Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weds Brief

Weds Brief
The prompt for next week is: "Home is where the heart is" or use: gravy, baby, lines or "Fiddle-de-dee!" or use a fertile plain in your story or a savage jungle or "Oh my goodness, you look good enough to..."

“Home is where the heart is.”  That was the saying  on the plaque Tom and Ben had on the wall of their office.   And it was true for them.


The two men had such a strong relationship that even when they fought they’d sit down and talk things over.  Never went to bed mad. 


They’d seen too many other friends they’d known have their relationships crash and burn for lack of communication.    Once their relationship got serious, they sat down and talked about how they wanted to handle fights and they both agreed —never to let them escalate. 


“I love you, Tom.”   Ben’s voice broke into his reverie. He couldn’t help the smile that broke out on his face or the warm feeling that started in the pit of his stomach and made his cock twitch.


“Love you too, baby.”


“What do you want to do tonight?”


“How about we go out to dinner and a movie?”


“Are you asking me out on a date?” The smile on Ben’s face lit up the room.


“Yeah, I’m asking you out on a date.”


“Hold on, let me check my schedule.” Ben took out his smart phone and feigned looking at over it.   “Hmmm, I think I might be able to fit you in. How about I pencil you in for seven o’clock?”


“I’m touched that you can squeeze me in.”


“Always, honey.”  Ben finished paying the bills online and brought up the movie listings.  “So what movie do you want to see?”


Tom walked over to Ben and looked over his shoulder.  “How about Lincoln?” They both had talked about seeing it.


“Good idea, want me to get tickets online?” Ben suggested.


“Go for it.”


Ben did a couple of clicks, put in his credit card number.  “Okay, done.”


“Let’s go to Applebee’s,” Tom suggested


“Mm, good idea,”  Ben agreed.


“I have more ideas.” Tom bent down and kissed Ben on the lips.  “For later.”


“Oh yeah?  Anything you want to tell me about now?”


“Nope, I have to have some surprises. “  Tom had plenty of thoughts running through his head; he felt his pants getting tight. 


“Are you ready to go?” Tom tried to concentrate on this dinner and movie plans and not on dessert.


“Yep,”   Ben shut down his computer.


*Later that evening*


“Wow, that was a great movie,” Tom said as they came through the front door and put his keys in the bowl they kept by the table in the foyer and took off his coat.  


“The whole evening was great.”  Ben took Tom’s coat and, along with his, hung it up in the coat closet.


“The evening isn’t over yet, baby.”  Tom took Ben’s hand and led him to their bedroom.


Ben started to disrobe.  “Let me.”  Tom pulled off Ben’s green sweater and tossed it onto one of the two club chairs in the sitting area of the room.   He ran his hands over Ben’s chest. 


“Tom.”  Ben grabbed Tom’s muscular biceps to anchor himself.


“Let me take care of you, Ben.”  Tom pushed Ben onto his back on the bed and crawled on top of him.  He rubbed his crotch against the bulge tenting the front of Ben’s pants.


Tom pulled Ben’s pants down and settled between his legs.  “Beautiful.”   He wrapped his hand around Ben’s cock and brought it into his mouth.    “Dessert,” he murmured as he licked and stroked the growing member.   His other hand cupped Ben’s balls and gently squeezed them.


“Tom, I’m going to….”


“Come for me, baby.”  Tom finished not only Ben’s thoughts for him but the man himself by giving him a blow job that made Ben’s eyes roll back in their sockets and his toes curl.    He knew just how his man liked it and he gave made sure he hit all of Ben’s favorite spots.    He was rewarded with a gush of hot come in his mouth, which he eagerly swallowed.


Tom left the bed long enough to get a warm wash cloth to clean Ben up with.   He had disrobed himself and crawled into bed to lie naked beside his very sated husband.


“Give me a few minutes to gather my strength and I’ll return the favor.”


“Take your time, baby.  We’ve got all night.”   Tom was so glad he and Ben had tomorrow off because this was going to be a long and fun-filled night..




  1. Another sweet date, or sweet after date, lol! My only quibble, no matter how great a relationship is, there's always lows to go with the highs. I'd like to see some of those too.

  2. What a happy ending to their dinner date.

  3. I'm really enjoying this series, especially their light-hearted banter. Just lovely!

  4. Another sweet nibble at your boys' life. As a drama addict, I have to echo Cia and would love to see how the handle the tests life throws at even the best relationships

  5. Thank guys,

    I guess I'm not writing the angst that goes with any relationship at the moment cause I'm going through some tough stuff in RL and I wanted a safe place I could go to to feel happy.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. It gave me a boost

  6. Sorry to hear that your going through a rough patch. Really enjoying these little glimpses into Tom and Ben's world :)