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Welcome guest author Hunter Raines

I'd like to welcome author Hunter Raines to my blog.  

Title: Sight Unseen

Author: Hunter Raines

Price: $4.99   

Word Count: 68,000

Release Date: July 23, 2012

ISBN: 978-14268-9410-7

Genre: Romance, Male/Male, Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Carina Press       

Buy link:

Daniel Van Doren was once a renowned writer, until he was blinded in the car accident that killed his lover. Now, all he sees are ghosts in need of help. They follow him everywhere, and the only way to be rid of his ethereal visitors is to help them resolve their unfinished business here on earth so their spirits can find peace.

Ghostwriter Logan Riley is assigned to pen Daniel's biography. He plans to reveal him as a fraud, but when they meet he's struck by Danny's quiet sincerity—and a growing attraction. Which makes sticking close to Danny to find out the truth more than a little distracting.

When they are attacked by a violent poltergeist Logan begins to believe Danny's not just telling the truth, he's in grave danger. A spirit has learned how to harness the energy of the living to break through the barrier between worlds to harm Danny. And Logan may be the one to blame… 


He reached the other side of the street unscathed, and quickened his steps. The coffee shop was less than a block away and he reached the door, which chimed when he pushed it open, in record time. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and buttery baked goods made his mouth water.

He stopped just inside the shop, assuming his visitor would come to him. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Mr. Van Doren, I’m glad you’re here.” The man grabbed his hand without Danny offering it first, and he bristled at the unwelcome familiarity. Still, he shook it, noticing the long fingers curled around his, the texture of the smooth palm against his own.

His attention caught on the mixture of spice and woodsy notes in the man’s cologne. He’d gotten damn good at recognizing scents, and this one tugged at his senses. Cedar and mint, with a hint of coriander.

The pull of attraction caught him unaware. He allowed it to linger, marveling at how long it had been since his body had responded so strongly to another person. He leaned in closer, ignoring the fact that he didn’t know this man, that he couldn’t see him or his surroundings. He closed his eyes, though it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference, and pretended, just for a moment, that this could turn into something more than a business meeting.

Logan pulled away first. “Shall we sit?”

Reeling from the abrupt absence of the man’s grounding hand against his, Danny turned away quickly in an effort to orient himself. And suddenly, like a lightning bolt crashing against the night sky, a new ghost flashed before him.

She had skin like gossamer, ethereal and white, vivid in its brightness. It made him recall the starkness of a bone picked clean. Piercing blue eyes stood out in startling contrast to her bloodless features. Auburn curls cascaded down her back. She wore a dress that hugged her curves in all the right places, revealing a full bust and plenty of cleavage. In her hands, she held a ball that seemed to be made of pure light. The brightness hurt Danny’s eyes, so he looked away.

Beside the woman, the old boxer shifted sideways a few steps. He eyed the newcomer with confusion, as though she didn’t belong. He, too, glanced at the brightly lit orb, and then shrank back.

A wave of unease swept through Danny as he glanced from the boxer to the woman. “There are two of you.” That hadn’t happened since the accident. Over the past two years the ghosts had come to him individually, the next appearing just as the previous one vanished. He didn’t know why. Some kind of ghostly etiquette, maybe, that had each spirit waiting its turn. There was still so much he didn’t understand about what was happening to him. It had taken nearly a year and bi-weekly therapy sessions just to come to terms with the fact that these spirits weren’t illusions or figments of his

seeing past.

“I assure you, I’m alone.” Logan’s voice dropped a few octaves, and his tone took on a new quality. One he probably reserved for small children and lunatics. “Why don’t you follow me to a table? We’ll go somewhere out of the way so we can talk.”

Danny’s head throbbed. He’d talked to ghosts in public before. Hell, people gave him a wide berth anyway when they saw the cane. The moment his lips started to move they pushed back even further, determined to get away from the crazy blind man talking to himself. But tonight he didn’t want distance, or pity, or sympathy. Not from Logan Reily.

He cleared his throat. “Sorry about that. Occupational hazard. Give me your arm.”

