Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silver Flash

Silver Flash-prompt: "You know what, there's no point to this."

The Getaway
“Your weekend getaway forecast, sunshine in the Pocono mountain area, temperatures reaching into the upper sixties by Saturday.    The temperatures will drop down into the fifties during the overnight hours.  The five day forecast…”   Tom shut off the TV.

“Sounds like the weather is going to cooperate for our weekend of fun.”  Ben glanced over at his partner and then back down to his suitcase.  He’d spent most of the afternoon packing, he and Tom planned to leave Friday night right after the rush our traffic had dissipated.

“Are you ready to hit the road?”   Tom was going out to put the ice cooler into the back of their SUV.   They decided to take up steaks and fixings for sandwiches.   Ben loved BBQ and Tom was a grill master.

“I was born ready.”  Ben loaded his suitcase in the back as Tom did a last minute check on their house, set the alarm and locked the door.  They were finally on their way.

By the time they made it to their mountain retreat it was almost ten, Ben had dozed off, Tom let him sleep while he went to the main office of the resort and checked them in. They got a cabin right next to the lake.

“Come on, sleepy head, wakey-wakey.” He nudged Ben out of his slumber.

“What, huh, we’re here?” he babbled as he sat up straight and tried to shake the cobwebs out of his head. Ben helped his partner carry their suitcases and the cooler into the cabin.  He barely got the door closed before he was wrapped up in his fireman’s arms.

“Tom.”  He looked up at the slightly taller man’s blue eyes.

“Yes, baby?”  Tom didn’t waste any time showering Ben’s face and lips with kisses.

“Uh, I forgot what I was going to say.” Ben laughed.

“’Then don’t say anything, let’s just do.”  Tom wrapped his arms around Ben, letting his hands slide down his lover’s back until they rested on Ben’s firm butt cheeks.

“Tom,” they sat on the couch in the living room, Ben found himself straddling Tom’s lap.

Ben ran his fingers through Tom’s thick, blond hair.    He rubbed his groin against his partner. 

“Ben you’re driving me crazy baby.” He watched as Ben settled on floor between his thighs and unzipped his pants and pulled them down around his ankles.  

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”  Ben opened his mouth and took Tom’s large cock inside.   “Mm so tasty.”   He said between sucking on his lover’s member.     He started to suck on Tom’s engorged balls and knew from the heavy panting that the firefighter was very close to coming.   He returned to his sucking duties and it wasn’t long before he was rewarded to a rush of come squirting into his mouth.   He swallowed every last precious drop then crawled back onto Tom’s lap and kissed him.  

Tom reciprocated by giving him a hand job.

They lay in each other arms on the couch and stayed that way for a while.   Then they decided to unpack their things and tried out the king size bed on for size, the two naked men climbed all over each other and tried different positions, including a six-nine position.

The next day the two guys went to go fishing.  Tom loved the outdoors and after a time, and much coercing, Ben learned to love it too.    It was the first time he was fishing.   

They took a canoe and Tom did rowing duties, Ben watched his man flexing his muscles with each stroke.    They found a quiet spot and put worms on their hooks.   Ben watched Tom and copied his every move.    They must have spent about a half an hour and then….”Looks like I got one.”     Tom pulled a trout into their boat.  They had brought a bucket and had filled it with water to place their fish into.

Ben kept looking at his fishing line, waiting patiently for it to start jiggling with a fish at the end of the hook, but while Tom kept pulling in fish Ben just didn’t seem to be having any luck.

“Damn!”  He threw his pole onto the floor of the boat.  “You know what, there’s no point to this!”   

“Come on, Ben, it takes time to catch fish.    You just have to have patience.” 

“Let’s just go back to the cabin, you’ve got more than enough for dinner,” he looked into the bucket that was teaming with fish.  

“Oh don’t be like that baby, it’s okay I’ve had my fair share of bad fishing days.”    Just as Tom was about to get ready to start rowing back to shore, he noticed the line at the end of Ben’s pole was being pulled.   “Ben look!”  

Ben turned around and picked up the pole, the end started to bend under the weight of whatever was on the bottom of that line.   “Oh I think I got a big one, Tom.  What do I do?”   Ben started to reel it in and hung on tight.   Tom got a net ready for when the catch of the day made it to the surface.   It turned out to be a big-stripped bass, Ben pulled on the line and when the fish got close enough  Tom snagged it in the net and brought it onto their boat.

Later, after Ben grilled their fish, they sat back and enjoyed their dinner.   “See, I told you you could do it, that was delicious.”   Tom leaned over and kissed his lover.    “Now you can say you’re a fisherman.”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but I do know how to catch the big ones.”  He wiggled his eyebrows at Tom.  They sat on the deck behind the cabin and held hands as they watched the sunset.

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  1. I love that Ben got the big one. Good for him! LOL. This was very sweet. I hope we get to see more!

  2. Aw, happy ending! Super sweet. You managed fit a lot in 1000 words! :)

  3. thanks guys, I am glad you liked it :)