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welcome authors Julie Lynn Hayes and M.A. Church

I'd like to give a warm welcome to Julie Lynn Hayes and M.A. Church.  Let's find out more about their book " Be My Human"

door opens and two men enter the room. One has inquisitive green eyes and calico hair, an unusual color on Earth, but common on his home planet of Trygos.

Taz: My Reed, why have those two sent us out again? I do not understand.

Reed: Time for another book, that's why. *looks at Julie and Michelle* Am I right?

Julie: Gosh, Michelle, guess we can’t pull the wool over these guys’ eyes, can we?

Taz: I don’t understand, why would you wish to do that? Then we could not see.

Michelle: *Groans. Gotta find a book that explains this stuff!* And here we go.

Reed: I'll explain later, kitten. *looks out at everybody* Hello out there. I'm Reed, and this is my boyfriend, Taz. Taz is an alien. Yes, I mean he's an honest-to-goodness alien. He's from the planet Trygos. We met at the Empire State Building when Taz was left behind by a dumbass alien called Vorlod. The no-good ass dumped Taz. Just left him at the ESB with no money or anything. It still makes me crazy when I think about that.

Taz: No, my Reed, do not let him make you crazy, he is not worth it. *He purrs and wraps himself around Reed* Just think, if not for him, I would not have you now.

Julie: *rolls eyes* Michelle, isn’t this the part where they usually tell us to get out? And mind our own business or something?

Michelle: Yes, usually. *grins* I'm not going anywhere, so...

Reed. Right. *untangles Taz* Okay, kitten, back in your seat. No, no, your seat, not mine. *Shakes head* So, what do you guys want to ask us?

Julie: You know, the usual. What’s new, what have you been up to? Seen any good plays. That kind of thing.

Taz: *trying to be helpful* Well, Reed has been talking about getting a swing, and I think it sounds—”

Michelle: *snort*grin*giggle*

Reed: *turns red* Speaking of sounds. Did you hear that? No? Huh. Wonder what that was. Now, I, ah... okay, what's been going on, right? Well, Taz and I ended up going down to see the folks as a spur of the moment thing. My dad had a health scare. Turns out it was not a major thing, but it was scary. Taz got to meet my parents and siblings, though.

Taz: Your sister Renee is wonderful, and I love both the Herb and Jeanette. But Jacob... *frowns* He is not a nice man. I wish we could have removed that stick you told me he has up his ass.

Julie: *works hard not to laugh aloud* Gosh, anyone have a drink? Where’s a drink when you need one?

Michelle: *looks at Julie* Maybe we should've put an 'on' button on that stick. Might have loosened him up, lol.

Reed: Doubt it.

Michelle: *dies laughing* Okay, maybe not. I didn't care for him, either. I did like Renee. She’s cool. I'd love to kick back at her bar. That was a cool place.

Julie: I know, right? And watching these two *jerks a thumb toward Reed and Taz* was priceless. Except when you-know-who showed up.

Taz: *frowns* Please do not bring him up. He is evil, and a very bad man.

Michelle: Yeah, well, he is a bad man. And you didn’t let him get away with anything either.

Reed: I have to say, Peyton certainly met his match in Taz. But I’m glad Peyton pushed his way back into my life. I mean, I didn’t enjoy the things he did this time, but I had many unresolved issues concerning him. Seeing Peyton again forced me to handle those. Having Taz there with me, helping me, was very important. I’m not sure I would have been able to face Peyton without Taz’s love behind me.

Julie: Well, it’s cheaper than therapy, you gotta admit. Hey Michelle, think we can go to Renee’s bar? We can make these guys take us and pick up the tab?

Taz: *looks around on the floor* I don’t see the tab, Reed, what color is it?

Reed: *Looks at Julie, then at Taz* It’s green, kitten. As in the color of money green. I’ll be paying for the drinks for all of us.

Michelle: *LOL* Good one, Reed. By the way, Reed, how’s your dad doing?

