Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silver Flash 44: Tis the Season

It's that time of the week.  I hope you all have a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa or whatever you choose to celebrate.

Here is my Christmas story for Ben and Tom.  They've both been good boys,  okay naughty, BUT in a good way :D

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Flash 44

This prompt will be our last before Christmas, and this week's Prompt Diva, Pender Mackie, has risen to the occasion with these prompts:

He/she didn't like secrets.

"Smells like pine needles in here."

Use those or my alternate prompts:

Union suit, balance, Hari Krishna or

red balls or  Tis the season to be (fill in the blank)

Tis the Season-by Lily Sawyer

Tom loved everything about Christmas. It was his favorite time of the year—from the twinkling lights to the decorations on the homes to the holiday music.   It made him feel so good inside.   “I’ll be Home for Christmas” was playing on his car radio. The trouble was that instead of pulling into the driveway of the home he shared with Ben, he was pulling into the parking lot of the firehouse.  One of the downsides of being a fire fighter was there were no such things as holidays.    He found an empty spot at the end of the row of cars, turned off the engine, and reluctantly left the comfort of the heated vehicle for the icy cold winter walk across the lot to the front door.  

“Hey, Tom, how’s it going?” Pete Hannigan greeted him. He and Pete had known each other for a long time.  When he became captain of the firehouse, Tom couldn’t have been happier.

“Hey Pete,I’m good, how’s it going with you? Has it been busy?”

“You know the drill, Tom.   People always seem to do dumb things around the holidays.  I’ve lost count of how many fires started by candles we’ve had to go out on.” 

“Oh, don’t I know it.  You’d think people would heed the warnings by now.”

“How’s Ben?” The whole firehouse knew he was gay and about his relationship with Ben.

“He’s good. Bummed that I’m working, of course.  We won’t be together until after Christmas. He’ll be okay.”

Tom’s heart had skipped a beat when he saw Ben’s crestfallen face after he’d found out Tom had to work on the holiday.  He refused to decorate without Tom.

He hoped the presents ‘Santa’ had for Ben would more than make up for his absence on Christmas. His plans for New Years were going to be extra special—Tom would make sure of that.

He worked three days straight, all through Christmas day.  One of the hardest parts of the job was looking at the faces of the children who’d lost everything in a fire.   He was grateful that he and the crew had done some holiday shopping and made sure those kids didn’t miss Christmas.


Monday morning couldn’t come soon enough for Tom. His flak jacket and pants were off so fast it would have amazed Ben if he could have witnessed it.  He almost red-lined it driving back home, The house and their half-acre of property were blanketed with snow, giving their home a picture postcard look.

He flung their wooden front door open.  “Honey, I’m home!”


He didn’t have time to think before his arms were full of a very ardent Ben, who wasted no time letting him know he was sorely missed.

“Ben,” Their lips smacked together.  “It smells like pine needles in here.” The smell reminded Tom of being in a forest as it wafted throughout the house.  Tom figured that his next project was going to be a trip up to the attic to bring their artificial tree down and set it up, but he for now he had a feeling this was going to be pre-empted.

“Come on, sweetheart, let me show you something.” Ben grabbed him by the hand and led him down the hallway and into their living room.

“Ben,” He couldn’t believe his eyes.  Sitting in the corner opposite the fireplace was a seven-foot tall spruce.  “How… when?” was all he could say.

“I picked it up last night. I wanted to surprise you. I thought we’d decorate our first real tree together.”

“Have I told you how much I love you?”   Tom grabbed his man into his arms and kissed him again. 

“I got all the decorations down, the boxes are over there.”  Ben pointed to several boxes sitting on the floor next to the couch.    They spent the rest of the day getting the decorations put on the tree.  After garland was wound about the girth of the tree, they started on the numerous stars, bows, and even some Star Trek ornaments they’d collected from Hallmark because they were Trekkies after all.

“Here are some red balls.” Ben brought out the set of colored glass balls they’d bought together last year.

Later, after darkness fell and they’d turned on the lights on the tree and stood back, they wrapped their arms around each other and leaned their bodies together.  Christmas music was playing on the radio they’d turned on.  

“I’m sorry you had to spend Christmas without me.” 

“It’s okay, baby, you’re here now, that’s all that matters.” Ben snuggled up against his chest. Tom couldn’t think of a better homecoming then to wrap his arms around his beloved. 

They retired to the bedroom. Tom lay in bed, clothes discarded before he slid between the satin sheets and waited for the surprise Ben promised him after their dinner.

His heart skipped a few beats when his lover appeared in the center of the room wearing a pair of red boxers adorned with Christmas trees.

“Tis the season to be sexy fa la la la la, la la la la.”  Ben wiggled his ass.

“Come here, you elf ,and get your present.” Tom laughed as Ben crawled across their king-size bed and into his arms.  There were plenty of gifts unwrapped and the best present they received was love.

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