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Welcome Tia Fielding to my blog

I'd like to welcome author Tia Fielding to my blog today.  Let's find out more about her and her new book "Positive."  just out from Dreamspinner Press.

1-How long have you been writing? 
I started to write fan fiction at some point in 2009. Before that I'd always written for myself only.
In 2011 I got my first contract after being brave and sending off one of my kids, I mean stories. Basically I've been a published author for a couple of years now.

2- What is your favorite genre to write? 
Contemporary. I like to draw inspiration from real life, but I do manage subgenres into my work too, so basically I write stuff with a contemporary mask. So far I've written contemporary vampires, contemporary shifters, contemporary BDSM, contemporary menage.... 

3-What are you working on now?
I'm writing my next novel. At least I think it'll be a novel. It's a story about an alcoholic washed up country singer who tries to find happiness while staying sober, dealing with coming out in his forties, and beliving he's worthy of the love of an awesome, younger man. Oh and there are teenaged kids he had with his ex-wife, the whole country thing and so on... Lots of stuff in that book. 

4-When you begin a story do you start with character or plot? 
Really depends. For example I started my first novel, By Any Other Name, with the plot and the characters just fell into it naturally. Technically Dead on the other hand started with the characters. My third novel, Falling Into Place started with a timid voice in my head who wanted to tell his story. 

5-Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it? 
Positive is actually the outcome of my love of police procedure shows. I watch anything from Castle to Criminal Minds to Hannibal to Elementary to CSI. I watch it all. Naturally that has an effect on my brain and my question--which I asked my mom while we were mushroom hunting last autumn--was "What if someone sharpshot people with darts filled with HIV positive blood?" The rest is history and the story with M/M romance as the real genre can be read from the novel!

Even after a decade, the life that journalist Brent Walsh and Milwaukee homicide detective Shawn Mackey have made together is far from boring. But when a new case cuts a weekend getaway short, they aren’t quite prepared for how it will impact their personal lives. Suddenly there’s too much to juggle: Shawn will be working the case of the sharpshooter who is trying to infect random people with HIV, Brent needs to cover the story but fears a conflict of interest, one of Shawn’s colleagues is attracted to him, and Brent sincerely needs to mend the painful break with his childhood best friend, Ollie, and heal their broken hearts.

Though the case comes to a close, it’s not the end of their troubles. Shawn and Brent still face a past of old white lies, a present possibility of inviting another man to their bed, and a future with children, not to mention health issues and national fallout from the case. It’s enough to make them want to run away—until they realize they have to face those challenges head-on so they can get on with the life of love they’re hoping for.

Brent was watching a movie when Shawn came home that evening.
“There’s beer and pizza in the fridge,”  Brent called over his shoulder and then concentrated back on the car chase on the screen.
To his surprise, Shawn came straight to him instead of going to the kitchen, and leaned over the back of the couch to kiss him.
“What’s up?” Brent raised an eyebrow, smiling and baffled.
“Fucking horrible day. Or not, maybe. Just… rough.”  Shawn frowned and toed off his shoes  and left them behind the couch, which was a clear sign that Brent’s usually tidy husband had really had a bad day.
“You go take a shower and I’ll get you a plate, okay?”  Brent murmured when Shawn leaned in to kiss him like he could hardly take the time to get the loafers off before touching their lips together again.
“Okay. Thanks, babe.” Shawn seemed to deflate a little, the stress leaving him just enough to let them move on with their routine.
Brent paused the movie and went to heat up the pizza. While Shawn liked it cold, Brent thought it would be more comforting to eat it hot. He added some tomato salad on the side and took a couple beers from the fridge.
He didn’t have to wait long before the shower turned off deeper in the house, and part of him wished he’d have thought to join Shawn. A blowjob would’ve surely helped in the situation. Then again, they had time before they needed to get to sleep.
Sadly, when Shawn came back from his shower dressed only in comfortable boxer briefs, he didn’t look much more relaxed.
“You shouldn’t be given time to think, you know that, right? ”Brent smiled weakly  at Shawn,  who sat down on the couch and took the proffered food and drink, his expression mirroring Brent’s.
“Come morning, the press will be all over this. The phones are ringing at HQ already. There’s going to be panic.”  Shawn’s voice was quiet as he picked at his salad and seemed to force himself to eat the pizza.
“The big monster, yeah.”  Brent leaned back in his spot next to Shawn and held both their bottles so Shawn didn’t have to move when he wanted to drink.
He gave the bottle to Shawn and took it back between slices.
“I don’t know how to do this, Brent. What if they—no, what am I doing when they start the whole ‘gay disease’ thing?”
“You soldier on. Do your job. Let your boss decide if you need to do something differently. Never mind the idiots you work with if they start harassing you. Then you come home to me and have loads of great sex and repeat it all the next day.”  Brent hoped he sounded more optimistic than he felt.


Tia Fielding lives in a peaceful little town in a small country in northern Europe. She loves nature, her horses, cats, and even the yappy little thing that occasionally gets called a dog. Tia learned to read before she went to school at the age six and began writing as soon as she figured she had stories to tell around the mature age of seven. Stories about horses, adventures, and ghosts might have turned into hot GLBTQ-romance, but she still has a wicked imagination and, hopefully, more stories to tell. 

Visit her at and by Twitter @tiafielding.

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