Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weds Brief

Well it's that time of the week again.  Weds Brief.    Check out what Ben and Tom are up to this week.

Here are the prompts for this week:

"You want to bury your bone where?" or use a bare cupboard in your story or it's THAT time of the month (play this any way you like lol) or use: penny, cranberry, doctor or find something interesting to do with soup or use something cold, such as ice cubes or "My mother always warned me about guys/gals like you..." or have a character reflect on a memory of band camp or use a rap on the knuckles

Garden chores

“Hey Tom, can you get me the box of trash bags out of the shed?”  Ben had been outside since early that morning doing the yard work; he wanted to get it done before the heat and humidity made it unbearable to work.

“Here you go, what can I do to help?”  Tom wasn’t much into gardening. He did his share of the inside chores: cooking, laundry, and general maintenance.  He liked doing woodworking; he’d made a bookcase and some shelving for their office.

“Could you clean the gutters? I think the one by the living room window is clogged. At least it sounded like it during that rain storm last night.”

“Okay, hon. I’ll check all of them.”  Tom turned to get the ladder from the garage. Ben’s hand on his arm stopped him in his tracks.  “What?”

“Did I tell you how much I love you?” Ben told him.

“Yes, but I never tire of hearing you say it.”  Ben’s lips covered his. 

“Good, cause I’m going to keep on saying it.”

The men worked till lunchtime. The mid-day sun made it too difficult to continue.   Ben took off his T-shirt and wiped his sweaty brow with it. 

“Wow, I didn’t know there was going to be eye-candy with lunch.”  Tom came out the back sliding glass door carrying a tray loaded with food and two glasses filled with ice cubes and a pitcher of iced tea. 

He set it down on their glass-top patio table.  “I don’t know what I want more, the chicken salad sandwich, or some man meat.”  

“Tom.”  Ben stood next to his man and wrapped his arms around him.   Their lips met.  “How about we enjoy this wonderful food you put together and then take a shower? I’m kind of grungy from all the work I did.”   He sat down at a chair under the umbrella.

“Yeah, me too.”   Tom put a sandwich in front of Ben and poured them each a glass of iced tea.  

“This is SO good, Tom.”

“Thanks. I got the recipe from an online site.  It sounded good so I wanted to try it.”

“It’s a wonder we’re not fat from all the wonderful cooking you do.”

“Hey, you don’t do badly yourself.  I had to unbutton my pants from that wonderful chocolate mousse you made for dessert.”

“You sure that was the ‘only’ reason you unbuttoned your pants?”  Ben winked at him.

“Well, there was the ‘dessert’ after the dessert part.”

They enjoyed their meal and watched the birds visit their backyard feeders.   There was some battling going on for food between the birds and the squirrels.  “Look there’s a pileated woodpecker on our maple tree.”

“Wow, it looks great.”

“Keep an eye on it while I go get my camera.”  Ben quickly rushed inside .  Being an avid birdwatcher, Ben took every chance he could to document the birds he saw.  He was a member of the Audubon Society and kept a backyard bird count. 

“Where did it go?”  Ben asked him.

“It moved to the oak tree over there.”  Tom pointed to one of the large oaks that dotted their backyard.   Their property backed onto a nature preserve.   Ben proceeded to click away,  getting plenty of photos of the woodpecker and some gold finches too.   He rejoined Tom at the table; a big smile broke out on his face.

“You sure get a kick out of taking pictures of those birds, huh?”

“Yeah, I can’t wait to share these pics with my birder group.” 

“How about sharing with me?”  Tom smiled over at him.   They finished their lunch; Ben helped him take their dishes and glasses inside. 

Tom surreptitiously took an ice cube from the bottom of his glass and ran it over Ben’s back; he’d been rinsing their dishes to put in the dishwasher.

“Tom, ooooh,  that is cold.”   Ben giggled and squirmed by the sink.   Tom took the ice cube in his mouth and ran it down Ben’s back and pulled down Ben’s pants and rubbed the ice cube between his crack.   “Tom! Oh gawd.” 

“You complained you were hot, so I’m trying to cool you off.  The dishes can wait, let’s go to the bedroom.”   Tom took some ice from the freezer and put it into a cup and brought it with him. 

He quickly disrobed and joined Ben on their king-sized bed.   Tom put an ice cube in his mouth again and ran it down Ben’s chest; he circled his nipples, which grew hard.  He traced a line down Ben’s naval to his groin.   He opened his mouth and slid Ben’s cock inside.

“Oh Tom, chilly.”     

The ice made for a chilly and hot sensation going on for Ben’s cock.   Ben twisted his fingers in the blanket and rode out the wave of bliss that Tom was giving him a thousand fold.    “Tom, I won’t last.  I’m gonna….Oh... Ah.”  He squirted come into Tom’s mouth.   Tom greedily sucked him dry. 

“Wow, that was something,” Ben managed to whisper as he rested his head on Tom’s chest.   “When I’ve rested up, I’ll return the favor.”

“Promise?”  Tom asked as he kissed the top of Ben’s head.

“Promise.”  Ben fell asleep.


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  1. I think pileated woodpeckers are beautiful. We had one in our yard a few years back and I live in Canada!
    Great chapter - glad the boys figured out how to get hot and cool off at the same time.

  2. Wow. thanks for the picture. your boys remain as sweet as ever. i'll miss them like crazy when their story ends