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Welcome author Joann Lee

I'd like to welcome author Joann Lee to my blog today.  Let's learn about her and her book "Broken Star."

First off, hello to all who are reading this! I'd like to thank Lily
for allowing me to introduce myself today. My name is Joann Lee and my
debut novel has just been released. I'm pretty excited and I'm anxious
to hear what people think of it. Now, on to the questions!

How long have you been writing?

I've been writing since I was a teenager. I was always creating off
the wall stories in high school for English class. I also took a
creative writing class in middle school.

What is your favorite genre to write?

My favorite genre, both to read and write, is lesbian romance. I've
written other types of stories but I prefer the romance genre. I also
love to add in a little suspense sometimes.

What are you working on now?

Right now, I'm working on finishing a manuscript about a country
musician who still lives life in the proverbial closet. It's a story
of how she goes from binge drinking to realizing what's truly
important in life. I also have an idea in mind for a sequel to Broken
Star that I've worked on a bit. Plus, there's another story I have in
my head at the moment that I want to get started on when I get a bit
more free time. College certainly doesn't allow for much of that!

When you begin a story do you start with character or plot?

When I begin a new story the characters are always very visual inside
my head. To say they "speak" to me is rather an understatement. It's
more like they scream at me until they have their way!

Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?

Broken Star is my debut novel. I was a loyal viewer of, "Law and
Order: SVU," up until Christopher Meloni left the show. I've always
been fascinated by stories where a character has a background in that
line of work. One day, while listening to Evanescence's "Even in
Death," the idea for Broken Star surfaced. I wanted to write something
that had multiple layers and of
course, a couple twists. At the same
time, I also wanted an unexpected romance. For me the best romances
come from the most unlikely of couples. My characters, Lynn and
Alexis, are polar opposites when it comes to their upbringing and
lifestyle. Lynn is a bit of a drama queen sometimes and Alexis would
prefer to stay away from drama and just raise her young daughter,
Calista. I like stories that involve children so I knew I wanted a
child in the story as well.


Joann Lee grew up in a small southern town; a town where she never
felt like she fit in. Needing an escape, she quickly grew to love the
written word. As a teenager, she was addicted to Nancy Drew novels.
Now that she is much older, she still loves to read; her favorite
author is the brilliant Gerri Hill.

Joann spent years writing on an RPG with a close friend and polishing
her writing skills. Her specialty is lesbian romance. She tends to
grow quite attached to her characters and loves to get lost in the
realms of fiction. Her other interests include music, tattoos, travel,
photography, concerts, New York City, and reading. Of course, writing
is her favorite hobby.

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From the outside looking in, Lynn Feoras seemingly has everything a
woman could desire. With numerous platinum selling CDs, lavish homes,
and the ability to bring down the house with her powerful vocals, who
could want for more?


Alexis Donatella is a jaded SVU officer who has no tolerance for the
rich and famous. She has devoted her life to raising her daughter and
to the Florida division of the Special Victims Unit. Venturing into a
relationship is the furthest thing from her mind.

When Alexis and Lynn meet on the sandy beaches, sparks do not exactly
fly, at least not for Alexis. When you add in a rambunctious child, a
tragic secret from Lynn’s past, and obstacles no one could have
foreseen, it makes for one frenzied summer.

In the midst of madness, is it possible for these two women to find love?


Lynn rushed on to the outstretched balcony and into the coolness of
the night air. Her hands clung to the cold metal railing as she
focused on the sea, watching the strong ocean waves crashing along the
darkened beach. The lingering smell of salt hung in the balmy
atmosphere. She carelessly kicked off her strappy red stilettos,
leaving the expensive shoes where they’d fallen. The whole world felt
like it was closing in around her and she was powerless to put a stop
to all the chaotic drama that consumed her life.