Logan moved closer, and it didn’t take Danny long to find and curl his fingers around the man’s elbow. A dart of electricity singed his fingertips when they made contact with Logan’s bare skin.

Danny didn’t know how to picture this man, but judging by the corded muscles he could feel in Logan’s arms he didn’t think he was too far off in imagining a strong, lean torso and well-defined shoulders. A sprinkling of hair—would it be dark? blond?—felt coarse and masculine beneath Danny’s grip.

Logan led them to a table. Danny used his cane to tap the chair before releasing Logan’s arm and feeling his way along the wooden length of the backrest. Satisfied he knew what to expect, he sank down into it, set his cane to the side, and folded his hands on top of the wooden surface. “Well, Mr. Reily, I’m here. Talk.”

“Logan, please, Mr. Van Doren.” He smiled. “It’s Danny.”

“Danny, then. I’m going to make this quick and easy.”

“What if I want it slow and hard?” The words were out before he even knew what he was saying, and now they hung between them, heavy with suggestion. Heat crept up his cheeks. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d flirted like a normal human being.

Because he wasn’t. Normal. Not anymore. Hadn’t been in years. If he needed more proof, the two spirits standing on either side of him gave him plenty.


“Why don’t we talk about what it would take to convince you to take my deal?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he cringed. That came out sounding a whole lot sleazier than he’d intended, and suddenly he wished Danny would refuse. Turn him down flat right then and there so Logan would be forced to take his chances with Frank. And then, maybe, if he could work up the courage, he could take a different kind of chance. One he hadn’t dared take in a long time. He could ask Danny out. No guilt, no client-writer relationship to ruin. Just two men, getting to know one another.

Danny turned his head, his hazel eyes glittering with the kind of awareness that made Logan think Danny could see right through him. But Danny’s focus remained off the mark, just past Logan’s shoulder. He leaned in, his lips parting on a sigh. “Are you offering something you haven’t already? Something more enticing than a check? Maybe something a little more... personal?”

The huskiness in Danny’s voice drew Logan like a magnet, snapping him out of his self-reproach. He wasn’t seducing Danny into signing the contract. If anything, Danny was seducing him.

He sucked in a breath, grateful Danny couldn’t see the way his hands shook as he lifted them. The trembling stopped the moment he slid his palms against Danny’s cheeks. His fingers delved into the man’s hair and he cupped Danny’s face, tilting it slightly so his half-parted lips angled a mere inch away from Logan’s.

He held Danny for what seemed like an eternity, but couldn’t have been longer than a few heartbeats. Neither man moved. Danny’s breath was hot, tinged with the scent of Jack Daniels. The aroma was an aphrodisiac that went straight to Logan’s groin, and every whiff made his prick flex.

“Just this.” He lowered his head the rest of the way, his lips ghosting over the tempting fullness of Danny’s mouth.

A groan echoed from Danny’s throat. He closed the remaining distance between them, fusing them together. His arms wrapped around Logan. He opened to the kiss, and that simple gesture stripped Logan of every last doubt.

Their tongues met, brushed against each other. Logan’s moan was swift, released on a wave of pure lust. Danny tasted like alcohol and man and desire. He couldn’t get enough.

How long they kissed like that, Logan didn’t know. He only knew he didn’t want to stop. His fingers explored the broad expanse of Danny’s chest, undoing buttons as he went. He yanked the dress shirt out of Danny’s pants, relishing the smooth skin he uncovered beneath. Danny laced his fingers into Logan’s hair. He pulled Logan closer, deepening the slow kiss with an aggressive thrust of his tongue.

Logan slid his palm down farther, loving the flatness of Danny’s belly, the sparse hair guiding his way from Danny’s navel to the waistband of his pants. He sucked on Danny’s lower lip, drawing it into his mouth and nipping the full curve before licking that same spot to soothe it. Danny’s hands dug into his shoulders, his nails biting through Logan’s shirt and into his skin.

Logan cupped the length of Danny’s cock, which felt large and heavy in his hand. The shaft throbbed beneath his touch.

“Please.” Danny tilted his head so it hit the back of the couch.

