Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flash 38: You Can Ring My Bell

Flash 38

This week's prompt was provided to us by our lovely cover artist, Reese Dante, her second go as a Guest Prompt Diva:  Nope, wasn't listening.  Too busy thinking about....

The alternate prompts are:  bell, book, candle

things that go bump in the night (either figuratively or as a phrase)

He was so full of shit that his eyes were brown....

You Can Ring My Bell

“What are you brooding about? Tom’s voice could be heard in the dark house.  A single candle lit Ben’s face in an eerie yellow glow like the kind of light you’d tell ghost stories by.

“What am I brooding about?”  Ben’s voice held an indignant tone.  It’s the last weekend in October, it’s snowing out, I mean snow, in October?”

“You know it can happen here in Lancaster.”

“Yeah, well I’m not ready for it.”  Ben slammed the book he’d been trying to read in the dim light shut, how did they read by candle light in the old times he’d never know.  “And I’m not thrilled to be among the millions on the east coast without power either.”  He said in a huff.

“Well we have a fireplace to keep warm a gas stove to cook on and…” Tom placed two mugs on the coffee table and joined Ben on the couch.  “Hot chocolate.”

“Thanks, baby, I’m sorry for being a pain.”

“It’s okay sweetheart, I know winter isn’t your favorite season.” Tom’s muscular arm wound around Ben’s shoulder and he rested his head on Tom’s chest.

Ben sighed, being in Tom’s loving arms it was easy to forget the rest of the world existed.

“Do you remember Peter Bruin?”

Tom’s voice broke through the silence.
“He doesn’t ring any bells, who is he?”

“He’s Brian’s brother in law.” Brian was one of Tom’s firefighter buddies.  “He’s got a timeshare in the Grand Caymans, he said we could use it next time it was available.”

“OH yeah?” Ben couldn’t stop the smile from erupting all over his face, “You mean I’ll be able to escape the ice age for a while?”

“Does January work for you?”

“It sure does.” Ben was all over Tom like white on rice, smothering him with kisses.  “Will you be able to get the time off?”

“I already put in for it, I figured I wouldn’t have to twist your arm to get you out of the deep freeze for a while.”

“Have I told you I love you?” Ben said with a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

“Not lately.”  Tom said “And you mentioned something about ringing a bell.”

“It’d like to ring your bell, baby,” And if anyone knew how to ring Tom’s bell Ben did, over and over again.  They didn’t even notice when the lights came back on.

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