Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pleasant Surprises- a Weds Brief

It's that time of the week.  Time for Weds Brief.

This week's prompts are:

"It's not raining. The sky is leaking."
“You’re not leaving, are you?”
"The things you own end up owning you."
"Stop acting like an ass.”
"I need open spaces."
"A penny saved is a penny earned."
"Enjoy the show."
“Watch me.”
or use: doors, carpet, flowers
or have music playing loudly
or a phone ringing
or use: horn, dust, water hose
find a penny on the ground.
or: plastic chicken, paper, money
or here I go again
or color me baffled
or where’s a man in lingerie when you need him?

Pleasant Surprises- by Lily Sawyer

“Tom?” Ben had come home from the rat race to find a bouquet of assorted fresh flowers sitting on their glass table in the breakfast nook off the kitchen.  There were two place settings on the table as well.  

“Yes, honey?”  Tom had just come in from the deck. He was carrying a tray that had a plate filled with baby beef back ribs he’d barbecued outside.

“What’s the occasion?  I know it’s not my birthday or your birthday. Our anniversary is a few months away.”  Ben watched Tom place the tray on the counter and proceed to cut the ribs up into two portions.  

“Does there have to be an occasion for me to show my man how much I love him?”  Tom leaned over and kissed Ben on the lips.  “Or how much I missed him while he was at work?  I’ve got potatoes and broccoli with melted cheese on top, just the way you like it.” 

“It’s a good thing I didn’t have a big lunch.  I’m famished.  I’ll go change and be right back.”   Ben took off his work clothes and put on a pair of jeans and a fleece sweatshirt.  It had been a warm day for winter, but now it was getting chilly again.

“I see you took advantage of the warm day to barbecue.”

“Yeah, you know I’m a grill master.”  Tom put the food on the table and both men helped themselves.

“Mm, yeah you’re definitely a master on the grill.”  Ben ate the bones clean, along with the rest of the food on his plate.   “Ah, Tom, you outdid yourself.”

“What till you see what I made for dessert.”

“Dessert?  Oh, I don’t think I could find room for anything else in my belly.”

“Hmmm, well then I guess this…”  Tom went to the fridge and brought out two dessert cups filled with chocolate mousse.  “Will just go to waste.”

“Now hold on there!  I didn’t say I didn’t want to eat dessert, just that right now that will have to wait.”  Ben got up from the table and walked to the fridge where Tom stood holding the cups of chocolate mousse in his hand.  

“So no dessert?”  He pouted. 

“I didn’t say no dessert.”  Ben took the cups and returned them to the shelf in the fridge and closed the door.    Then he wrapped his arms around Tom’s neck and kissed him.  “Just a different kind of dessert.”

“Mm, me like.”  The kissing escalated.  Ben was kissing Tom’s neck, the place just under Tom’s ear, the one that he knew drove his man crazy.  

“Uh, Ben? Mm.”  Tom couldn’t get two thoughts together to save his life.  Ben pulled his shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor.  


“Don’t stop.”  Tom managed to get out of his mouth as Ben was sucking on his right nipple. 

“Don’t worry baby, I’m not.”  By this time, Ben had pulled his sweatshirt off and was working on getting his jeans off, when Tom stopped him.

“Let me.”  Tom picked Ben up and deposited him on the granite counter top.   He unzipped Ben’s pants and pulled them off.   Then he kissed his way down Ben’s body, stopping long enough to suck on his nipples, returning the favor.  Kissed his man’s navel and then licked the front of his briefs.   

“Tom, I’m not going to last long.” 

“Yes, you are.”   Tom took the waistband of the briefs in his mouth and pulled the briefs down and off.   Ben’s cock rose to attention and Tom didn’t waste any time wrapping his mouth around it.  He gently fondled Ben’s balls.  Ben gripped the edge of the counter so he wouldn’t fall off and arched his back.   

“Tom, I’m going to…AH!”  He came in Tom’s mouth.  

Tom pushed Ben’s legs up and put some olive oil on his burgeoning cock and slid into his man. He kept up a steady rhythm, increasing the tempo, matching thrust for thrust until he, too, had reached the top of the mountain with Ben.

They wrapped their arms around each other and held one another until they came back down to earth.

“That was the best dessert I’ve ever had,” Tom whispered as he pulled Ben into his arms.

“I think so too.”


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