I only have five novellas out now, two of which are sole author, the others are short stories. I suppose of the published one my novella, Binding Justice would be the fave because I challenged myself to write about a completely new subject and subgenre. I’m proud of how I integrated my own inexperience into the character.

When you start a new story do you begin with a character or plot?

The plot most of the time even though sometimes, the characters will speak to me through a photograph of a model at times.

Tell us about yourself, what got you interested in writing?

I’m a married mom of two writing under three penames. I’ve been writing since I was in my mid teens, mostly romance some poetry. What I love about writing is creating new tales and worlds where my characters and I would feel comfortable. A lot of the situations I base on my own experiences or things I can relate to.

Tell us about your latest or upcoming story.

Well I have several coming. The biggest one with a date will be My Lieutenant written under my female pseudonym, BLMorticia. She’s my original muse, usually writes stories that raise eyebrows but this one is sweet. An interracial gay novella about a young man who meets his lover after his apartment was broken into by his ex. BL likes to write about the agony and tension in her characters and for Nathan Ellerby, he is having a hard time accepting that he might be in love with someone and ready to commit.

If you had to choose a favorite character from one of your stories who would it be and why?

It changes day by day but right now it’s the character I just created from my recently submitted novella, The Professor. His name is Parker Macaulay. He’s sexy, smart, a real man who is willing to take a step back in order to help others. In the story, he becomes close with one of his students and because he’s fallen for him, he makes the decision to shed a big part of his personality to make his lover comfortable.

What is your idea of how to spend romantic time with your significant other?

Romantic time could be a nice night out for dinner and a movie or quiet time at home, having a drink or two watching tv or a Netflix movie. Maybe even playing a game together or having conversation in bed. The key is alone and not with the kids around. *laughs*

If you write gay romance or erotica, just how descriptive are you in their sex scenes?

It really depends on the story. In a lot of them, I’m very descriptive. I keep them to a minimum as far as the amount of sex scenes to bring out more of a story but when I write the scene itself I try to bring out every emotion and all he sensuality I possibly can from beginning to end. I want the reader to feel what my characters feel.

You’re marooned on a small island with one person and one item of your choice—who is that person and what item do you have?

*laughs* I guess I better say my husband and providing that we have all the necessities like food and water, a radio would be great since I can’t live without music.

Binding Justice by Michael Mandrake

Blurb: Binding Justice, the only gay fiction romance story in the anthology is a tale of an older man seeking the assistance after losing his wife to cancer. Throughout his life, he has had the desire to be with another man but due to his strict upbringing as well as his time in the armed forces, Sire Jacobs has suppressed those feelings. At the insistence of his gay friend Gabe, he decides to attend a party to find someone of home he can bring this side out. Enter in Jarvis Densley, a twenty three year old gay male, shunned by his parents and looking for someone to mentor and love him.

Apparently, both have similar interests but will Sire's darker desire be what keeps them apart?

Excerpt PG

Sire felt like an old man amongst so many young people. It had been years since he’d been in a place like this.
I’m only here in support of Gabriel.
He reminded himself of that several times. Sire was pretty sure no one coming through that door would catch his eye. By the looks of things he was spot on since the clientele looked to be exactly what he wasn’t looking for.
Did he even know what kind of man he wanted? A young, strong, and pretty one. Not a drag queen or flamer.  
It amazed him he was going over this in his mind as he downed the last of his scotch while still taking in the sights. He never thought he’d get the chance to experience another man.
Still gazing, he noticed Gabe pulling someone’s hand through a crowd. When Sire locked eyes with Gabe, his friend nodded with a smile as the young man with him was turned to the right. After a couple of seconds, Sire got a glimpse of the guy. He was dressed in leather, looking very appealing even from a distance.
Sire sat up on his stool, angling his neck trying to get a good look as the twosome threaded through small throngs of people. Before he knew it, Gabe made his way over with a tall, lanky, gentleman with burgundy hair, brown eyes, chiseled features, and a wry smile. He looked a lot like one of the men on the flyer Gabe had earlier; almost the same outfit, his makeup perfect.
His look was just what Sire wanted.
Gabe grinned, “Sire, this is Jarvis Densley. I been talking with him a few minutes about his choice of clothing. He looks a lot like you asked about, right?”
Sire drew up his lips, stroking his beard.
Jarvis Densley, ugly name for a beautiful man.

Coming to Rebel Ink Press November 3rd

Available ay Amazon, Are

My Lieutenant by BLMorticia

Blurb: Nathan Ellerby's apartment has been ransacked by his ex who didn't like that he was dumped. While cursing and trouncing through the debris, Lieutenant Bryant Duncan comes to his door claiming he caught the offender before he got away. The two immediately have a connection, but when Nathan finds out Bryant was married and is straddling the fence between being gay or bisexual, Nathan is in a quandry since that was reason for his last break up.

The Lieutenant does everything to prove to Nathan he's worthy  but will the stubborn Nathan let down his walls of defense in order to allow love into his life even through the doubts?


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