Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weds Brief

It's that time for Weds Brief.     There is a lot of action this week.

The prompts are: "You know what I want." or use the game Solitaire or use a puzzle in some way or "Tastes soooo good." or use a source of light in some way or have someone in your story use an evil laugh or "Hey, Mister(Miss) can you spare..." or have one of your characters go to a thrift shop.

“Bwahahaha...” The evil laugh echoed in the darkened room, the only source of light that offered any illumination from a slit in the curtains covering the window.   The laugh reminded Ben of scenes he’d seen in a thriller movie, when the bad guy is about to wreak some kind of violence on an innocent victim.    The only difference was this wasn’t some movie where the credits were going to come on the screen at the end and he and Tom would be walking out into the parking lot where he would get a cuddle from his man.  Tom knew how some scenes disturbed him and how to comfort him.   

This was real life and this perverted bastard was about to do who knows what with him. 

“Just let me go, it will go easier on you if you do.”  Ben couldn’t believe he was trying to reason with this sicko.

“Ha ha, nice try homo.  But it’s time to rid this world of your perverted kind.”

“Who are you?”   Ben was stalling for time. He didn’t know what this jackass was planning, but he hoped the cavalry would come to his rescue.

“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to let you know the name of the person who’s going to send you to kingdom come.  I’m Jethro Steele; I’m one of the loyal followers of Westboro.  Up until now, we’ve been trying to get you gays to see your sins.”

“By protesting at funerals of brave soldiers,”  Ben exclaimed.

“They’re perverts. They didn’t deserve to wear the uniform of our country.   They don’t deserve a funeral—they should be burned, like they did to the witches in Salem.”

“What are you going to do to me?”  Ben’s heart was racing in his chest; he knew he needed to keep a level head if he had any chance to get out of this alive.  But it was hard when faced with something like this.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”  And with that the door slammed shut and Ben could hear the lock on the door click.

“Tom, where are you?”  Tears streaked down Ben’s cheeks.  He hoped help would get to him in time.


Tom had googled the Westboro Church and jotted down the address.   He knew Freddy didn’t approve of him getting involved, but he couldn’t just sit at home, waiting for his cell phone to ring.   He knew some martial arts, thanks to Ben having him signed up for classes with him.

He waited until it was dark and drove over to the church and parked outside.  He didn’t know what he was going to do, but that didn’t stop him from getting out of the car and sneaking around back.  He found a window and tried to peek inside.  He had a flashlight with him and he found that the window was covered in a curtain.    A hand gripped his shoulder and his martial arts training kicked in.  He did a move that sent whoever it was onto his back.  He flashed the light into the assailant’s face.  “Freddy?”

“Yeah, and a move like that could get you killed, Tom.  What the hell are you doing out here?”  Freddy whispered.

“Looking for Ben. You know they have him.”

“I told you to stay home. I spoke to them earlier and, of course, they denied having Ben. It wasn’t until I saw the jacket you gave Ben sitting on a chair that I knew they had him.   I had to get a search warrant.   My men are waiting for my signal to rush the place now. Go back to your car and—”

Bang, bang.   The sound of gunfire interrupted Freddy’s admonition of Tom.   Freddy ordered his men to go through the front just as Freddy kicked in the door.   Tom followed right behind him.    There was a flurry of activity as some of the church members tried to flee.   Freddy tried one of the doors at the end of the hallway; it was locked.  There was moaning coming from inside.   “It’s Ben!”  Tom threw all his weight behind his attempt to get the door open with his shoulder. 



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