Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday brief

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Sushi Barred

Ben knew that sacrifice was a part of any relationship, but there were limits as to how far anyone should be expected to go. 

Like being dragged to a sushi bar should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. But then he looked into Tom’s gorgeous eyes and he knew he’d follow him to hell and back, just like that Meatloaf song said. “I would do anything for love.”

He never thought he could love anyone as much as he loved Tom. Why else would he subject himself to the plate of seaweed-wrapped fish in front of him?

“Come on, honey, you said you trust me. Just try it.”

Ben knew nothing about ordering sushi so he let Tom make a selection off the menu, but nonetheless he couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose at the food set before him.

“I do trust you, baby.” He ran his hands over Tom’s and their fingers intertwined.  

“Try the California roll.  It has vegetables in it.”

Ben used the skills he learned while eating Chinese food, his favorite, to deftly use the chopsticks to pick up the roll. He dipped it into the small bowl of wasabi, just enough to coat the end, and placed it into his mouth.  The warm, spicy sauce added just enough heat to the dish and made it even more palatable.

“Mm, this is tasty.”  He smiled at Tom, who in flashed him a smile in return.

“Try the smoked salmon next.”   Tom had snatched the salmon off his plate and added some wasabi and fed Ben.

Tom held the food in front of Ben. He was reluctant at first, but he thought about all the times Tom had tried one of his recipes without making a fuss.  ‘Okay, here it goes’ 

Ben opened his mouth and let Tom feed him. The salty fish added flavor to the rice, Ben actually found the taste very pleasant, and he must have had a smile on his face.


“You like it?” Tom flashed a knowing smile at him.


“Yeah, this is really good.I just thought sushi was raw fish.”

“Well, I’m glad you were willing to come here with me. I’ve been here with the guys from work many times and I just kept wishing you were with me.”


Ben was so touched he reached out and touched Tom on the arm.

“Thanks, Tom.”

“No, thank you, honey.”  Tom took Ben’s hand and kissed the top, not caring if anyone in the restaurant saw the gesture.

“I love you, Ben.”

“Love you, too,” He leaned forward and planted a kiss on Tom’s lips.  “You know what I heard?”

“What?” Tom said, his face flushed a rosy pink hue.

“I heard seafood is an aphrodisiac. Wanna go home and find out?”

They finished lunch and paid the bill in record time.




“I want to go fishing,” Ben said, lying in bed with Tom’s arm wrapped around him.

“I’ll have to get us some poles.”

“We don’t need any poles.” Ben rubbed Tom’s muscular chest.  “I’ve got these.” He reached down between them and wrapped his hand around Tom’s cock.

“Ben.” Tom’s hand reached up and lovingly caressed his cheek.

Ben wrapped his hand around both their cocks and stroked them together.

“Uh… oh…  ah.” Both men were pretty articulate except when they loved on each other.

Tom’s hand joined his and it wasn’t long until they reached the mountain together.


Ben was happy beyond belief. 

“How did I get so lucky?” Ben whispered to his husband.

“I’m the lucky one.” Tom combed his fingers through his hair and pulled him forward till their lips met.

“Mmm.” Ben snuggled against Tom’s chest, the best pillow in the world.


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  1. Hehe... go fishing! This was great fun, and I totally sympathized with Ben. I'm not a huge sushi fan, but some of it isn't too bad. :D

  2. Thanks, Tali, I have never tried Sushi myself. Ben took the leap first. and Tom loves him for it.

  3. LOL. That was cute! The fishing line was funny. I don't care if it is an aphrodisiac though, I'm never eating sushi! Bleh! :P It does have a great aesthetic appeal on a plate though.

  4. I can help but wonder how fishy breath can be considered an aphrodisiac :) It was a sweet flash nevertheless and I laughed about the fishing poles.

  5. LOL! The fishing line cracked me up! Yeah, I've never had sushi either, and don't see it anywhere in the near future lol.