Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday's Brief

HI Everyone,

Well here is this week's edition of Weds Brief.  Here are this week's prompts

This week's prompt is:  "Is that what you think of me?"

The alternate prompts are:  Use: thyme, energy, railroad or

"You have trust issues, mister!" or

blue, turkey, field  

Mention any constellation in your story

More Things In Heaven

There was nothing like being out on the deck just after the sun went down.  The sky seemed to put on a show just for them.
Tom felt Ben snuggle against him and sighed; it had been a perfect evening.  They’d both come home from their last day of work for the week; Tom barbecued some steaks while Ben made his famous potato salad.  The one he brought o the firehouse picnic each year.  The bowl was always quickly emptied.
Two bottles of cold beer topped off their dinner and now here they were enjoying their evening together under the stars.
“Penny for your thoughts.” Tom broke the silence that had settled around them.
“Oh I was just thinking how I miss the stars.” 
Tom sat up a bit in the lounge chair they were sharing and stared at his man in the dim light.
“Miss the stars? They’re all over the sky.” Tom swept his hand across the heavens.
“I know, but you never see the stars quite as well in the summer as you do in the winter.”
Despite the fact you could see the stars better in Lancaster than you could in a big city like Philly or Pittsburgh, it wasn’t quite the same as on a cold winter night.
Ben settled his head against Tom’s chest; the fire pit Tom had lit cast its light on the two men.
The light bulb came on in Tom’s head.  

“Hey, I have an idea.”
“You do?” Ben’s anxious eyes met Tom’s.
“If we can’t see the stars too clearly in our own backyard, let’s go where we can see them.”
“Huh?” Ben looked lost.
Tom took pleasure in surprising his man.
“Let’s go to the planetarium tomorrow.”
“Oh, Tom, that’s a great idea.” Ben kissed him.
“I’ll check online to see what events they have there.”
As it turned out the North Museum of Natural History and Science had a show called “Night Sky Tour.”
“Come on, Tom, let’s go.” Ben beamed like a little boy in a candy store. He stopped in front of the ticket window and started to take out his wallet.
“Unh uh, this one’s on me, Ben.”
They settled into their comfortable seats, the lights dimmed, and they leaned back to enjoy the show.
The stars appeared on the faux sky. It looked so real; the only thing missing was the wind against their faces.
The spring and summer stars glowed above them and Ben, the amateur astronomer, pointed at all the constellations.
Tom could hear the ooohs and aaahs coming from his lover. 

“Look, Tom.”
Tom smiled as Ben squeezed his hand.
“It’s Orion’s Belt.”  One of the easier constellations to spot in the winter sky and Ben’s favorite.
“It’s amazing.”
“Know what?” Ben whispered into his ear, the sultry tone making Tom’s cock twitch.
“What?” He couldn’tstop his heart from racing.
“I can think of another belt I like a lot.”
“You can?” Tom swallowed hard.
“Yes, one I’d like to undo, right now.”
“Ben, “ he whispered. Ben’s hand was palming his cock.
“We can’t do that here.”
“If you hadn’t noticed, we’re alone.”
Tom hadn’t bothered to take his eyes off Ben or the show taking place on the ceiling to see that they were the only two in the room.
Before he could say another word, his belt was undone, zipper opened ,and his cock was saying hello to the inside of Ben’s warm mouth.
“Ah,” he threw his head back.  He fought back the urge to scream in ecstasy.  Ben excelled in blowjobs and right now he was giving him a mind-blowing one. It wasn’t long before he came.
Ben put him back in place—zipped up and belt neat.
On their way out, Ben turned to him.
“Great show ,wasn’t it?”
Tom grabbed him by the arms and kissed him.
“You just wait to see what kind of show you’ll see when we get home.”
“I’m sure I’ll be seeing stars of another kind.”
My fellow briefers:


  1. Great story on that prompt! Very sweet and romantic. :)


  2. Orion is my favourite constellation :) I loved the... show ;)

  3. Thanks, guys. I love Orion too

  4. From nice and cute to naughty... I love it!