Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flash 24-Carnival Fun

Flash 24 “Okay I paid the twenty bucks, what do the cards say?” and “Somebody’s got to stop him.”

Every July just like clockwork the carnival comes to Lancaster County.   It works out pretty well for those who don’t want to take the drive to Hershey or are in the mood for something different.

Tom loved the carnival, was a real roller coaster fanatic, ever since he was a little boy he loved the rides.  Unfortunately Ben suffered with motion sickness so he couldn’t join in the fun.

Luckily carnivals also had games of chance if there was one person who loved to compete it was Ben and he was serious about it too. 

Tom remembered when they were playing scrabble a few days ago, Ben got so annoyed when Tom put a word down and he wasn’t familiar with it.  Tom had to get the dictionary to show him it was a real word.

Ben rolled his eyes and admitted defeat.

Today the men were strolling the fairgrounds. 

“Come on Tom, let’s play that game.”  Ben tugged on his sleeve Tom laughed at how this place brought out the little kids in both of them.

They played a few of the games. Tom could see Ben eyeing a huge teddy bear that sat among the other prizes at the toss a ball booth.  The game involved hitting several targets with a tennis ball. After Ben kept missing Tom couldn’t bear to see the disappointed look in his lover’s eyes.

“Here, let me try.”  Tom used to play in little league so he showed that he hadn’t lost his touch by knocking down the target like a pro.

“Go on, Ben, get what you want.”

“I don’t want nothin’” Ben aimlessly scuffed the toe of his sneaker on the ground.

“Come on, baby, I know how badly you want the bear.”  Tom whispered in Ben’s ear.

“Stop it,” he laughed and playfully sho9ved at Tom.

“So,” the bored teenager cracked his gum at them,  “You want the bear or not?”   He held the bear in his hands.

Ben snatched the stuffed animal and held it against his chest and trudged off.

“Thanks,” Tom told the kid and followed his partner down the fairway.

“Come on, let’s go inside.”  Tom spotted a fortune-teller’s booth and pulled Ben reluctantly inside.

The tent had a table in the middle of the room and sitting on top was a crystal ball.  A light fixture with red tassels hung above the table.

“Hello, I’m Sylvia,” said the dark-haired old woman.  “Would you like to let the cards tell your fortune?”  She had a deck of tarot cards sitting in front of her.

“Tom, why did you drag me in here?” Ben started to get up.

“Hold on, let’s just see what she has to say.”  Tom always wanted to have his fortune told.

Ben was a softy when it came to Tom so he indulged him and sat back down in the chair.

“What’s our fortune say?” Ben asked.

“First you must cross my palm.”  She indicated the sign that listed the cost of a tarot reading.

Ben slapped a bill on the table.  “Okay, I paid the twenty bucks, what do the cards say?”

“You don’t really believe what she said do you?” Ben asked Tom as they lay in bed not sleeping.

“No, I don’t believe in that crap, I’m sorry I ever suggested going to a fortune teller.  We’re going to have long, happy lives together forever, Ben. “

They wrapped their arms around each other.  They both tried very hard to forget what the fortune-teller told them.


My fellow flashers

Sui Lynn (m/m)

Victoria  (m/f)

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