Logan pressed kisses to the man’s smooth neck, then paused to lick the dip at the hollow of his throat. Danny’s pulse beat fast, matching the tempo of Logan’s own thundering heartbeat.

“Please, what?” He was only partly teasing. The other part of him wanted to hear Danny beg for it.

“I need...” Danny bit down on his lower lip. “This.”

“Ah.” Logan had Danny’s fly undone in less than two seconds, and he slipped his hand beneath the waistband of Danny’s boxers. His fingers curved around the hot length of Danny’s shaft. He stroked once, then squeezed close to the tip. Danny rewarded him with a bead of precome that slid down his cock. “This?”

Danny gasped. His throat moved as he swallowed hard. “Y-yes.”

Logan kissed Danny’s luscious mouth one more time before moving down. His lips left no bit of skin unexplored as he skimmed every inch of Danny’s chest, pausing to swirl his tongue around the man’s flat nipples before continuing his journey down to the promised land.

His fingers slid along Danny’s shaft in smooth, slow strokes, smearing the sticky precome. Logan dipped his tongue into Danny’s navel, then inched down some more to bury his nose into the nest of springy hair at Danny’s groin. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of musk and arousal.

Logan’s cock ached. He pressed his needy erection into the couch cushions as he settled firmly between Danny’s spread legs, then guided Danny’s gorgeous dick out through the slit in his boxers.

His breath caught in his throat. “Fuck, you’re perfect.”

Danny made a sound, something between a snort and a strangled plea. He felt his way up from Logan’s shoulders to his hair, and his fingers cupped the back of Logan’s head. “I wish I could see you. Right now, just like that. With my dick by your mouth.”

“Your dick in my mouth would look even hotter. I bet it’ll feel damn good too.” Logan licked the swollen tip, flattening his tongue and pressing it against the bulbous head. He lowered his lips over the tip, then slid down the shaft.

Danny cried out. He tightened his grip on Logan’s head. His hips pumped, thrusting his cock deep into Logan’s throat.

Logan struggled to adjust to the thickness. It had been too long since he’d sucked cock. Much too long since he’d had a shaft stretch his mouth and invade his throat, and damn it, he wanted to do it right for Danny.

He worked his way up the hard length and fisted the base. His hand followed the motions of his mouth, fluidly moving to the tip before plunging back down. He bobbed along Danny’s stiff erection, but let his partner set the pace.

Danny’s hips never stilled. He thrust, fucking Logan’s mouth with deep, hard strokes. Logan rocked with him, finding his rhythm and letting Danny take his pleasure. His cock bore down into the couch. The friction of his shaft grinding against the cushion through his jeans built tension in his sac, until his balls tightened, pulsing with built-up lust.

He couldn’t resist gripping Danny’s cock harder, sucking deeper. His cheeks hollowed from the effort. On each stroke, Logan took the shaft as far into his mouth as he could, so that his hand was forced to cup Danny’s balls and his nose pressed into the dark curls.

Danny’s movements sped. His rhythm faltered, becoming erratic and fitful.

Logan worked his own rod against the cushions. He’d grown used to stroking himself when he wanted to come, but not having anyone’s touch on his dick was oddly exciting. His sac ached with pleasure.

The final pistoning of Danny’s hips took them both over the edge. Come exploded in Logan’s mouth, and he struggled to swallow it all without missing a drop. The release that had been building in Logan’s groin rippled along the length of his shaft, and he blew his load inside his underwear.

Danny cried out, his guttural moans building as Logan sucked the last of his come. He used his tongue to glide up the shaft, cleaning Danny off as he went.

His lips were still wrapped around Danny’s cock when the glass of Jack Daniels flew past his ear and crashed against the wall.

Author Bio

Hunter Raines leads a double life. By day, she works in a male-dominated environment as a professional proposal writer responsible for securing multi-million-dollar accounts. By night, she pens naughty tales of hunky men doing wonderfully sexy things to each other. Her coworkers think they're the source of her inspiration, and she doesn't have the heart to tell them otherwise.

Hunter is the author of numerous short stories and novellas, and she holds an Honors B.A. in English Literature. When she's not working or writing, she can be found curled up in her library of more than four thousand books, or playing video games with her husband.

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