Long, slender legs carried her swiftly towards the tranquility of the
sandy beach. Her bare toes sunk into the wet sand and her clingy dress
slipped higher onto her thighs with each step. Wouldn’t the tabloids
love to see me now, she thought with a snort. Lynn Feoras; adored,
worshipped, and desired by millions. With diamond-certified CD sales,
a New York Times best seller, and the ‘Entertainer of the Year’ Grammy
trophy situated on her fireplace back in Manhattan, she had it all.

Her fans numbered in the millions, possibly even higher, she truly had
no idea. What Lynn did know was the fact she had acquired over two
million twitter followers since her Grammy win. The fans wanted to
date and marry her, haters envied her and threatened her life, and at
this very moment; she wished she were anyone but Lynn Feoras.
Her recent tour schedule had been grueling, spanning a period of ten
straight months without a single break. On top of that she had agreed
to numerous book signings for her bestselling hit, “Bright Lights and
Murderous Flights.” She’d worked on the book during what little free
time she had while rolling down the road in her home on wheels. It was
a novel about the CEO of a major corporation who had been the subject
of a professional hit in the middle of a twelve hour flight to London.
Ironically enough, the book idea had surfaced while she was a thousand
feet in the air and headed to Los Angeles, a chilling correlation.

Lynn’s hand pressed against her chest and she gasped once more for
air. Her heart still raced from the adrenaline from the show
earlier—it was like a vigorous workout. Waves crashed around her bare
feet, covering her tingling toes with warm wetness. Closing her eyes,
she tilted her head back when a slight breeze blew against her flushed
cheeks. Her wavy brown hair fluttered in the wind, batting each side
of her face with the wispy stray strands. Moonlight glistened against
her deeply tanned skin, her slender silhouette reflected in the
shifting waters.

A hand touched her bare shoulder and she gasped, startled. Her eyes
flicked open and she turned so fast her legs wobbled from the sudden
change in position.

Before her stood a petite woman with light blonde hair tied into a
sleek ponytail. Lynn stiffened when she saw the police uniform. She
stepped backwards, and an unexpected rush of excitement energized her
exhausted body. It was the uniform—a woman in uniform had always been
her weakness. She entertained the idea of being arrested with
amusement. Submission was not usually Lynn’s style, although she would
make an exception with an officer of the law. The thought alone was
enough to make her weary body tingle with anticipation.
She stared at the smaller woman and cautiously stepped closer. The
aroma of play dough and lavender lingered around the officer. She
nearly laughed when the thought of play dough occurred to her. What an
association to make from the woman’s scent. It took her a moment to
realize she was being spoken to. “Excuse me?”

“I said,” the officer emphasized, “are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Lynn replied and she wrapped her arms around her body when
a chilly wind blew across the empty beach. Her scanty dress did little
to shield her bare legs and arms. Goosebumps danced along her flesh.
“Fine? Well, there’s no doubt you’re fine,” the officer said, giving
her the once-over. “However, you don’t look fine.”

Lynn backed away, tilting her head as she stared at the officer. Lynn
was accustomed to gorgeous women flirting with her on a daily basis,
but not police officers, and certainly not a police officer on a
deserted beach in the middle of the night.

 “It’s not against the law to be out here at night. What are you going
to do, arrest me?” Lynn’s lips curved into a seductive grin as she
stood up straight, making sure her cleavage was noticeable and in the
direct line of view to the officer.

“No, but it’s also not safe out here.” The officer narrowed her eyes,
glancing over Lynn’s barely-there red dress. “Especially not when
you’re dressed like a jezebel,” she stated.

Lynn’s mouth flew open and she backed away, appalled that she had been
flirting with this atrocious woman. Her eyes narrowed with annoyance
as her hands went to her hips and a loud huff escaped her lips. “You
should mind your own damn business. Do you have any idea who I am,

“Yeah,” the petite officer replied angrily. Her icy blue eyes
flickered with irritation in the glow from the moon. “You’re Lynn
Feoras, celebrity diva extraordinaire, so I’ve heard. And no, I am not

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