Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Silver Flash #15 Party Hardy

Flash  #15 Prompt:  He had a mind like a steel trap

“Did you remember the sodas and chip?”  Jonathan asked Martin as he went over his mental checklist for their party.   After an entire week of rain the weekend had arrived and the sun made an appearance once again.

Jonathan decided it was time to fire up the BBQ and have a party.

“Of course I remembered, Babe.  I got everything on your list, just like the good little boy I am.”   Martin smiled innocently at his partner and put the bags down on the kitchen counter.  He was swatted across the behind. 

“Good, huh?   I guess we’ll have to see just how ‘good’ you are later.”   Jonathan helped Martin unpack the grocery bags.

“Hey, I even got that imported beer you like so much.”  He held up the six-pack of bottled beer.  That got him a kiss for his troubles.

Jonathan put the finishing touches on the deviled eggs and Martin brought out the plastic plates and silverware they’d be using to serve food on.

They had a big deck in the backyard that had a glass table and umbrella.     They looked forward to the nice weather so they could do more outdoor dining.   Their house overlooked some woodlands and they loved sitting out in the mornings enjoying their coffee and watching the birds and other wildlife.    Sometimes they’d see deer feeding on some grass or have plenty of visitors to their bird feeders that hung off their deck.


Their guests arrived about half an hour later, their friends mulled around the deck; there was plenty of food, drinks and music playing.

“Hey, Jonathan, how is the new book coming along?”  Ruth asked him, she knew him from college, and it’s also where she met her husband Rick.

“It’s been slow going, my muse isn’t cooperating.” 

“I’m sorry to hear that, what do you do when writer’s block hits?”

“Oh I just wait or inspiration to hit me.”

Martin wrapped his arms around him from behind.  “Like me?” he kissed Jonathan’s cheek.

“Yeah, you inspire me everyday, babe.”

There was a knock on the door and Jonathan went to answer it.

“Trevor, I see you finally made it. Did you get lost?”  Jonathan showed his old buddy in, they grew up together.  They hadn’t seen each other in years, Trevor lived out on the west coast, he was in Pennsylvania visiting family and let Jonathan know he’d be in town.  So he got an invite to the party.

“Yes I got lost, it would have been helpful if you would have told me I needed to bare right at the fork in the road.”

“At least you made it, and I see you brought some wine.”  Jonathan smiled and took the bottle from his friend.

“Come on I’ll introduce you to the others.”  

“Hey babe, the burgers are done and the kabobs are almost there.  Do you want to get the salad out?” Martin asked him from the doorway in the kitchen.

“Trevor this is my partner, Martin.”  Jonathan introduced his lover proudly.

“Hi nice to meet you.”  The two men shook hands.

“You’ll have to excuse me, I gotta check the kabobs.” Martin went back to the BBQ.

“I better get the rest of the food out.”

“I’ll help you.”  Trevor offered.

“Hey whatever happened to Parker Brooks?  Jonathan asked Trevor.

“You didn’t hear?” Trevor took a swig from his bottle of beer.

“No what happened?”

“He was killed in a car accident.”

“Wow, when?” Jonathan couldn’t believe Parker was gone. 

“Two years ago, he lost control on the highway.  He skidded on some black ice, flipped over and was killed instantly.”

“That’s too bad, he was a nice guy. He used to tutor me in math.  Do you remember he used to play trivial pursuit?  It was incredible to watch. He had a mind like a steel trap.” Jonathan raised his wine glass and Trevor clinked his beer bottle against his in memory of Parker.   “To Parker.”  They both said.

“Hey, guys, why the long faces?”  Martin had brought out desserts.  Some of the guests brought cookies and cake so they were laid out on the table for all to enjoy.

Jonathan told Martin about Parker, after all their guests left they’d cleaned up.  Martin took Jonathan up to their room for some over do loving.


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  1. this was a nice scene, and the introduction of death, and then the party continuing, as life does, was really good