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Silver Flash 42: Lost and Found

It's Silver Flash day

Flash 42

This week our Prompt Diva is Lindsay Klug, who gave us:  "No, I said turn left, not right." or: "I'm not super(man/woman), you know."

My alternate prompts are:

use these three words: velour, circumcision, and balance  or

"Dammit, I'm a (fill in the blank), not a (fill in the blank)! or

eyes closed as if in prayer

Lost and Found

“Are you sure you know where you’re going?”   Tom glanced up from the map of Philadelphia he’d been looking at for several minutes—he was trying to locate the Doubletree Hotel. Planning a trip to the big city to celebrate their fourth anniversary of being together as a couple shouldn’t include getting lost. 

  “Why doesn’t this car have GPS?

“Because you know how I hate those things. I survived using maps all this time, I’ll stick with them,” Ben said.

“So where do I go?” Ben asked a moment later.

“Left,” Tom mumbled distractedly.  He looked up when the car made a wrong turn. “No, I said turn left, not right.”

“Damn, we’re lost.”  Ben turned back around as Tom took out his cell phone and looked up the hotel number from one of the papers he had in front of him. 

“Hello?  I hope you can help me. I’m looking for the hotel.  I think we’re lost.”  Tom told the desk clerk what street they were on and with his help they pulled into the hotel’s parking lot only two hours later then they intended to arrive.

After giving the valet their car, the two men checked in and rode the elevator to the seventeenth floor.   They were all over each other the minute the elevator doors closed.

“I’m sorry I got us lost, honey,”  Ben said through kisses.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, we’re here now.  That’s all that matters.  Let’s celebrate.”  The doors opened and they couldn’t get into the room fast enough.

They’d booked the anniversary suite and the hotel decked the room especially for the celebration.   A bottle of champagne sat in a bucket of ice next to the love seat; strawberries and a jar of fudge sauce sat on a silver platter on the coffee table. 

“Looks like the hotel set us up well.”  Ben turned around and wondered where Tom had taken off to.  A noise in the bedroom area drew his attention and just as though the pied piper had lured him,  he wandered into the bedroom. Tom stood in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but a robe.  Ben licked his lips as Tom slowly undid the ties and the green robe fell off his muscular shoulders and pooled around his feet.   Ben’s mouth dropped open as he took in his man’s physique.  Being a firefighter, Tom was required to keep fit. Ben felt the need to get closer to Tom as though a magnet pulled him towards his man.   Ben loved running his fingers over the familiar territory that was Tom.

“You know how much I love you, Tom?” Ben grabbed a hold of Toms’ hair and kissed him, his hands traveling a path that included stops to rub Tom’s nipples until they were hard.   His lips joined in the fun, following Tom’s treasure trail, kissing and licking around his belly button, then dropped to the floor to suck on Tom’s cock until he was moaning and frantically combing his fingers through Ben’s hair.

“Yeah, Ben, there right there, I’m going to…uh!” Sweet nectar filled Ben’s mouth; at least that was what he considered it.

“Not fair,” Tom said, once he’d recovered enough to speak.  He plopped down on the bed and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“What’s not fair?” Ben stood before him; the bulge in his pants was about ready to burst.

“That you’re still dressed. I think you owe me a strip show.”

Ben smiled, then slowly disrobed.  “That’s more like it,” Tom said as more of Ben’s body was revealed to his wanton lover.  “Come here,” Tom beckoned him. He stood and wrapped his arms around Ben, hugging him tight.  They fell onto the bed in a heap, their lips locked as their passion reached new heights. Ben fell back under Tom, a position he often found himself in, and one he liked the best, and pulled his legs up until his pulsing hole was exposed to Tom.

“Tom,” he gasped when he looked at Tom’s wet cock.  “I need you, now!”

Tom quickly left the room to retrieve the tube of lube he ‘d had in the luggage that was still sitting by the door, then rushed back into the bedroom.  He quickly slicked himself up and made sure Ben was also ready for him.  He worked his cock slowly into Ben’s tight canal.

“Oh yeah,” Ben’s head hit the headboard, but he didn’t care; he dug his heels into Tom’s buttocks and begged him to ride him like a wild bronco.

They weren’t sure if their neighbors in the next room could hear them or not, but it didn’t matter to the lovers.  Tom held Ben’s cock in his hand and stroked Ben until he cried out and came.  Tom followed close behind.

They weren’t sure how long they lay there, panting,  their sweaty bodies wrapped around each other like a cocoon.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” Tom said as he kissed Ben.

“Happy anniversary, sweetheart.”  Ben snuggled into Tom’s arms, all content and happy.

My fellow Flashers 

Lindsay Klug   (m/f)
AJ Jarrett    (m/m)      FLASH VIRGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sui Lynn     (m/m)
Julie Lynn Hayes    (m/m)

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