Reed: Still griping about all the things that are bad for him that he can’t eat now. But he’s exercising more now, and he’s cut back on his favorite treat—ice cream. His health scare really got his attention. I do think he splurges now and then, and Mom turns a blind eye. Got to keep the old man happy or who knows what he’d run out and eat. I love my parents, but I have to say I’m glad to be home. I missed New York.

Taz: Me too. Very much. It’s hard to be quiet all the time. New York is a noisy place. Nobody notices a little sound. *He grins in a very pleased manner*

Julie: *tries not to burst into laughter and almost chokes* Do we want to know more about that, Michelle, or should we let sleeping kitties lie?

Taz: *confused* But I am not sleeping. That is silly.

Michelle: Let sleeping kitties lie lol. *waves* Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Here is the blurb and excerpt for Be My Human.


Reed and Taz are still adjusting to their new lives together when a medical emergency sends them flying down to Florida on short notice. Not quite the way Reed pictured introducing Taz to his family. Reed’s sister, Rene, welcomes the outgoing Taz with open arms, and the kittenish alien charms Reed’s parents.

But someone isn’t quite so enamored of Reed’s boyfriend—his homophobic older brother Jacob seems determined to be as unpleasant as possible, and he’s making their visit very uncomfortable. The sudden appearance of Reed’s controlling ex releases a flood of insecurity and bad memories.

Reed begins to doubt himself, and his ability to love and be loved in return. When strange items begin appearing as if out of nowhere, he wonders if he’s being stalked, or is he just paranoid? What can Taz do to prove to Reed that he’s more than enough man for this alien?


They’d been living together for a month now, ever since the fateful day Taz had literally fallen on Reed at the Empire State Building. One of the first things Reed had done after the adorable alien had moved in with him was buy Taz a cell phone, then teach him how to use it. Even though Taz was from another planet, one that was much more advanced than Earth, he was unfamiliar with Earth’s comparatively primitive technology. Reed swore after Taz had been kidnapped by the creature he’d dubbed the Evil Alien, he’d always have a way to call for help, thus the phone. That first week after they’d been reunited, Taz had talked Reed into letting him stay home alone while Reed worked at the boutique. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Taz had called Reed around lunchtime, nearly in tears.

When Reed arrived home, he’d been greeted with a nightmare of a mess. Even before he got to his apartment, he could hear the TV blasting in the living room. Which was bad enough, but Taz had somehow figured out how to turn the surround sound on. When Reed opened the door, the noise nearly blew him out of his shoes. It was like sitting in the front row at a movie theater. That, it turned out, was the easiest problem to rectify. Reed had shut the TV off, then looked around the apartment, stunned and slightly horrified.

He’d forgotten about Taz’s natural curiosity. What a mistake that was, and the proof of his error in judgment was spread out all over the kitchen. Flour had been strewn across the floor, a few eggs lay broken on the counter, every covered container in the refrigerator had been taken out and opened… then tasted. Taz had found the blender, dumped some sort of liquid in and turned it on, without putting the top on the machine. There was unrecognizable goo all over the counters, the cabinets, the floors. Plus, Taz had found the sugar. From the looks of it, he’d eaten half the bag.

And that was just the kitchen.

The bathroom had been thoroughly explored as well, as evidenced by the streams of shredded toilet paper spread throughout the place, toothpaste smeared all over the counters in minty globules, and so on.

What was that old saying about curiosity killing the cat?

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Meet the Authors:

Julie Lynn Hayes was reading at the age of two and writing by the age of nine and always wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Two marriages, five children, and more than forty years later, that is still her dream. She blames her younger daughters for introducing her to yaoi and the world of M/M love, a world which has captured her imagination and her heart and fueled her writing in ways she'd never dreamed of before. She especially loves stories of two men finding true love and happiness in one another's arms and is a great believer in the happily ever after. She lives in St. Louis with her daughter Sarah and her cat Ramesses, loves books and movies, and hopes to be a world traveler some day. She enjoys crafts, such as crocheting and cross stitch, knitting and needlepoint, and loves to cook. While working a temporary day job, she continues to write her books and stories and reviews, which she posts in various places on the internet. Her family thinks she is a bit off, but she doesn't mind. Marching to the beat of one's own drummer is a good thing, after all. Her published works can be found at Dreamspinner Press, Wayward Ink Publishing Amber Quill Press, MuseitUp Publishing, Torquere Press, and eXtasy Books. She has also begun to self-publish and is an editor at Wayward Ink and MuseitUp.

