Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flash Week #11

It's that time of the week again, folks.   Time to flash.    This week there were two prompts,  we could use either or both.  I chose both.     They are:  "What's that noise" and "Um...Why don't you try taking the wrapper off first?"


“Yeah, baby right there.”   Jonathan felt his toes curl and his eyes roll back in his head.

He had to be the luckiest man on earth, having a lover who knew how to please him in every way.

“Mm, love you Martin.”  The dark haired man reached behind him and pulled Martin onto his back and snuggled up against him, their lips tightly pressed together.

“I love you too, Jonathan,” Martin managed to get out, he found it hard to talk while trying to catch his breath.  Whoever thought bottoms weren’t in control were sadly mistaken.   Jonathan knew how to work his anal muscles until Martin was beyond spent.  He ran his fingers through his dark-blond locks, pushing the sweaty locks off his forehead.

Both men fell asleep entangled in each other’s arms.


A loud thud woke Jonathan out of a sound sleep.  “What’s that noise?” he reached over to crawl into the comfort of his lover’s arms.

“Martin?” another noise and Jonathan was out of bed in a shot and he stopped by the closet, reached in and grabbed a golf club out of one of the two sets of bags he and Martin kept.  They loved playing golf on weekends in the summer.   

He slowly crept down the stairs,  he noticed the kitchen light was on.

“Martin?”  He stage whispered.   All he could hear was the sound of scurrying feet across the tile floor.  Jonathan raised the golf club over his head and went into the kitchen.  He stopped in his tracks.  “Martin?”

His lover stood in the middle of the room, a bag of Milky Way bars had fallen onto the floor.  Martin had been caught red-handed sneaking the fattening snack.
Jonathan put the golf club down and put his hands on his hips.

“I thought we had an agreement, we were going on a diet…together.  Which means no sweets.”

“I’m sorry, Jonathan.  I really am.”  Martin wore a puppy dog expression on his face.  “I really thought I could do it.”   Martin wrapped his arms around Jonathan’s neck. “But you know I’m a chocoholic.” He kissed Jonathan’s neck , cheek, nose and finally his lips.

“Martin, you know what the doctor said, your cholesterol was on the high side and that you need to lose some weight.  I don’t want to lose you, baby.”

The worried look on Jonathan’s face made Martin put the chocolate bar back, he looked down at the bag,  then back at Jonathan.

“But, honey, it’s the small fun size bars and look.” He showed him the front of the bag and ran his index finger over the words  dark chocolate.

“Loaded with anti-oxidants and it’s only one.”  Jonathan melted under those puppy-dog eyes.

He rolled his eyes and sighed.  “Okay, but only one.”


Jonathan couldn’t help but chuckle at Martin’s child-like enthusiasm.   This was of the reasons he loved his man so much.

Martin quickly grabbed a bar and tore open the wrapper and popped it into his mouth.  He closed his eyes and savored every moment of chocolate goodness.

He turned around at the sound of plastic being crinkled.  Jonathan had reached inside the bag and was holding a bar in front of him as if he were studying a new life form.

“Um, why don’t you try taking the wrapper off first?”  Martin kissed his man.  “It’ll taste better that way.” He took the bar out of his man’s hand, unwrapped it and fed it to him,  their lips met in a chocolate mess.

“Chocolate is an important food group, a must have.” Martin looked at his lover hopefully.

“In moderation.”  Jonathan wagged his index finger at him.

“Okay,” he smiled and they hugged.  “You know what?”

“What?”  Jonathan asked him.

“Chocolate is an aphrodisiac.”  He wiggled his eyebrows up and down suggestively.

“Oh yeah?”


The men went back to their bedroom to find out for sure.

 My fellow Flashers:

M/F: Lindsay Klug  Victoria Blisse  Heather Lin


  1. Very nice ... I agree with Martin. Chocolate is a very important food group. I hope we get more. :)

  2. chocolate is definitely a food group. . . it's right on the very, very top of that pyramid they used to have a long time ago

  3. Browsing around the six sentence sunday and came across this - first of all can anyone play ? and secondly the pic you have on your site is one I used for a vampire lover poem :D
    Let me know if anyone can play thru e mail as if yu reply here I won't see it - thanks so much !

  4. Nice to see Martin and Jonathan again. So Martin is a chocoholic huh? Me too.

  5. Chocoholics Anonymous anyone?

    Great fic Lily!

  6. Oooh that's really hot and sweet! I like it :)