Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011

Well a new day,  and I am still working on yet another site to help promote my books.    I joined the author program at Goodreads.  which is an excellent site if you are a reader like me. 

Here is my Goodreads page.  I included some authors that are some of my fave. I'll be adding more.

I'm still trying to figure things out.  I'm not a geek, but maybe I can call myself a junior geek.

I'm going to do some writing on my current story.    The title is called "Love on the East End"   it is a love story that takes place on the East End of Long Island.   Maybe some of you know Montauk Point,  this story actually takes place on the north fork in wine country.   I used to take trips with a friend on the Long Island Rail Road,  they offered up different tours.   One tour was of the wineries,  it was my first time going to one and I learned a lot.  Like the differences in making red and white wines.

I'm not sure how other writers write,  but initially I have an idea and during the course of writing I just never know what turn my story might take.   This one started to take on elements I didn't expect.  And I introduced two characters, aside from my main ones,  that might lead to a sequel.  But I have no idea.     I've never done a Sequel.    Well except for a story I did in the Brokeback fandom.

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