You can find her on her blog at, and you can contact her at

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Blog Twitter @Shelley_runyon Facebook My Goodreads Dreamspinner eXtasy Books Torquere Press

M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it! When not writing, she’s exploring the latest M/M novel to hit the market, watching her beloved Steelers, or sitting glued to HGTV. That’s if she’s not on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two children. She was a finalist in the Rainbow awards for 2013. Blog Twitter Goodreads Amazon page Facebook

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Welcome author Kim Fielding

Hi! I'm Kim Fielding, and I want to talk to you about airports. I travel by air fairly often. Every month or two, on the average. This means I spend a lot of time in airports, and generally I don't mind that. In fact, I find them good places to work— although when they're crowded, I wonder if people are reading over my shoulder as I type, and if so, what they think. Nothing like trying to write a juicy sex scene in the middle of a crowd. I think there are good and bad things about airports. On the plus side, I can nest with Starbucks and various treats, plus my laptop and Kindle. My kids aren't usually there to interrupt me. 006 Another advantage is the view. I like looking at the planes. Watching them take off and land is even better. 012 People-watching and eavesdropping opportunities are excellent. I have stolen characters and bits of conversation more than once. And you never know who else is traveling that day. See that man in the orange jersey? He's the very proud father of an NFL player, and he was on his way to Seattle to watch his son play. 019 But then there are the downsides. Airports are all pretty much the same. If it weren't for the T-shirts in the gift shops, you'd hardly know where you were. 004 008 I always make sure to bring plenty of reading material, because airport selections tend to be uninspiring. Unless you're into Ayn Rand or self-help. 017 Some airports try to liven things up with art, but the results can be weird. That giant musical instrument thing houses an Internet kiosk. I don't know why. 010 015 Of course, the worst thing about airports is getting stranded in one when you want to be somewhere else. Most recently, this happened to me in Minneapolis. A pretty nice airport, but not where I wanted to spend a day. That experience inspired a story, however, so I guess I shouldn't be too angry at Delta. In "Standby," Tom misses his connecting flight and gets stuck at the airport. It's not a fun experience--until he meets Rafael. "Standby" is in the Stranded anthology. It's one of my five (!) new releases. To celebrate, I'm doing a Fieldingpalooza book tour with contests. Please join me! ~~~ To celebrate her releases, Kim is giving things away! a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveawaya Rafflecopter giveaway ~~~~ Kim's new releases are: BoneDry_postcard_front_DSPBone Dry--book 3 in the Bones series--available now for preorder       STRANDED-Final Cover"Standby" in the Stranded anthology--available now for preorder       Coverartdraft2_BruteBrute--French translation--available now       Bones_Cover6"Bones anthology (gothika vol. 2) --preorder now, releases Oct. 27 Four novellas, all with voodoo themes     festivus2 "The Festivus Miracle"--preorder now, releases Nov.1 All proceeds from this story go to Doctors Without Borders.     ~~~~ You can find more information about all Kim's books--and some free stories--on her website: You can also follow her on Twitter @KFieldingWrites and Facebook at

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Welcome author A.R. Von



Caedmon, is a sexy dragon shifter who has never known love, has never even craved it…until now. It’s been years since his last mission helping his friends Dezso and Iria. Witnessing their bond, their love for one another. Now he’s had the strange desire for a mate, a companion. Someone to…love for too long.

Mia Silver has worked hard for years to be where she is right now. She’s worked even harder keeping her secret. Most of her tireless work has paid off. All has been smooth sailing and hopefully, it will remain that way for the rest of her years. She can’t help but to think that her current situation might possibly be the calm before the proverbial storm. She knows something is coming. Just not what it is…

Two very different beings that both have an unfathomable focus, hearts of gold and deep desires have been brought together by the hands of fate. Will their choices be the right ones? Who provides wisdom to the guides?

