Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza at Romancing the Word

Starting Wednesday, December 14th Kathleen will be kicking off her 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza!!! Over the course of the 12 Days of Christmas, she will be having multiple giveaways, posting excerpts from at least 3 different WIPs, trivia, holiday short stories and much much more. There are nine wonderful authors participating, in addition to myself.

Today, Thurs, is my day on her blog.   Please stop by and check out my wip and enter to win a copy of one of my books.
Also I am posting a peek at my work in progress: "Four Doors Down."

thank you and enjoy your holidays

Four Doors Down a WIP by Lily Sawyer

Alex Perez is a talented artist, lives in a nice quiet community in bucolic Lancaster Pennsylvania.   He lives a simple life and has everything he needs except someone to share his life with.   The house four doors down has stood vacant for a long time until a moving van shows up and someone moves in.     But welcoming the new neighbor proves elusive for Alex and he wonders if the mysterious man in black is hiding something.

Excerpt: (a chap I am currently working on)

“Tristan.”   Alex touched him on the cheek the despondent look in Tristan’s eyes made his heart break.    He wasn’t sure if he was acting on impulse or instinct but whatever it was he couldn’t resist grabbing Tristan by the arms and pulling him against him for a kiss.  He could feel Tristan’s surprise in the tense muscles but soon he relaxed and his arms came around Alex’s shoulders.   The feel of the stubble from Tristan’s five o’clock shade grazed his face making his cock stand up and take notice. 

“Do you want to go lie down?”  Alex asked him as he came back to his senses.

“Yeah.”  Tristan’s slurred voice sounded so sexy to Alex’s ears.    “Come with me.”  Alex allowed himself to be led out of the hallway bathroom and down the hallway to a large master bedroom.   Aside from a master bathroom there was a large walk-in closet and two dressers that lined the wall and a sitting area at one end of the room, but what drew Alex’s attention was the huge king-size bed that could easily fit two tall men like he and Tristan.   It was even better then they tested that theory by lying down on the soft comforter.  

Kissing resumed only it was Tristan who initiated it this time.    The neatly made bed was quickly messed up and their clothes flew off their bodies so quickly they could have gotten gold medals if it were an Olympic sport. 

“I want you, Tristan,  I want you so bad.  But I don’t want to hurt you, you’ve already been hurt enough.”

Tristan’s finger touched his lips and silenced him.  “I want you too, forget about everything else.”  He grabbed Alex’s dark hair and pulled him in for another round of kissing.   “So beautiful,” Alex blushed as Tristan’s gaze raked his body up and down. “Like one of your paintings.” 

“I’m not that great an artist.” Alex modestly pointed out to the other man.

“You’re wrong, you’re better than Picasso.”  Tristan kissed his chest and sucked on a nipple, causing Alex to arch off the mattress.   “Better than Michelangelo.”   His lips traveled slower to Alex’s belly and his warm tongue bathed his belly button.  “Better than Da Vinci.” 

“I wouldn’t go that far.”  Alex sat back on his elbows and was watching Tristan watching him.” 

“I’m going to go farther than that.”  Tristan smiled as he reached the target he’d been wanting to attain for a long time

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