Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flash fiction

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Some changes have happened with Silver Flash stories.  We are no longer allowed to use the Silver Flash name or the badge.  Our group is going through a transition, picking up a new name and a new badge.  So for this week I am calling my story a flash fiction.  But it's the same characters.  I just love Ben and Tom.    

Our prompts were: 

It's almost time to ring in 2012! This will be our first prompt for the new year, and these come to us courtesy of our Prompt Diva West Thornhill:

“Damn, it’s cold.” or “Whoever said winter was wonderful was off their fucking rocker.”

As alternative prompts, you may use:

moonstone, goggles, retort


"If you don't like it, change it"


write a story that featurest a new schoolteacher or schoolmarm or professor - just someone involved in education

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

“Damn, it’s cold.”

Tom rolled his eyes. You’d think a man like Ben would be used to the winters in Lancaster Pennsylvania by now.

“Hello to you too, sweetheart.”  Tom put the book he’d been reading facedown on the coffee table.  He’d been sitting by their gas fireplace, enjoying a good read, when his partner returned from grocery shopping.  “Here, let me help you with those.”  He relieved his kvetching partner of his shopping bags and deposited them on the kitchen counter.

“I’m sorry, Tom, it’s just I wasn’t ready for it to turn this cold. Remember all that fifty degree weather we’ve been enjoying for the past two months? “

“I know, baby, but it’s winter.  How long did you expect the bitter temps to stay away?”    Tom helped put up the milk, butter, and cheese in the fridge while Ben was putting away the canned goods in the cupboards.

“I forgot the toilet paper in the car.” 

“I can get it for you,” he offered. 

“No, thanks, there’s no reason for both of us to get cold.  I’ll be back in a minute.”

Tom busied himself putting the rest of the groceries away.   He noticed Ben had been gone an awfully long time.  He looked out the front window that faced their driveway.  Ben was carrying a big package of toilet paper; their driveway was covered in patches of ice.   Tom had forgoten to treat the concrete with icy melt before he got all comfortable on the couch.    Ben almost made it back inside when he tripped and fell onto his backside.   Tom quickly ran out to help him. 

“Ben?”  He took the toilet paper out of Ben’s hands and threw it onto their porch, then helped Ben up. Together, they gingerly made their way back into the warm house.

He helped Ben out of his wet coat.

“Why don’t you get out of those wet clothes and I’ll make us some hot chocolate?”

Ben silently trudged towards their bedroom, the heavy footfalls a testament to his dark mood.

He came back dressed in grey sweatpants and a green sweater—the one Tom had recently given him for a Christmas present.   He didn’t realize when he gave it to him how turned on he’d be when Ben wore it.  It really brought out the color in his eyes. 
Ben plopped down on the couch, picked up one of the mugs that sat on the coffee table, and took a sip of the hot chocolate treat.  Tom joined him.

“Whoever said winter was wonderful was off their fucking rocker.”

“Well, look at it this way. Spring will be here in a few months.”

“You’re not helping, Tom.” Ben’s sour mood filled the room like a toxic odor.

“Well, how about this?” Tom gave Ben an envelope he’d retrieved from a drawer in the kitchen.

“What’s this?”

“I was going to give this to you next month, but I think you need it now.  Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Tom tried to contain his excitement as he watched Ben open the flap.

“Oh my goodness!” He looked at the envelope’s contents. “We’re going to Hawaii?”

“Is that warm enough for you?”

“Oh baby!” Ben smothered him with kisses. “I’m sorry for being such a sour puss.  I’m just not a winter person.”

“It’s okay, you’re my sour puss. And I love you.”

“Love you too.”  Their kisses became more passionate.

“Did I tell you how seeing you in this sweater turns me on?”  

“It’s my favorite. Someone very special gave it to me.”

“Oh yeah? Well, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to take it off.”

“No, I don’t mind. I’m going to be doing some unwrapping of my own.”  Ben took off Tom’s blue sweatshirt, the one that had the PA Fire Dept emblem on it.

Christmas might have been over but for them the ‘fun’ of unwrapping their own gifts to each other was just beginning.


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