Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello everyone,

I just started doing this, last Sunday I forgot.  The way Six Sentence Sunday works is I pick out six sentences from one of my stories and post it here.   Just as a sort of teaser.

I chose my current release. "Somebody to Love"

Sam fell onto the carpeted floor and Matt fell on top of him.
“Ha, ha,” Sam laughed.  The two men were breathing hard from the exertion. Both stopped moving
suddenly and gazed deeply into each other’s eyes. Sam tentatively reached out to touch
Matt’s face, like he was studying it, then moved his hand to the back of Matt’s head and pulled
him down for a kiss. Matt showed Sam he was more than interested by wrapping his arms around Sam’s neck
and deepening the kiss.
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  1. Looks like this is headed for hot and bothered territory! Seems like the attraction's mutual so this could heat up quickly. Sexy six!