Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

It should be no secret by now that "Catch of the Day" is one of my fave stories I've written.  That is not to say that all of my stories don't have a place in my heart.    But I just love the ocean and enjoyed bringing my merman, Jaran, to life.    I am thinking of doing a sequel but have been so busy with RL and finishing a story I am going to submit to Silver Publishing (the publisher of "Catch of the Day.")  that there hasn't been much time.

I'm also thinking of turning my Weds Brief (Tom and Ben's story) into a full length story.

in the meantime here is my Six Sentence Sunday from "Catch of the Day."

Kellan couldn't help looking down at Jaran's torso. He had nice calves and powerful thighs that disappeared into a pair of shorts that showed off his nice package.
"Like what you see?"
Kellan quickly looked away so Jaran wouldn't know he'd been ogling him. "Come on let's go inside. " He turned around to leave the hold.

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  1. I'd say he likes what he sees. Love the book cover!

  2. Thanks Jessica and Karen. I love the cover too :D

  3. I think he likes, lol. Good six, Lily. I love the cover and will have to read this one soon, ya little tease. :c)

  4. Oops. Busted! LOL Yeah, I'd say they both rather like what they are seeing. ;-) Fun six today, Lily.