Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Silver Flash #9 Special Find

It's that time of the week everyone.   Time for a Silver Flash.   I have posted links to my fellow flashers for the week at the bottom of this post.   Enjoy

Silver Flash #9 Prompt:  Coffee mug, hourglass and highlighter.

Special Find

There wasn’t anything better than waking up on a lazy Sunday morning all snug and warm under a thick blanket with your lover lying beside you.   Jackson rolled over into Aaron’s arms.

“Baby,” Jackson whispered into his ear.

“Morning, lover.”  Aaron said as he reached up and pulled Jackson in for a kiss.  They’d been together for almost a year, a time spent getting to know each other and growing closer every day.

They discovered they had a lot in common. Aside from their love of art they also loved going antiquing.   Today they planned to hit up an area of town lined with antique shops.

Jackson watched Aaron get up and watched him wiggle his naked butt.  He let out a contented sigh and got dressed.  

Jackson moved in with Aaron a month ago and he was still finding his way around his kitchen.   He’d gotten the coffee maker going and started making pancakes and bacon.

“Mm, smells yummy.”  Aaron wrapped his arms around Jackson and kissed him.  “Who knew you’re such a good cook.”

Aaron grabbed some coffee and sat at the kitchen island.

Jackson put two plates on the table and joined Aaron.

“What’s that?” Jackson pointed to Aaron’s coffee mug.

“Oh that’s Assateague Island, I was there about three years ago.  It’s beautiful there. We should take a trip there sometime.”

“Yeah, sounds great, I’d like to see the wild ponies.”

They finished breakfast and headed out for a day of antiquing.

They were browsing in one of the many shops that lined Main Street.

“Hey, look at that.”  Jackson pointed to the hourglass sitting on a table among the other antiques.

“I think it will fit perfectly in the den.”

“Not for this price.”  Aaron shook his head and glanced up from the price tag.

“Hold on,” Jackson walked to the back of the shop and spotted a worker sitting behind the counter.  The woman was looking over a list and marking off items with a highlighter pen.

“Can I help you, sir?”  She looked up.

“My friend and I were looking at that hourglass.”

The woman got up from her chair and went over to the item in question.

“This is a lovely piece, it’s part of a consignment.”

“I’d love to get it, but the price is kind of high.”    Aaron couldn’t stop looking at the piece.  Both men had a passion for antiques and they really wanted to give this piece a new home.

Jackson stood back and watched Aaron haggle with the woman.  In the end Aaron walked out of the shop, hourglass in hand.

“I can’t believe how you talked that woman to mark down the price.  You made a fantastic deal, babe.”  Jackson marveled at his boyfriend’s finesse. A spot in the den was cleared off and the hourglass was set down.

“Come here,” Jackson pulled him into his lap on the chair.  His arms wrapped around Aaron.    

“I think it looks perfect.”

“But something’s not quite right.”  Jackson pulled his shirt off and threw it onto the floor. 

Aaron smiled and soon his shirt was on the floor too.

It wasn’t long before they were sitting on the club chair completely naked.

Jackson’s hands were rubbing Aaron’s chest, his fingers combing through the hair that lightly covered his pecks.

Aaron kissed his lover, their engorged cocks rubbed against each other Jackson wrapped his hand around the dueling members.

Aaron did the same and they started thrusting into their hands.

“Yeah, baby, just like that.  I’m so close, so…AH!”   The came at the same time, their stomachs were covered in sticky come.

Aaron got up first and took Jackson’s hand and led them to the shower.

They slid under the covers.   “I love you Jackson.”  Aaron felt himself crushed against the slightly larger man.   Jackson’s lips pressed against his ear.   “Love you too, baby.”


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  1. Very sweet. I love the ponies too. :)

  2. Hot. And I'm so excited you mentioned Assateague! I'm very distantly related to the people who owned Misty of Chincoteague. But when I went to college I kind of realized that no one outside of the Delmarva Peninsula knows who she is...Lame. :(

  3. The prompt words made me think of antiques too! :)

  4. Great use of the prompts. Nice to see this couple a little further on in their relationship.

  5. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your kind words. I thought hourglass and an antique store popped into my mind.

  6. Wow. . . I sat down to write hourglass...and I panicked! Your characters are so sweet. . .