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Find more about A.R. here:

~A.R. Von~The Wunder Series

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welcome author Joanne Myers

I'd like to welcome to my blog Joanne Myers. Today she is sharing her knowledge of writing mysteries with us. We also find out about her book "Murder Most Foul."  Thank you Joanne.

Writing Mystery by JoAnne Myers
 Before writing a word, take some time to jot down key story points. As you're writing, the story will want to take on a life of its own. Having a handy reference of key points will help keep your story on track and you from pulling your hair out. A list of key points is also helpful when outlining the story plot. You may very well find that the story begins to unfold as you're writing down the key points. If this happens...let it! Write down any ideas or details that come to you, they'll come in handy later.

Some key points to consider are; what is the mystery? This is the underlying theme to the entire story so be as in-depth as possible (has there been a murder or a theft or a kidnapping? If so, how and where was it committed?).

Hunt for the culprit. Every good story has at least one antagonist, but what steps must the hero or heroine take to find him/her? How will the villain evade the hero? How is the mystery solved? In mystery writing there are a lot of twists and turns. Write down your initial thoughts for plot twists, red herrings to throw the readers off the trail of the true villain, and of course the final stages of how the good guy will prevail...or does he? You need to decide whether or not the hero or the villain wins in the end. Many hero’s die trying to solve their case. Many are involved in physical altercations with other characters. You must decide how many altercations, the number of characters involved, and what weapons if any are used. It is not a good idea to only engage your characters with fist fighting. Throw in some knives, chains, falling from windows, or my favorite, a poisoning, and other nasty assaults.

Every great story has well rounded characters. We read fiction because we want to be entertained and develop a connection with the characters. Outlining items such as personality traits, physical features, and quirks can help bring your characters to life; a speech impediment, or limp, or a nervous twitch.

For the Protagonist, decide the name, age, where does he/she live, does he/she have a family or pets, what is their driving goal for taking on this particular case? Is the hero a police officer, a person sworn to honesty, pride, and valor. Or is the good guy a private detective being paid to find a certain someone. Or your main character could be a parent or sibling searching for a missing loved one.

For the Antagonist, decide the name, age, where does he/she live, is there an underlying reason for being the antagonist? Perhaps this person is a career criminal. On the other hand, maybe he/she is a good person that suffered an unjust and turned to crime out of bitterness and despair. Then you have your support characters, who are the color of the story. They provide depth to the story whether good or bad. A support character could be as simple as a loud mouth hot dog vendor standing on a street corner or as in-depth as the villain's partner in crime. In writing a mystery story, support characters can take on a life of their own with the reader, so make them interesting. Just because they are labeled support characters does not mean they are any less important than the main characters.

Next is the location of the story. When and where is the story set? These two key elements are what bring your story to life. Mystery story writing is a broad genre and could be set in any time period and in any place. When working with actual locations it is a good idea to do research on the location first. Readers want to feel as though they are there with the characters, so being able to accurately describe a location is vital. Time periods are no exception. If the story is set in 1940's New Orleans, the reader will want to see their surroundings, not just be told the story is taking place in a speakeasy or church. Be descriptive!

 A mystery story is not a story without a solid well thought out plot. Some things to consider when developing the story plot: What is the driving force of the mystery? To solve a murder, or rescue a kidnap victim? What does the villain do to thwart the hero? Does the villain get his goons on the hero? Is the hero being set up by the villain and now he is being hunted by police. What other obstacles get in the way of solving the mystery?

