Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weds Brief Surprises

It's that time of the week again.  Time to flash.
This week's prompts:

“I’m going to ask one last time.”
“Isn’t that the one I pointed out?”
“Do you need help?”
“I can’t help with that.”
“What are you talking about?”
“And how was your day?”
“I called you three times today.”
or have pool boy in your story
or use: butter, tornado, bird seed
or have a character eat icing
or use a lawn service in your story
or use: tire, golf ball, fan
or use: shrub, box, drink
or “If at first you don’t succeed, call a plumber”
or “How many times can you wish on a star before you give up?”
or use a munchkin in some way
or “Love is winged Cupid painted blind”

Find out what Tom and Ben are doing this week.


“I’m going to ask one last time. Are you going to tell me what the surprise is, or am I just going to sit here on the couch until you do.  ‘Cause we’re not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on.  Why the mystery?”  Bencould be the most amazing man that Tom had ever met.   But he hated surprises; Tom knew that when they first started dating.  The only surprise he didn’t get into a huff about was the day he proposed to him.  

“Honey, I just wanted to do something special for you.  I know how stressed you’ve been since you lost that big real estate deal.”  Tom sat next to him, wrapping his man up in his big firefighter arms.

“I’m sorry, Tom.  I know you like to do special stuff for me, but you know I’m worried about Stanley. He’s not just my new boss.  I’ve known him for years.   He and his wife just had a baby, and I just found out the baby isn’t doing well.”

“Oh, Ben. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“They’re  worried sick.  She was a preemie and they have her on a ventilator.”

“Do you want to go over to the hospital and see how they’re doing?”

“Yeah, I think I would.   Would you come with me?”

“Of course, Ben.”

They spent some time at the hospital.   Ben was consoling his friend.   Tom stood by, politely making conversation with Stanley.   They were allowed to visit his wife, Rita, for a little while. 

“Thanks for coming by, Ben.  It was nice to finally meet you Tom.  I’ve heard a lot about you since taking over the real estate office.   Ben and I knew each other from college. Rita and I just moved back to Lancaster a few months ago.”

“Where were you living before?”  Tom asked him, thinking that sometimes small talk helped keep a person’s mind occupied.

“We were living in Texas for a while, Rita’s family lives there.  But I just couldn’t stand the heat and I was homesick for Pennsylvania.  So Rita said let’s give it a go, and here we are.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re back, and I’m glad you’re my boss.”

“Whoa, don’t say that too quickly.  ‘Cause once I come back, I’m going to be cracking the whip on all of you slackers.”

“Slackers? Who are you calling a slacker?”  Ben and Stanley were kidding around, like old times.  They shared a dorm in college; that was how they met.  

“Tom, am I a slacker?”

“I can’t help with that one.”  Tom feigned ignorance.   If there was one thing he knew about Ben, he was a hard worker.   He put in the long hours to prove it.

“Oh you.” 

“Wel,l I think we’d better go.  Rita, you take care of yourself.”  Ben reached down and kissed her on the cheek.  The redheaded woman was understandably anxious about her daughter. 

“Thanks for coming, Ben.  It was nice to meet you, Tom.”

“So, what was the big surprise you had planned for me?”  Ben asked as they drove out of the hospital parking lot.

“Oh, it can wait, I guess.”  Tom was still being cryptic.

“Come on, I know that look.  You were looking forward to going out with me.”

“Okay.  Well, you have to put on a suit and be ready to go by six,”  Tom informed him.

Tom drove Ben to a famous inn at the outskirts of town.  The drive up to the place was picturesque.   He stopped the car in the restaurant parking lot and got out.  He opened the car door for Ben and helped him out.  

“Tom, what is this all about?”

“Shhhh, just don’t say anything.”  He led the way inside, spoke to a waiter, and then took Ben by the hand, and they were taken to a deck overlooking the woods.  

“Tom? What did you do?”

“Happy Birthday!”

“Oh my goodness, I forgot my own birthday!”   Ben couldn’t believe it. 

“Considering all the things on your mind lately, I’msurprised you can remember your own name.”

“Oh honey, thank you so much.”

Tom had planned this whole night out, including the meal and dessert. All of Ben’s favorites were placed on the table.

They sat holding hands, , and held each other as they enjoyed nature and were thankful to have found the love of their lives.


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