Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Silver Flash #5- Art Deco

This is my first story for the Silver Flash series.   This week's prompt was "There's only one way out of this."      Here is my submission "Art Deco"   I hope you enjoy it

Art Deco

Jackson Pollock, no he wasn’t the famous artist, but his parents had a quirky sense of humor, with a last name like Pollock they decided to name him Jackson.

He was teased at school for a while until he started weight lifting and put on some muscle on his body.   It also helped that he shot up to a height of six foot two by the time he was sixteen. 

After college he became a stockbroker and was quite successful, until the economic house of cards collapsed and he found himself with a pink slip.

Ever since then he’d been struggling to make ends meet.  Unemployment hardly kept his head afloat, he took some odd jobs here and there.  He also did some freelance stuff, but nothing that really did much for him.     Jackson spotted an ad in the classified for a male model that was needed at an art class.

He didn’t know much about those things but thought it might be interesting to apply.    He picked up the phone and rang up the school.

“Hello, Barnett’s Art can I help you?”

Jackson liked the sound of the man’s deep voice on the other end of the line so it took him a moment to get his mouth working.  “Ah, hi.  I’m calling about your ad for a male model.”

“Yes, we need someone for out students to draw, our last model suddenly took off and we really need to fill this position.”

“When can I come over for an interview?”

“How about this afternoon around two?  Just ask for Aaron.”

“Sure,” Jackson asked for the address and went to his closet to pick out some proper attire.   He settled on a nice pair of jeans that fit him very well, hugged his form but not too tightly.   He finished the outfit with a blue sweater that showed off his eyes.

Jackson wasn’t sure what to expect when he showed up in front of the school, he took a deep breath and went through the doors and followed the signs to the main office.   He slowly opened the door and spotted a man sitting at a desk.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for Aaron?”   He watched as the other man looked up at him from the computer screen.  Jackson’s heart skipped a beat when the dark eyes met his.

“That would be me.”    Aaron got up from the chair to greet the visitor.

“I came for the interview, I’m Jackson Pollock.”     He couldn’t help laughing at the peculiar look on Aaron’s face.

“Not THE Jackson Pollock?”   Aaron smiled.

Jackson laughed,  “I guess it’s not everyday you get someone by that name walk into an art school, huh?”

“No, I’m Aaron Cohen, I’m the head art director.”

Aaron came around his desk and walked around Jackson giving him the once over.   He kept nodding so Jackson assumed he was meeting with his approval.

“You’re perfect, can you start right away?”

“Right away? You mean like right now?”

“Yes, I said we really need someone.  We have a class starting in half an hour and we really need a model.”

Jackson’s head was spinning, he didn’t expect to be hired right on the spot, and he still couldn’t help noticing how Aaron was still checking him out.

“Oh, sorry, it’s just not everyday we get someone who is a looker like you.”   Aaron went back to his desk to get some paperwork Jackson needed to fill out.  He missed seeing Jackson’s cheeks grow red.

“Just fill those out and I’ll take you to the studio where you can change.”

After he filled out the papers he followed Aaron down the hall.  The other man was a little shorter than him, dark haired like himself and he couldn’t help staring at his tight ass that filled out his equally tight jeans.   He could have sworn Aaron knew he was staring cause he wiggled his behind at him.

“Well here we are.”     Aaron smiled at him and showed him to a dressing room.   There was a robe in there and nothing else.

“Uh, Aaron, where are the clothes I’m supposed to wear?”

“Clothes?”  Aaron looked at him perplexed for a moment then it dawned on him what Jackson meant.   He laughed for a moment.   “You won’t be wearing any, you’ll be posing in the nude.  Now please get ready the students are arriving.”

Jackson stood in the dressing room with his mouth open.  No one said anything about him posing in the nude.   He wasn’t ashamed of his body but he certainly wasn’t used to displaying it for strangers to gawk at.    He thought about walking out when his cell phone rang, his landlord’s number appeared on the caller ID.   Probably calling him about the rent, which was overdue.

He looked at the robe, the exit and his cell phone and sighed.   There was only one way out of this dilemma, so he took off his clothes and put on the robe and walked out into the classroom.

He took a seat on the stool and looked around the room.   There were fifteen students sitting behind their easels.     Aaron stood off to the side.

“Are you the teacher?” 

“Yes I also teach the advanced drawing class.  Now if you’ll kindly take your robe off we can start the class.”

He took a deep breath and let the robe fall off his body and took a seat.  

Aaron told him how to pose and not to move.   He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling rather embarrassed.     He felt a cloth draped over his body, he looked up as Aaron wrapped the sheer beige cloth over his body making him look like a Greek statue.

“Thanks,” Jackson whispered.    Aaron winked at him and then stood off to the side, he held a drawing pad and began to capture the image of beauty before him.

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