Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Silver Shorts

I know it's been a while,  but here is my Silver Short for this week.     I hope you like it

Silver Shorts week 23


"The whip paused before..."


"One drop of blood fell..."


"His/her fingers grasped his/her hair and..."


"My mind needs a little BDSM treat, so please..."

“Let’s Get it On”  by Lily Sawyer

Archie Campbell knew he kept a lot of secrets from the people around him.  He worked for one of the biggest fortune 500 companies in Manhattan as a systems analyst by day, but once he clocked out he really let loose.

He used to make the rounds of all the gay bars, visiting the backrooms and alleyways, receiving many a quick blowjob from countless, nameless men. 

As much as he loved to party hearty, he could feel a change in the air; he wanted to do something different for his upcoming thirtieth birthday.     Hell, who was he kidding, he wanted to get down and dirty with his friend Charlie.   The same guy he’d been lusting after ever since he’d met him in college.  It was just by sheer luck that they ended up working at the same company.   Charlie was a project manager and sometimes their paths crossed at work.    But after work, they’d meet up at one of the far tamer gay establishments that Archie would visit on Friday nights.

Archie wasn’t good at the dating thing; he was good at the fucking thing.  He’d never been on a serious date since school; he was more interested in getting that diploma and a good paying job—relationships took a backseat to academics.

Archie bought Charlie a beer and they settled into a corner booth. 

“How was your day?” 

Archie was struck by what a typical couple question Charlie had asked him.  Well, he could dream about the man sitting across from him and how much he wanted him.

“It was pretty good. Sue from the accounting department needed me to do some work for her.”

“Work for her or do her?”

It was no secret Sue Mays was the office flirt, despite the fact she knew Archie was gay, she seemed to think she could make him switch teams.  

“She can try all she wants to, I’m not biting.”

“I can think of something I’d like you to bite.”   Charlie had a hungry look on his face that food couldn’t satisfy.

“Charlie, I wasn’t sure you were interested.”

“I guess I wasn’t putting out a strong signal.”   Charlie placed his hand over Archie’s.

“I guess I’ve been so wrapped up with work I didn’t get the memo.”  Archie could feel his heart fluttering and his cock twitching.

“I don’t live far from here. You want to come back to my place for a nightcap?”

Archie figured he must have paid the bill in record time.   Charlie’s place wasn’t far and he was glad they didn’t mince words.   Charlie got right down to business, or should he say right down to his birthday suit.    The man was built; Archie knew he went to the company gym, located in the basement of their building, but he never thought he was this ripped.  

“Do you need help with that?”  Charlie pointed at the bulge in Archie’s pants, the one that was rapidly growing and tenting his crotch. 

“Uh…” Archie’s had a brain freeze, and not the kind you get from eating something too cold.   He didn’t remember falling into Charlie’s bed, and yet here he lay on his back.  The sound of his zipper being pulled down and his pants being pulled down was all his addled brain could process.   Somehow he managed to toe off his shoes so Charlie could finish undressing him. 

Charlie was showing his many talents; his fingers grasped Archie’s hair and he brought their lips together in a sizzling kiss that made Archie’s toes curl. 

“Oh Charlie.” Archie felt their cocks rubbing together; all he wanted now was to feel that monster cock inside him.   He just couldn’t wait any longer.    “I need you inside me, now… please?”   Archie hated to beg, but in this case it was warranted. 

Charlie paused long enough to grab some lube and a condom from the bedside table drawer and prepared himself.   “You’re so tight.”

Archie heard him whisper as a lube-coated finger slid into his tight hole.  Then another one joined the first, preparing him for that huge cock.    “Come on, hurry. I want you inside me so badly, Charlie.”

“I’m coming, keep your shirt on. Oh right you don’t have a shirt on.  Well, just be patient, all good things come to those who wait.”

“Stop giving me quotes and give me the goods.” 

Archie got what he asked for.  Charlie’s cock slowly slid past his tight entrance and down into his dark canal.  It took a few minutes for him to get used to the fullness.   It had been a while since anyone had touched him this way in a long time.  

“You can move now.” Archie opened his eyes to see what Charlie was up to.  The man was watching him; he scanned him from head to toe.   Archie wrapped his legs around Charlie’s waist to encourage him.

The big man’s cock pushed deeply into him, on and on.  For Archie the sensation was like being on a rollercoaster ride.    They slowly climbed to the tippy top together and it was like a volcano had exploded.   

“Ah, oh so good, I’m going to come.”  Charlie exclaimed.    Archie was doing his impersonation of a fire hose, covering his and Charlie’s stomach with pearly white streams.

It took a while for some semblance of coherent thought to enter Archie’s brain.  When it did, he felt strong arms wrap around him.    He knew Charlie had cleaned him up.   Got rid of the used condom and came back with a washcloth.   And now here they were lying together in his bed.    He could easily settle down into this cocoon of warmth, but he had to know something first before he could get all comfy.  So he twisted around in the other man’s arms until they were face to face.

“This isn’t a one shot thing, is it?”  Archie didn’t believe in beating around the bush; he was a straightforward kind of guy.  The question didn’t seem to take Charlie off guard.

“No, it isn’t.  I intend to make you mine, that is if you’ll have me.”  Charlie caressed his face and hair and kissed him.

“Oh I’ll have you—I’ll have you until the end of time.


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