Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flash week #17 Beach Bums

It's that time again everyone.   Time to flash.    This week's prompts were:  "You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" and/or sitting on a blanket at a beach

Links to my fellow flasher's stories appear at the bottom of my post. 

Beach Bums

There was nothing like walking along the beach; feeling the waves hitting your feet or the wet sand taking up residence between your toes.

Ben loved the water, growing up in Miami he was surrounded by it.  You didn’t get to see the surf in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

The beach was sparsely populated after four in the afternoon and Ben was very happy about that.  He wasn’t big on crowds and he disliked fighting the early morning beach traffic and having to jockey his way past all the suntan lotion slathered up sun worshippers who parked themselves like beached whales on the sand.  They didn’t move for hours until they’d gotten that ‘healthy’ tan they’d drive miles for.

Ben liked to come to feel the cool ocean breeze and enjoy a walk on the boardwalk and enjoy some quality time with his handsome fella walking beside him, hand in hand on the beach.

“Is this a good spot, Ben?”  Tom asked him when they got past the dunes and found a more secluded spot to claim as their own.

“Yeah, let’s set up here.”

They’d left their house in the early afternoon and drove to Jones Beach on Long Island.  Tom wanted to show him where he used to spend the summer when he was a kid.   He had family nearby and they were planning on stopping by for coffee after they left the beach.

Ben was glad they’d remembered to bring their ice cooler,  the thing had wheels so it was easier to drag across the sand.    He opened it up and fished himself out a soda.  “Hey, Tom, what do you want a soda or a beer?”  he looked over his shoulder and his heart skipped a beat when he spotted his boyfriend sitting on a beach blanket looking so sexy his cock twitched.    The way Tom filled out his swim trunk it left little to the imagination.

‘Let’s face it I have a very well endowed guy.’  Ben thought as he was drinking his soda to quench his suddenly dry throat.  He couldn’t help thinking what he wanted to do to his gorgeous firefighter and when Tom’s arms opened inviting him to join him on the towel  Ben didn’t hesitate to accept.
They smothered each other’s faces with kisses.  Their hands mapped each other’s bodies like well-known highways,  the little clothing that they wore were quickly cast away.    They went at it like wild animals in heat; Ben rubbed his cock against Tom’s equally engorged member.   Tom’s hand encircled both members and he stroked the ridged shafts.  

“Oh geez,  oh!”   Ben threw his head back, his felt his whole body was on fire, he could tell Tom was very close to the top of the mountain and Ben was well on his way to the summit too.

Ben’s come covered Tom’s chest and stomach.  He looked down and discovered he was similarly decorated with Tom’s jizz.  The smile on Tom’s face made Ben feel giddy and he threw himself onto Tom’s chest and they fell back onto the blanket and kissed some more.

Nuzzling his nose against Ben’s Tom whispered “I love you,’  in his ear.   “Love you too, but we’d better get dressed, we’ve put on enough of a show for one day.”   Ben scoped out their surroundings and was satisfied the coast was clear.    Most of the small crowd was enjoying the boardwalk and nowhere near the love nest they created.

The couple put their swim trunks back on and decided to take a dip to wash off in the ocean. 

Unbeknownst to the loving couple there had, indeed, been a pair of eyes that watched their every move with ardent interest. 


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