Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger Natalie Hancock

I am very honored to have on my blog today Natalie Hancock.   
 She is discussing her latest book "Dark Awakening."

Dark Awakening

Released at eXtasy books on June 1stBuy Link

Danger lurks in the shadows, waiting. Can Layla catch the killer before the next victim is chosen? Or will the killer catch her first?

In the hundred acres of land, more security and more people are watching Layla’s back now that everyone knows who she is. Layla wants to find the person responsible for the attacks made at her, just like everyone else, but when an attack happens to someone other than her, she and Nikalye are the only ones who know the truth of it and are determined to find the culprit once and for all, before someone else is seriously injured.

Layla wishes she could tell Shade everything. He knows something is not right more than he can make her gasp with pleasure by just saying her name, but she cannot tell him, she will not risk putting him in danger anymore than she has.

She continuously fights for survival to keep herself and those around her alive, but when more things sinister arrive in the hundred acres of land, and the culprit is revealed, the situation turns from bad to deadly.
Will Layla be able to survive?


"Right, now that Master Nikalye has arrived, I must take my leave. I hope you enjoy your lesson," Diaxon said before he bowed to me, and the other vampires and left. Nikalye bowed when he saw me.

"Hello, it is good to see you all again. For this lesson." He gestured to the vampires near him. "They are going to help me because they, like me, have abilities which are useful in battle." He gestured to a tall vampire who had short spiked black hair, dark blue eyes, a straight nose, and full lips. "This is Rileiz, he can create any weapon with any form of material, and can also control the weapon with his mind." Rileiz demonstrated by pointing his Luger’s—his German pistols—at me. He cocked them and grinned. He had no need to touch his weapons, his mind did that for him.

"Do you feel lucky?"

Though I did not speak German, I understood him clearly, because it was his favourite words to me every time he wished to kill me.

"Rileiz, that’s enough." Nikalye growled in a low voice. Rileiz’s smile was all fangs as he pointed the guns away from me.

"Next time, Layla, Nikalye will not be there to stop me."

I ignored him, as I did every time he pointed his guns at me. Nikalye carried on as though nothing has happened. He gestured to Doxiak.

"This is Doxiak, who you may have seen before. He is a healer, he can heal anything and put anything back on the body. He can control the body, the bones, blood, organs, and such inside, and he can stop anything working within the body if he wishes." He gestured to a tall vampire with multicoloured hair and the same coloured eyes. "You have all seen Shifter. And you have had a glimpse of what he can do."
"Turn himself into a lion?" Raksir asked.

"That is not all he can do. He can change into anything he desires and he can control any animal. The bigger, the more strong minded they are."

"And the more of a challenge it is," Shifter rumbled with a smile.

"Yes, he would give you a demonstration but in doing so rips away his clothing, and I do not think it will be appropriate for him to do so at this time." He gestured to the last vampire. He was tall, like the others with rich brown hair and green-blue eyes. "This is Saugnar—" My least favourite vampire. I even liked Rileiz more. At least he made it clear about how he felt. "His abilities are the rarest of them all," Nikalye said. Saugnar grinned at me and moved forward in a predatory way. He was hunting, and I was his prey.

"I can make people feel however I wish them to feel, sadness, hate, lust." He glared at me and I fell to my knees as pain shot down my spine. "Pain." I clenched my hands into fists and growled loudly. "The enemy cannot fight you if they are on the floor in pain. It makes them an easy target," Saugnar said silkily before I heard a click of a gun before they shot...

Bio: Natalie is a hyperactive writer of Paranormal Romance books. She writes about vampires mainly, but would like to write stories of other paranormal creatures.

She studied and graduated at the University of Lincoln, Riseholme College where she studied an animal course for two years, which is where she met her partner, Reece.
He's as crazy as her, if not more, so they're the perfect match.

They live with their zoo in the middle of nowhere. Their zoo consists of a hamster called Crunch. A chinchilla called Hektor and three guinea pigs called Fluff, Smudge and Squig. They hope in the near future to add to the family and get an army of hamsters, chinchilla's and guinea pigs. Oh, and a goat.

Natalie loves to read, listen to loud rock/hardcore music, game, and look after her crazy animals. She also loves vampires! She's a true believer of all things supernatural and if she had the luck to run into one, she would either ask for his or her autograph, or jump on them just to make sure she wasn't dreaming.


  1. Good luck my cheeky monkey!!
    Your zoo is something else. You're a brave, brave soul to have all those critters. I have enough trouble wrangling two little dogs. :-)
    I am so proud of your accomplishments and will be adding to my pile of your books as they release!
    Congratulations, honey!!

    1. Thank you, Robin!
      The animals are easy to look after :P The hamster sleeps during the day and spends his night on his wheel xD The guinea pigs are always out on the grass and the chinchilla sleeps during the day, but he's like a baby in some ways, he's always calling out to us at night for attention :P
      Thanks for commenting :P And good luck to you too!

  2. Great excerpt! Well done.