Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Briefs #1

Welcome to a new week, a new name AND a new badge.  We're calling ourselves Wednesday's Briefs.  I think the name fits, and so do the hunky men above.

Our last Guest Prompt Diva is Reese and her last prompt is: It's not like that.

My alternate prompts are:

rat, bedtime, Neanderthal

"In for a penny, in for a pound"

or use your favorite song title in your flash somewhere.

 To Forgive Define 

“Come on, Ben, unlock the door.” Tom knocked several times, hoping he could patch things up with his man. 

“I know what I saw, Tom. I suppose you’re going to tell me that you weren’t hugging and kissing that man?” 

“Curtis is an old friend. We were high school buddies, played on the football team together.   I haven’t seen him in years.   His job’s taken him all over the world and he’s finally back in Pennsylvania again.    That kiss you saw was a chaste one!  Come on, baby, do you really think I’d cheat on you?”

Tom held his breath, waiting for some sign from Ben. He heard the sound of the lock, and the door slowly opened.  

“You looked awfully chummy for two old friends.”   

Tom’s optimism grew when Ben stepped out of their bedroom and stood in the hallway. 

“It’s not like that.”

“Then how is it, Tom?”  Ben took off for the kitchen. 

Tom never thought a chance meeting at the mall parking lot would ignite a firestorm.  Ben was running errands that morning, and they’d agreed to meet at the mall for lunch. 

It was supposed to be a day to enjoy their time together before Tom had to get back to the firehouse for another three day tour of duty.  

He never imagined he’d run into his high school bud ,or that Ben would show up when they were saying hello. Curtis came from a large, loving, Italian family where hugging and kissing were second nature.  But try explaining that to a jealous boyfriend. 

“Ben, where is all this jealousy coming from?”  

“I’m sorry, Tom, you know my history and how I got burned in the past.” 

“I know, baby, you told me.”  Tom knew Ben had been led on by a guy who promised him the world and ended up dumping him.  “But that’s all water under the bridge, you’re with me now and I’m with you… forever.” He leaned over and kissed Ben’s lips.  “It was a kiss on the cheek—you’re the only one I lock lips with.”  Tom hoped Ben remembered what they had together. 

“Yeah, well,   I guess.”

“Does this mean I can’t have any male friends?”

“No of course not,” Ben assured him.  

“You know you drove off like a bat out of hell, you never got a chance to even meet Curtis.  He’s a great guy; I was telling him all about my fella before you peeled off.”

“You were?”  Ben needed some reassurance real bad.  “You told him we were together?”
“Yes, of course I did, you’ve never been some dirty little secret to me, and you should know that by now.”    Tom wondered if Ben would ever get over being mistreated in his former relationship.    Tom wasn’t normally one to stoop to violence, but after Ben had told him what Roger did to him he wanted to do some serious damage to that bastard.   He pulled him into an ardent embrace and showered plenty of kisses all over Ben’s face and neck.
“I’m sorry I ever doubted you for a minute.   How about we invite Curtis over for dinner?” 
“That would be great, Ben.  Only right now I am more interested in dessert.” 
“Dessert?”  Ben inquired with a big smile on his face.
“Yep” Tom led Ben back to their bedroom where they whispered sweet nothings in each other’s ears and shared plenty of sugar.

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