Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weds Brief-Rocket's Red Glare

Well it's that time of week again.    And Tom and Ben are shooting off fireworks,  well in their own way

Here is "Rockets Red Glare."

Rocket’s Red Glare

“What the hell, fireworks?  It’s the middle of October.”  Tom noticed the lights flickering across the lake. Their dazzling colors brightened the sky above the tree line.
He and Ben decided to take an evening stroll after dinner and ended up by the water they both loved so much.
They stopped by the water’s edge and admired the rockets red glare.
“The Elks club is holding a fall festival. I saw it online on the Lancaster Patch site. I didn’t know they were going to have fireworks.” Ben leaned against his side and Tom wrapped his arm around his husband and pulled him tightly against him.
“It kinda reminds me of our honeymoon,” Tom murmured. A smile broke out on his face at the memory.
“Our honeymoon?” Ben pulled out of his arms and gazed at him quizzedly.  “How so?”
“Well, it felt like there were fireworks that night when we, well you know…”
Ben smiled at him shyly, the memory of that special night of lovemaking evident on his face. “Yeah, we did set the place on fire.”
“Hey, look Tom. It’s a shooting star.”
Tom followed Ben’s finger where he was pointing. Sure enough, in the sky behind them Mother Nature was putting on her own show.
“Quick, make a wish.” Both men held hands and made a wish.
“What did you wish for?” Ben asked him. 
“What do you think?”  Tom smiled devilishly at him.  They made it back to the car, which was parked at a lot looking over the lake. They could still see the fireworks going, and they started to make their own fireworks.
Tom started to put the key into the ignition when he felt Ben’s hand stop him.  “What is it, honey?”
“Tom, I know we’re not teenagers anymore, but we’re in the car and we’ve got a beautiful view and…” Ben showed that shy smile that turned Tom on. 
“Oh, so you want to get this car rocking, huh?”  
“Uh huh.”  Ben reached out and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him over for a kiss.  He felt Ben’s tongue get all personal with his. 
“Ben, darling, you’re so beautiful, let’s move to the backseat where we’ll be more comfy.”  Tom looked into his man’s eyes as they got out and got cozy in the back. He was so lucky to find his soul mate and not only that but to get married too. It didn’t matter that Pennsylvania didn’t recognize their union.  Maybe one day they would.  Right now all that mattered was they were going to show some loving to each other.  Tom pulled Ben’s jacket off. He wore a long sleeve shirt, which Tom quickly pulled off his body.  
“It’s chilly, brrrr,” Ben complained, knowing what effect he’d have on Tom.
“Oh yeah?  Well, let me warm you up.”  He moved Ben so he was underneath him and started kissing him from head, then neck, then chest, stopping to suck on his nipples.
“Tom!” He arched up against Tom.
“You want me to stop?” Tom teased; knowing the only answer Ben would give him.
“Hell NO! Don’t you dare.”  Ben was panting and he leaned up against the seat and encouraged Tom to go on.
“Didn’t think so.” Tom got right back to business. Kissing his way down to Ben’s naval, lapping on his belly button.  “Oh these have got to go.”  Tom pulled up Ben’s shoes and pants and then his boxers.  Ben’s cock stood at attention, all wet and wanting.
“Wait.” Ben’s command made Tom stop and look curiously at his man.
“I want to please you too.  Let’s do this together.”   Ben had Tom naked in no time and they went into the six-nine position and began sucking on each other’s cocks.
“So good.”  Ben whispered between sucks.   It wasn’t long before the two hot, sweaty and loving men both shot off.
It took a few minutes before they were able to move but they wrapped their arms around each other and caressed their cheeks.
“Never thought I could love someone so much like I do you, Tom.”
“Neither did I, hon.”
They looked out the car windows at the continuing fireworks that lit up the sky and was made more brilliant as it was mirrored on the water.
“They are lovely, but I prefer our own kind of fireworks.”  Tom admitted to Ben.
“Me too.”
They stuck around a while longer and then drove home to their love nest.

Here are my fellow flashers
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  1. Awww, how sweet! Lighting off explosions of love! :D