Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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The prompt for next week is: "survival of the fittest" or use: tarragon, root, energy, or "Please pass me the ..." or "One plus one equals..." or use: redemption, salvage, spice, or use a joker in your story 

You’ d think that with all the food at the holiday parties and the goodies at the Lego party that Tom and Ben just attended at the neighbor’s house this past weekend that the last thing on their minds would be cooking a big meal, and yet here they were in their spacious kitchen working together on dinner. It wasn’t often they had the time off on the same day, the both loved cooking.


Tom was at the six-burner stove sautéing some beef and Ben was busy chopping vegetables for the chili they were making in a large stock pot.


“Hey, Ben, can you please pass me the chili powder?”


“Okay on one condition.” Ben clutched the bottle against his chest.


“What?” Tom looked over at his husband, already anticipating what he’d say next.


“Please don’t put too much of this in there, between this and those hot peppers it will feel like I threw a match into my mouth”


Tom pulled the bottle away from him and sprinkled a modest amount on the meat.


“I’ll make your portion mild and pump up the spice volume on mine. Remember I’m taking most of this to the station with me tomorrow.”  


It was Tom’s turn to cook and all his fellow firefighters had asked for his five-alarm chili, which meant plenty of the hot stuff.


Ben didn’t care for spicy food, which was why they rarely went to Mexican restaurants together.


“I know I appreciate you going to the trouble to make mine mild.”


“It’s no trouble, honey.  I know spicy food isn’t your thing.” Tom planted a kiss on Ben’s lips as he made his way to the fridge for something.


“Here’s some tarragon I chopped up.” Ben threw it into the chili pot.


They worked together like a fine oiled machine.  “I’m going to get the new table cloth I bought today. “   Ben said as they waited for their meal to be done.


“You bought a new table cloth?”  Tom was glad that Ben was the one who loved to change the décor from time to time.


Tom busied himself by going into the bedroom and putting some laundry away.  By the time he was done dinner was ready.


“This is really nice, honey.”  Tom entered a dining room all done up with a blue table cloth, their best china, silverware and two glasses of red wine.


“You didn’t have to go to all this trouble.”  Tom served up the chili in two bowls, one mild from the separate pot he made just for Ben and another from the stock pot he was going to feed the guys at the firehouse with.


“Mm, yummy.”  Ben said past the spoonful he was chewing.   He broke off a piece of Italian bread and dipped it in the chili. 


After they finished up their meal they sat by the fire place in the living room and cuddled up together. 


“I think I know what I want for dessert.”   Ben said to Tom.


“The apple pie we bought at our favorite bakery?”  Tom said with a gleam in his eye. 


“No I have something else in mind.”   Ben took Tom by the hand and led him to their bedroom. where they served up their own brand of dessert to each other.



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  1. ooh, dessert in the bedroom... nice! I like the thought you put into the couple's interactions. How Ben tries to make their meal together nice, and how Tom automatically made Ben his own chili so it wouldn't be spicy. The small things matter in committed relationships. Great update!

  2. This felt like a very gentle scene. I'd love a peek into their bedroom... ;-)

  3. Hey guys,

    I think you might get your wish soon, Chris. I just don't want to 'expose' what goes on in there until I can get the words just right. (yes I'm your voyeur to their bedroom)

    I like to write sweet stuff. Not too much angst. I, myself, am not into spicy food. I've tried it but just didn't enjoy it. SO Tom loves Ben and wants them both to enjoy his chili. So he makes Ben something mild so it doesn't upset his tummy.