Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weds Brief

Well it's that time of the week.  Time to Flash.   Here is what Tom and Ben are up to this week.

Weds Brief


It turned out that trip to the British Isles was going to have to wait until later in the spring.   That was when Tom and Ben’s could schedule time off of work.


“Hey Tom, would you want to go to the Netherlands?”


“The Netherlands, why do you want to go there?”  Tom asked him.  He was sitting in their office, looking at his laptop. They’d talked about going to Ireland to see the castles but Ben never mentioned wanting to go to the Netherlands.


“Windmills, I’ve always wanted to see the windmills.  That and tulips.  I just love tulips.”


“I should have known by the sea of tulips you have growing in our front  yard.”   Tom had to admit their house stood out with the pop of color that the sea of red created in the spring.   “I guess we can spend a weekend there and go from there to Ireland.”


“Oh Tom!”  Ben threw his arms around Tom’s neck and planted a kiss on his lips.   “It’s going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait.” Ben sat in Tom’s lap and their lips met again.


“I can’t wait to get away with you.”  Tom’s hand caressed his face.  “See Europe together.”


“Me neither.” Ben tightened his arms around Tom. He loved him so much he never wanted to let go.


“Meow.”  Their cat jumped up on the desk in front of the two men.


“Hi Love.”  Tom reached out to pet the cat behind the ears.


“Oh my goodness, I forgot about her. What are we going to do with  her?”


“How about we ask Donna?” Tom suggested their next door neighbor.    She had two cats and a dog and had watched their home when they’d gone away before, even picked up their mail for them.   “We can ask her if she can watch Love.”


“Yeah, I think that is a great idea.   I’ll give her a call now and ask her.”    Ben took Love into the kitchen to feed her and make the call.


“So what did she say?”  Tom asked as Ben joined him again in the office.


“She said she’d love to help us, just tell her when.”


“Well, we have Love taken care of.”

“Yeah, now how about I take care of my handsome firefighter?”  Ben took his seat in Tom’s lap.


They’d moved their extracurricular activities to the bedroom.  If there was one thing Ben was good at, it was taking care of Tom.


“Oh wow! What was that?”  Tom cried out when Ben tried something new.


“I don’t know what it’s called but I’m going to call it the ‘windmill.’”   Ben christened the new maneuver.


Tom lay back in bed, sweat covering his body.


“Did you like it?”  Ben wasn’t sure he did the right thing.   It just seemed to him that they basically did the same stuff during their lovemaking and he thought it was time to switch things up.


“That’s putting it mildly. That was incredible.”


“Thank goodness for Google.”  Ben laid his head on Tom’s chest.


“Are you doing research for our sex life?” Tom asked.


“I just wanted to spice things up a bit, I hope you don’t mind, baby.”   Ben looked into Tom’s eyes.  The smile that  broke out on his husband’s face and shone through his eyes were all the confirmation Ben needed.


“And that is one of the many reasons I love you.   Thank you for thinking of me, and us.   I’ll have to return the favor.   I can’t wait to get you over in Europe and see if I can find ways to spice things up too.”


“Mmmm, me too.”  Ben smiled as they lay there cuddling.



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  1. Definitely going to need more information on 'the windmill' :) Sweet and satisfying as usual hun