Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Brief

Here is this week's Weds brief.

. Weds Brief Nov 14th

This Week’s prompt is:  "I thought I'd seen everything, but..." or use the alternate prompts.

Use: napkin, philanderer, watch or "How many times can you..." or use: sun, Vaseline, spiral or "But I thought you said..." or "I would prompt is:  "I thought I'd seen everything, but..." or use the alternate prompts

Sunny Day

Ben never liked this time of year, turning the clocks back an hour. Hefelt like he’d just gotten used to the extra sunshine and now it was getting dark by five in the afternoon.   This was also the time of year he worried most about Tom being a firefighter, as it was a dangerous profession. With people accidently setting fires to their homes while being careless with candles or Christmas trees, it was hard for Ben not to think the worst. Otherwise he’d be worried sick every time Tom walked out the door.  He remembered in the beginning, when their relationship had gotten serious, he used to keep watch at the front door, just waiting for Tom to come home. How many times can you do that before it drives you insane?  He and Tom had serious talks and both agreed that they would try to take things one day at a time and not think about the worst case scenarios. 

He’d had a busy day today, showing homes to several clients. Some could be so picky he wanted to smack them. First-time homeowners were the worst; they expected him to work miracles in getting them ‘exactly’ what they wanted, even though they gave him a ridiculous budget to work with. Some days he wanted to throw his hands up.  But his workday was done and here he was in their home. He had a turkey in the oven, even though Thanksgiving was still over a week away.  It was just a turkey breast. He and Tom loved turkey any time of year.  Sometimes they’d just skip having turkey at Thanksgiving and order one of those spiral cut hams from one of the local farmer’s markets.

He couldn’t stop looking at his watch. The turkey would be done in half an hour and the space where Tom’s car would be parked was empty. It only served to remind him how much he missed his man.  Today was the last day of his three-day work schedule and Tom was supposed to have been here about half hour ago.  “It will be okay. He’s just a little late.”  Just then Ben’s cellphone chimed and he quickly retrieved it from the kitchen counter where he’d left it. A text message from Tom.  

‘Sorry, honey, we had a L8 cal,l turned out to be nothing. I’m on my way home. Can’t wait to C U. XO’

Ben was so relieved he felt like he was walking on air.  He took out their best tablecloth and china and set the dining room table. He finished things off by setting some flowers he’d bought earlier from the florist on the table. He put them in a vase Tom had given him for his birthday one year. 

The turkey was out of the oven; the mashed potatoes were all ready, as were the green beans. All that was missing was his man. As if on cue, he heard the front door open.

“Ben? Wow, what smells so good?”  

Ben rushed to the front door and threw his arms around Tom. He did one of the things he loved doing best, smothering him with kisses.  “Hey, don’t I even get to take my coat off?”

“Here, let me help you.”  Ben helped Tom off with his long black wool coat; he hung it in the closet then returned to hugging and kissing his man.

“I missed you too, honey.”  Tom wrapped his arms around him. 

“Just couldn’t wait for you to get home.  Come on ,you must be starved.”  Ben led him to the dining room table. “Now you just take a seat and let me get some food into you.”

Ben brought out two plates with turkey and brought a bowl of potatoes and beans and placed them all on the table.  He poured some merlot. He wasn’t sure if it went well with turkey, but it was one of their favorite wines so he didn’t care.

They sat next to each other and enjoyed a quiet dinner. At times they held hands, whispered sweet nothings at each other.   Later each knew that there would be more to dessert than the pumpkin pie Ben had baked earlier.


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  1. Yum - a great chapter/post - waiting for the dessert next week.

  2. A very sweet scene pre-Thanksgiving.

  3. I want to be invited over for dinner! :) These guys have the warmest, most cozy relationship ever.