 One of the most important elements of writing a mystery story is suspense. Giving away too much too soon will bore the reader. It is best if the suspense is sprinkled throughout the story; bring the mystery to light within the first few chapters, then as the story progresses add a clue here and there without revealing the outcome until the final chapter. Do not be afraid to add a "red herring" or false clue, within the stories context. Readers love nothing better than to think they have everything figured out only to find in the end they were mistaken the entire time. The final few chapters of the story should hold the climax of the conflict and resolution between the hero and villain, including how all of the clues scattered throughout the story cumulatively solves the mystery. A good conclusion gives the reader a sense of closure in finding out how the hero solved the mystery. Remember that not all mysteries have to be completely solved or have a "happy" ending. If you are writing a series of stories, the villain may get away at the end of story #1 with the hero using clues from story #1 to track down the villain in story #2. In mystery story writing, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

 Blurb for “Murder Most Foul” a detective/mystery

When two dismembered torsos wash up on the banks of the local river in the small industrial town of Pleasant Valley, residents are horrified. Between contradicting statements, police ineptitude, lust, lies, manipulation, incest, the motorcycle gang The Devil’s Disciples, crooked cops, and a botched crime scene, everyone becomes a suspect. The young beautiful Jackie Reeves, a registered nurse, believes the killer is a man from her past. She contacts the dangerously handsome FBI Agent Walker Harmon. An arrest is made, but Harmon and Jackie believe an innocent man is being railroaded by local cops. How far will these lover’s go to solve this heinous crime before anymore killings. Determined to find the truth, Agent Harmon and Jackie are forced to run a gauntlet of deep trouble and turmoil, which marks them for death.

Author Bio: JoAnne has been a long-time resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the blue-collar industry most of her life. Besides having seven novels under her belt, JoAnne canvas paints. When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, JoAnne spends time with relatives, her dog Jasmine, and volunteers her time within the community. JoAnne is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance, Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association, the Hocking Hill's Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. JoAnne believes in family values and following your dreams. Her original canvas paintings, can be found at:

Buy Links: Available in EPub, HTML, PDF.

For Paperback: Other books by JoAnne: "WICKED INTENTIONS" a paranormal/mystery anthology "LOVES', MYTHS' AND MONSTERS'," a fantasy anthology "THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY," a biography true-crime “POEMS ABOUT LIFE, LOVE, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN” "TWISTED LOVE," a true-crime anthology Other books soon available: “FLAGITIOUS,” a detective/mystery anthology available in September

Contact JoAnne:


Respectfully Yours,

JoAnne Myers-Author of Murder Most Foul, Wicked Intentions, Twisted Love, Loves, Myths, and Monsters, The Crime of the Century, and Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between.

Website: Books and Paintings by JoAnne


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welcome guest author Jean Roberta

I'd like to welcome author Jean Roberta to my blog.

1. How long have you been writing?

Most of my life! I was thrilled to win a major award for a short story I entered in the Canada Permanent Trust Student Writing contest in my last year of high school, many years ago. (There were nine winners from different provinces. One of them was chosen as the national winner.) After I graduated, I applied for a typing job with the company that had sponsored the contest, and got turned down. My five minutes of fame hadn’t launched me into a career of any kind, so I went to university instead.

In 1988, I had a book of lesbian stories published by a one-woman publisher, and I attended the Third International Feminist Book Fair in Montreal, partly to flog my book. There I saw a call-for-submissions for lesbian erotica. How edgy was that! I wrote three stories, feeling very daring, sent them in, and got a letter in the mail saying that all three were accepted! Soon afterward, the small press that had posted the call went bust, so my stories gathered dust for a few years.

In 1998, my sweetie and I acquired our first computer, and I joined the Erotic Readers Association, which put me in touch with a writing community and up-to-date calls-for-submissions. About a year after I began sending out stories and getting no response, one of them was accepted for Best Lesbian Erotica, then I had four stories in two Black Lace anthologies. I was finally launched as a writer with a steady stream of publications.

2. What is your favorite genre to write?

Fiction that focuses on desire, whether it is sexually explicit or not. Desire is the emotion that moves plots forward.

3. What are you working on now?

Several stories to submit for anthologies. I also have regular blog posts to write. I post something on the 26 th of every month here: and every other Friday here: I also have a bigger project in mind: a book about erotica, feminism and censorship in Canada in the 1980s and 1990s, focusing on my own experiences. The local university press is interested, and I have a collection of contemporary articles (by me and by other people) to draw on.

