Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Snog-The Finest Thing


“Nice room,” Paul commented as he looked around the room.  He walked over to the window and parted the curtains.  “The view is gorgeous.”  Paul turned to look at Aidan and was met by a pair of lips on his own.

“I-I’m sorry.  I don’t know what came over me. It’s just been so long since I’ve been with someone I…”  Aidan was silenced when Paul’s lips locked onto his and they fell back together onto the bed.

Paul started unbuttoning Aidan’s shirt.  “Am I moving too fast?” he asked anxiously.

“No, I like the direction you’re going,” were the last words spoken for a long time.  Their bodies moved around on the bed to accommodate the removal of each other’s clothing.  A pile began to grow on the floor beside the bed until they were both lying naked on the sheets.

It all began with more passionate kissing, their hands taking paths of discovery, learning the pleasure points of the other’s body.  Aidan discovered Paul loved his nipples to be played with and Paul discovered that Aidan loved his ears and throat licked.  Their bodies lined up like matching bookends and their wet cocks slid side by side.  Paul’s hand wrapped around both straining members and stroked up and down, eliciting a moan from Aidan.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, right there.  Just like that,” Aidan gasped finding it hard to breath.

Moaning and groaning gave way to both men reaching the height of climax.  Aidan wrapped his arms around Paul’s equally sweaty body as they cuddled together, enjoying the afterglow.

“Were you? Did I?” Paul asked as he gazed nervously at Aidan.

“Yeah,” Aidan said, smiling at the other man. “That was great.”

Paul rested his head under Aidan’s chin, feeling him place a kiss the top of his head.  He sighed as he felt himself slowly falling asleep.  Aidan lay a few more minutes, looking at the sleeping man in his arms.  It had been too long since he’d been intimate with anyone.  He wondered for a moment what this all meant, but found that he couldn’t keep his eyes open as he fell asleep, too.
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