Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver Flash #12

It's that time people.  It's time to post my Flash.   This week there is a scavenger hunt contest and prizes
scavenger hunt rules and prizes

Flash #12  Prompt :  “Wouldn’t it be Romantic?”

The Getaway

His partner was sitting in their living room his elbow rested on the armrest and his hand fisted against his cheek, a forlorn expression on his face.   He’d never seen someone looking so down in the dumps.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”  He joined his lover on the couch.

“Oh, hi babe,” the dark-haired man looked over at him.

“Come on, Ben, tell me what’s going on?” Tom slid closer to the other man.

“I’m a failure, Tom, a big, fat failure.” He sighed

“No you’re not fat,” Tom kidded and bumped his shoulder with Ben’s.

“Shut up!” Ben laughed then sobered and went back to his pity party.

You mind telling me why the long face?”

“I haven’t sold any houses in weeks, it’s only a matter of time till they give me the boot.”

“Oh, honey, you’ve been their top selling agent, you’ve just hit a slump.  I’m sure things will pick up soon.”

Ben rested his head against Tom’s shoulder, he loved feeling his man’s strong arms wrapped around him.

Tom worked out at the gym a few times a week, being a firefighter he had to keep his body fit for the job.   He looked down at the cuddling figure next to him and thought ‘I have to keep myself fit for Ben too, he had an insatiable sexual appetite after all.’

“Come on Ben, it’s a beautiful day let’s go take a walk.”

“Okay,” the men put on their light jackets, it was spring but the weather was fickle and today was a sunny but chilly day.

Lancaster was a beautiful area surrounded by a rural countryside populated by not only the Amish, but by some city folk like them who wanted a quieter lifestyle.

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and Main Street was bustling with locals and tourists.  Ben and Tom decided to eat lunch at one of their favorite places before continuing their stroll.

“Hey Ben, look.”  They stood in front of the travel agency, Tom pointed to one of the vacation ads taped to the window.  The poster advertized an all inclusive weekend getaways to the Poconos.  “It has hiking, horseback riding, golf…”

“You hate golf,” Ben interrupted Tom.

“AND it has a hot tub,” Tom ignored Ben’s comment and continued.  “Wouldn’t it be romantic to spend some time there?” He wagged his eyebrows suggestively. 

“Yeah, I guess, but don’t you have to work?”

“It just so happens I have next weekend off.”

“Well…” Ben pondered the proposal.

“Come on, we both need a break.”

“Okay, you twisted my arm.”

Tom pulled Ben in for a hug and a kiss.  “That’s not all I’m planning to twist.”  Both men laughed and went into the travel agent to plan their weekend getaway.


  1. This is really sweet. I hope we get to see what happens in the hot tub... YUMMY!

  2. well there is always next week :D

  3. Sweet. I hope we see more of that vacation next week.