4. When you begin a story, do you start with character or plot?

When I write for myself, I usually start with a character: someone I have met in a dream, or who haunts my mind in some way. When I write in response to a call-for-submissions, the theme usually suggests a plot, and then the characters follow.

 Tell us about your latest/upcoming release.


 What inspired it? My latest story is “Shelter,” and it appears in Forbidden Fruit: unwise stories of lesbian desire, which was launched on September 6, 2014.

Here is the opening scene:

“I didn’t intend to open my door for anyone at 1:00 a.m., but I couldn’t resist looking through the peep-hole to see who was there.

Cheekbones, long nose, full lips, short dark hair, direct gaze, evil grin. Unmistakably Renee Sharp.”

Anna, the narrator, is a fairly naïve young woman from a middle-class family who first met Renee, the “bad girl,” in elementary school. As a neglected ten-year-old foster child, Renee seemed to embody the phrase “at-risk.” She followed a predictable path by dropping out of high school and entering a life of crime while Anna was keeping up her grades, then attending university. Anna and Renee are both attracted to each other, but by the time they meet again as adults, there is an almost unbridgeable culture gap between them. This story was inspired by my experiences with people who are different from me in various ways. Even when there are some good intentions on both sides, mutual acceptance doesn’t always seem possible.

Forbidden Fruit is available directly from the publisher:  or from ladylit

ladylit publishing


Bio: Jean Roberta teaches English in a Canadian university and writes in several genres. Over one hundred of her stories (mostly erotic) have appeared in print anthologies. Recent publications include The Flight of the Black Swan: A Bawdy Novella (soon to be launched as an audiobook) and The Princess and the Outlaw: Tales of the Torrid Past (both from Lethe Press). More here:

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Been quiet

Hello to all my readers and visitors.  I just wanted to let you know I have not disappeared.  I have take a hiatus from writing, real life took a big turnabout and quite frankly I felt like my head has been spinning.  I'm trying to figure out if I'll continue writing about Tom and Ben or start something new.

I'd like to know what kind of guys readers might be interested in. I was thinking that one of the guys could work in construction.

Also please stay tuned for more guest authors. I'm hoping to sign up more to guest here on my blog.

Thanks for sticking with me.

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Welcome guest author Barbara Donlon Bradley to my blog today

I'd like to welcome author Barbara Donlon Bradley to my blog.  Let's make learn more about her and her book "Stolen Desire."

1-How long have you been writing?

It seems like forever – I’ve been writing since I was a kid – I think since I found THAT book. The one that makes you want to read everything in sight to see if they are as good? For me it was The Faraway Lurs. But professionally it was 1993. That’s when I joined RWA and my local chapter CRW.

2- What is your favorite genre to write?

I love SF Romance/Erotic – most of my titles are under this – eleven out of the fourteen titles I have out are SF/Futuristic Erotic Romance. Well the very first one, A Quest for Love (the publisher is Mundania Press/Hard Shell Word Factory) isn’t that erotic but is the SF/futuristic category and has explicit scenes. I had so much fun writing it and the readers loved it so I stayed in that genre. I also write funny short stories (this is through Melange Books/Satin Romance/) in the fantasy category. Then there are the first two books - one time travel and a straight historical.

3-What are you working on now?

 I’m working on a series called the Vespian Way. Seven books have been published with the newest being Stolen Desire, which just came out. I’m polishing book eight titled Hidden Desire and am in the process of writing book nine and ten. Yes, I’m crazy enough to be working on three books at the same time.

4-When you begin a story do you start with character or plot?

I start with the characters, they actually start talking to me, driving me to words on the page, the plot comes to me as I write.

5-Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?

