Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's celebration

Happy New Year to you all.

Here is my New Year's story.

Here are this week's prompts:

"In for a penny, in for a pound..." or use cat, string, cottage cheese or "You're not the boss of me." or "Fiddle-dee-dee!" or feature some sort of musical instrument in your story or use puppy eyes or "He gives a new definition to flaming!" or have a New Year's Party or  use sunrise and/or sunset or "Don't get your knickers in a twist..." or use line dancing in some way

New Year's Celebration

“Come on, Love, get in the carrier like a good kitty.” Ben had been trying for the better part of half an hour t to get him to cooperate.

“Great way to spend New Years Eve, huh, Tom?” 

Tom had dragged the cat carrier from one room to another, thinking this would be a snap. Love had other ideas.

“Don’t worry about it, Ben. Let’s just get our sick kitty to the vet and we’ll take it from there.”

Love hadn’t been eating and he’d thrown up that morning.  The two men treated the cat like he was their kid. He had his own bed in their room, two cat trees—one in the living room and one in the bedroom.  Best cat food on the market, toys galore, so when their ‘baby’ got sick they immediately called the vet.  He told him to bring him right in, which was turning into a monumental task.

“You keep him occupied, I’ve got an idea.” Tom ran into the kitchen and shook a bag of cat treats.  He’d covered the cat carrier in a towel and put some of the irresistible morsels inside.

“Come here, Love, it’s treat time,” Tom called out in his sing-song voice that was sure to attract Love’s attention. 

Love strolled into the kitchen, albeit a bit slowly, sniffed around the carrier, and cautiously went inside for the treats.

“Ah, ha! Gotcha!” Tom quickly closed the door and they got their coats on and took Love to the vet.

It felt like an eternity as they waited for the doc to see them.

“What’s wrong with him, Doc?”

“It looks like he has a stomach virus. I’m giving him an antibiotic. It’s in a liquid form for you to give him twice a day.  I want to see him back here in a week.”

They brought Love home. He curled up in his cat bed and fell asleep.

The phone rang, “Hey, Pete. No, we don’t have any plans.” Tom had picked up the phone.  “That sounds great, but I’ll have to discuss it with Ben. You see we have a sick kitty. Yeah, Love has a stomach virus.  Look, let me get back to you.”

“What is it Tom?”  Ben had given Love some fresh water and his meds.

“Pete called. He and Annie are going to Revere Tavern and wanted us to ring in the New Year with them.  I told them about Love being sick.”

“I don’t think we can unless we can get someone to watch him for us for a few hours.”

“How about Kelly?”  Tom suggested. She was a neighbor who lived down the street. She was a vet tech and worked at the vet office they used.

“Love would be in great hands.”

“Yeah, but I doubt she’d be available on such short notice.”

“Let’s find out.”

Turned out Kelly’s husband was sick and they’d cancelled their plans. She said she could take care of Love for them.

Tom and Ben met Pete and Annie at ten o’clock, and at midnight Tom and Ben shared a New Year’s kiss, drank some champagne, and went straight back to Love.

They’d gone through so much together, but they had each other and Love.


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