Monday, July 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

My latest book "Somebody to Love"  is coming out from Secret Cravings on July 15th,  pre-order is July 8th.

Sam Warner is busy working in his flower shop creating beautiful arrangements
to celebrate all the happy moments in his customer's lives. He only wished he
had something joyful to celebrate.

He was in a relationship until the day he came home to an empty apartment
and a 'Dear John' letter. Hurt and alone he decides he doesn't want to be in
another relationship ever again. But fate has stepped in and he meets Matt
Doyle, the bartender at a local bar.

Can Sam give love a second chance?

Six Sentence

 Settling into one of the comfortable seats to watch the game, he couldn’t help notice a dark haired man tending bar. He wore a black t-shirt with the bar’s name emblazoned onto the front. He must be a new guy because Sam didn’t remember seeing him before.

Matt, so that’s his name, Sam thought not able to keep his eyes off him. Something about him made Sam want to go over and say hello. He needed a refill, and seeing that as an opportunity to speak with him, he got up and wandered slowly over to the bar.

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