Stolen Desire is the seventh book in my Vespian Way series. I do try to write each book to be free standing so if someone starts with book seven they won’t be totally lost. The easiest way to explain what the book is about is to share my blurb so here you go – When Heather is confronted with her time traveling self she fears the worse. The woman came to warn them of a terrible accident but something isn’t right. The visitors her future self says are there to help only wants to kidnap her and kill her mate. Using her mind she tries to protect her friends and family. Yet she wakes up as a prisoner after seeing the ship Storm is in blow up. She is now alone, and trapped. Somehow she has to figure out a way home and hopefully reverse all the horrible things that have taken her family from her.
As far as what inspired it the first book came to me in a dream, at least the opening scene did. The rest of the books just keep flowing out of me and I’ll keep writing them until the stop.

Thanks so much for having me Lily. I had fun answering your questions. I hope everyone enjoyed my answers.

Will be available at Phaze July 29th, 2014

When Heather is confronted with her time traveling self she fears the worse. The woman came to warn them of a terrible accident but something isn’t right. The visitors her future self says are there to help only wants to kidnap her and kill her mate. Using her mind she tries to protect her friends and family. Yet she wakes up as a prisoner after seeing the ship Storm is in blow up. She is now alone, and trapped. Somehow she has to figure out a way home and hopefully reverse all the horrible things that have taken her family from her.

