Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silver Flash #14 Body Art

It's Flash time again and this week's prompt is "Just pretend I'm not here."

Body Art

“You ever think about getting a tattoo?”

Jackson sputtered his coffee all over the table.   “A what?”  The surprised expression he gave his lover spoke volumes.

“I think tattoos are beautiful works of art.”

“Well of course you do, Aaron, you’re an artist.”

“You’ve seen the ones I have.”  Aaron had four tattoos.   A Celtic design on his upper back, tribal art around his right bicep, his mother and sister’s initials around the inside of his left wrist and two hearts intertwined with Jackson and Aaron’s initials inside on the inside of his right arm.

“Yes and I love them,” Jackson reached over and kissed Aaron on the lips.  “But that doesn’t mean I want one.”

“I’d never make you do anything you don’t want to, honey.”  He winked at him, Aaron knew that Jackson rarely refused him anything, it was one of the reasons he loved him so much.

Aaron pulled out a brush and some paints from the storage cabinet in one of the classrooms.  The art class had left hours ago and Aaron and Jackson had stayed behind to finish cleaning up.

“I feel like doing a painting and you, my dear, are going to be my subject.”  Jackson should be used to this by now, Aaron had drawn and painted him several times over the coarse of their two-year relationship.  He never got tired of indulging his artist lover.

“Okay, how do you want me?”  Jackson sat on one of the stool s in the room and posed.

“On your stomach, naked.” Aaron smiled, he put a sheet on the floor and a comfortable cushion he grabbed off the couch that sat against one of the walls.   He waved his hand over the makeshift bed, indicating he wanted Jackson to lie on it.

“What?” Jackson looked at Aaron non-plussed. 

“I want to paint,” Aaron approached Jackson and grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it up and over his head.  “And I want this gorgeous body,” he leaned in for a kiss,  “to be my canvas.”

“Ha, ha, that tickles.”  Jackson giggles as he felt the paintbrush touching his skin with delicate strokes.  He trusted Aaron implicitly and allowed him to use his body for his artistic outlet. 

“Stop squirming, you’re going to make me mess up.”  He’d been painting Jackson’s back for over an hour.  This was Aaron’s first time using a living canvas.

Jackson turned his head and smiled at his lover, he was rewarded with a kiss, their tongues sliding against each other.

They heard footsteps and quickly turned.

“Oh hi,” 

“Coltan?”  Aaron asked the new arrival, he didn’t move from his spot next to Jackson.   Coltan was one of Aaron’s art students. 

“I stopped in for a beer at the bar down the street and realized I’d forgotten my art bag.”  He got a good gander at Aaron’s ‘masterpiece’ and smiled shyly.    “Just pretend I’m not here.” He didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry to retrieve his bag, he kept glancing over at the amorous couple like a voyeur.  He finally picked up the bag in question and slowly moved towards the door.  He couldn’t help repeatedly looking back at the art on Jackson’s back and smile.     “I think it belongs in a museum.”

The door slammed behind Coltan.

“What the hell was that about?” Jackson asked.

“I think he thinks he is an art aficionado who admires my work.”  Aaron smiled and went back to painting.

A short while later,  “I’m done, take a look.”  Aaron brought a mirror over to Jackson, he looked over his shoulder.

‘You like it?”

“Come here.” 

Aaron put the mirror down and lay by Jackson’s side.  He found his lips captured by Jackson’s.

“Love it, just like I love you.”

There was some major kissing and cuddling.”

“Take a picture,” Jackson said after they’d made love.”

“A picture.”

“Yeah something it’s something can hang in our bedroom.”

Aaron grabbed his camera and clicked away.

“I think Coltan was right, it does belong in a museum.”  Aaron commented.

“The artwork?”

“Yes, that and my subject.  You are a work of art sweetheart.”

The End.

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  1. Aw, this was really sweet. And I love the pic. :)

  2. I like it. I wondered what the art work looked like. The pic is great!

  3. How sensual. . having your partner paint you. . naked. . .