Chapter One

Heather sighed as she opened her eyes and stretched. Before she could move she felt a warm hand on her breast.
“I see you’re awake.” Storm’s breath brushed against her cheek.
She looked up at her mate, who had a knowing smile on his face. “And I see you are awake too.” She was referring to the erection pressed against her hip.
“True, but I can’t help it when I have such a wonderful partner lying beside me.” Storm nibbled against her throat. “We still have time before we need to be anywhere.”
“Why didn’t you wake me earlier?” She smiled as he settled himself between her thighs. “You could have had all the time you want if you had.”
“Because the twins aren’t allowing you to get sleep enough yet. I don’t mind watching you sleep when I know you need it. It gives me time to appreciate having you in my life.” He dipped his head to her mark. “And waking you up this way is an anticipation I look forward to. I don’t mind stretching that out a little.”
“Because you know what will happen when I wake.”
“That is the best part.”
She felt him smile against her neck as he pulled the soft tissue of her mark into his mouth before he worked his way down her body.
“You are incorrigible.”
“And that is why I’m your heart.” His tongue lathed her nipple before drawing the tip into his mouth. She arched up against him and he slipped his hands under her.
A growl escaped him when they were interrupted by the computer system. “Heather, you have a communiqué from Admiral Barrister.”
She sighed again. This time in frustration. What did he want now?
“The last time he contacted us you ended up being whipped.” Storm blew against the tip before he climbed back up her body. “I’m inclined to not let you answer him.”
“Storm, I’m still part of Earth’s security.” She looked up at him, his face only inches above hers. “I can’t ignore him.”
“Fine, but you’re not getting out of this bed until I say so.” He rolled off her and helped her sit up and settle herself against him. “Put him on, Cim.”
“Sir.” She adjusted the cover to make sure she didn’t expose herself.
“Commander, sorry if I interrupted something, but we need to talk, in person.”
“Sir?” What was so important that he wanted them to make a trip to Earth. “You know it’s not that easy for me to step away from my duties here.”
“I know, but I have something to show you that you need to see.” Bear pressed a key and changed the image they were looking at. The new picture was a holding cell. Inside was a woman who looked a whole lot like Heather. “Before you ask I ran DNA tests against the data you gave me. She is you.”
“That isn’t possible.” She suddenly felt cold.
“Tell that to her.” Bear switched the image back to him. “Needless to say this was something I didn’t want Earth security to investigate too deeply so I pretended she was you. I’m on my way to Vespia and will need clearance in about fifteen minutes.”
“We’ll meet you at the landing port.” Storm closed the communiqué and was the first one up. “I don’t like this at all.”
“We need to contact Bert as well. Perhaps he could shed a little light on what is going on.” Heather stood as well. With a thought they were both dressed. Heather stepped into the twins’ bedroom to find them still asleep. She touched their heads softly before she walked back into the main room where Storm waited. “They’re sound asleep.”
“Then let’s go.” He placed his hand against the small of her back as they headed out the doors. “I have given Bear clearance to land and contacted Bert to join us. Your brother has been made aware as well so he’ll be here when the twins wake up.”
“Thank you.” She kept her thoughts to herself.
“You okay?”
“Yes, my heart.” Heather wrapped an arm around his waist and gave him a quick hug. “Just want to know what is going on.”
“So do I, my heart.”
They walked onto the tarmac and waited as Bear’s ship touched down.
Storm looked down at her upturned face as he pulled her close. She knew he picked up on the fact that she was tense and far too quiet. “I know this bothers you. Your silence tells me more than any words. I want to know why there is a woman in Bear’s ship who looks like you, too. Together we will get to the truth.”
“I wish Bear had told us more. Why is she, me here? What happened to force me to travel back in time?”
“My question as well.” They had come to the same conclusion. The woman in question was probably from the future which didn’t bode well. She knew he could smell her fear and wrapped his arms around her in support. “I’m sure he will explain everything he knows and your brother and Bert will explain the rest.”
“I don’t know what to tell you,” said Bear. They stood outside the room where Heather’s look-a-like paced the floor. “She came to me, claiming to be you, but from our near future with a message. Then she refused to speak after that.”
“Who is the message for?” asked Storm.
“You.” He looked at Heather. “Look, I tried to get her to talk to me, but she refused. She promised to explain everything once she saw Heather, which is why I brought her here. I didn’t know what else to do.”
“You did the right thing, Bear. I’ll talk to her and see what is going on.”
“I don’t think so.” Storm shook his head. After all they had been through he didn’t trust anyone and that included an exact copy of his mate.
“Then how are we to know why she is here?” Heather looked at him.
“Storm, that woman has been quite adamant about talking to your mate. Heather number two has also promised to go through any tests you might want her to go through as long as you allow her to speak to herself.” Bear shook his head. “It’s all a little strange to me.”
Kuarto walked into the medlab. “Really wish you would stay put when you call me. I went to the landing area as you requested and was told you had come here. This is where I was in the first place.”
“Sorry,” said Heather. “We needed to move indoors rather quickly.”
“What is so important that you…” He spotted the other Heather. “Never mind. I’m assuming you want me to check out your guest?”
“Please?” Heather rubbed her hands on her skirt, her nerves taking control. “We need to get to the bottom of this.”
Kuarto walked into the room where his sister’s look-a-like waited. Heather watched as he ran his tests. Where did this woman come from? Why was she here? He was frowning when he came back out.
“She is you. The DNA proves it, but she is also older than you. About six weeks.” He kept looking at his readings. “I don’t know how this is possible.”
“Thank you.” Heather knew. This version of her had time-traveled. She didn’t like the rock that was forming in the pit of her stomach. Something must have gone terribly wrong for her to come back in time. “Let’s find out what I have to say.”
Storm wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her at his side. “Wait for Bert. If that really is you then you know the consequences of getting too close to yourself.”

Writing for Barbara Donlon Bradley started innocently enough, like most she kept diaries, journals, and wrote an occasional letter but she also had a vivid imagination and wrote scenes and short stories adding characters to her favorite shows and comic books. As time went on she found the passion for writing to be a strong drive for her. Humor is also very strong in her life. No matter how hard she tries to write something deep and dark, it will never happen. That humor bleeds into her writing. Since she can’t beat it she has learned to use it to her advantage. Now she lives in Tidewater Virginia with two cats, one mother in law – whose 87 now, her husband and son.
Barbara Donlon Bradley’s writing started innocently enough, she kept diaries, journals, and wrote an occasional letter but her vivid imagination had her writing scenes and short stories, adding characters to her favorite shows and comic books. As time went on the passion for writing became too strong to ignore. Humor dominates her life. Write something deep and dark, will never happen. That humor bleeds into her writing. Since she can’t beat it she’s learned to use it to her advantage. Now she lives in Tidewater Virginia with two cats, one mother in law – whose 87 now, her husband and son.

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