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Silver shorts

Hello Everyone,

I wrote a Silver Shorts this week.    I hope you like it

Silver Shorts WK 15


I/He/She felt the earth move...


Everyone plays the fool sometime....


...sitting home on a sofa on a saturday afternoon, and...


His/her body swayed with the music, unable to resist the beat...

Riding the Rails-by Lily Sawyer

Charlie Porter loved riding the rails, ever since he was a little boy. He remembered the trips he and his parents made up to Rochester, New York, to visit his aunt and uncle.     Trains became so much a part of his life that, after school, he became an engineer on Amtrak.  It was a dream come true. Here he was, commanding this huge locomotive. 

Today was a special day. He was taking the New York to Toronto, Canada route.   He enjoyed the breathtaking scenery, and the short layover in Albany.    Once they got to the border the crew would change hands, and a Canadian team would come on board; the train would switch from being an Amtrak train to Via Rail, the Canadian company.  At that point, he’d do a layover somewhere in the area, sometimes in Buffalo.   He didn’t mind.   He could never see himself being in a stuffy office.   

“Can you cover for me, Max?” he asked his backup engineer. He and Max had known each other for years, and he was glad when they were assigned to the same train.

“Sure, Charlie. Go take a break.” 

Charlie walked down the narrow aisles. He’d gotten used to the way the train swayed back and forth; he didn’t have to hold onto the seats as much when he walked towards the café car. He got himself a cup of coffee and a slice of pizza and walked over to a booth.

“Is this seat taken?” he asked the handsome, dark-haired gentleman already sitting there.

“Of course not, please join me.”

Charlie carefully placed his tray on the table and slid in opposite the other man.

“I was wondering when you were taking your break, Charlie.   I miss you so much.”

“I miss you too, Sam.” He reached under the table and squeezed Sam’s knee.

“Are you going to have a layover?”

“Yes, and I have a surprise. I’ve booked us a room in Toronto.  Please tell me you brought your passport.”   Charlie had hoped Sam would join him on this trip up North; they had a brownstone in Park Slope Brooklyn and led a happy, quiet life.   Sam had been a firefighter before he got injured on the job and retired.   He then decided to pursue a passion he’d always had—writing.    He started writing romance novels—gay romance novels.     He wasn’t sure about getting them published, but Charlie wouldn’t allow Sam to let his masterpieces just linger on the computer and collect dust, so to speak.  They researched some online publishers and decided on one that had a wonderful reputation and gave their authors a very generous royalty. 

“Does this answer your question?”  Sam waved his blue passport in Charlie’s face.

“Why, you!”  He gently kicked Sam’s shin.

“Ow,” Sam softly exclaimed. A wicked smile on his face, he raised his cup to take a sip of coffee.

Charlie slipped his shoe off and rubbed the area he’d just kicked in a soothing manner.

“Mmm, ha ha.”  Sam laughed.

 Charlie could feel his cock twitch, the way it always did when he saw Sam.  “When do you have to be back on duty?”

“In about fifteen minutes, why?”

“Oh nothing.” Sam looked out the window at the passing scenery. “You’ll have to excuse me. I have to use the restroom.”

“Oh,” Charlie exclaimed when he felt a squeeze on his thigh. He looked at Sam and noticed the mischievous wink, and a come hither nod of his head, and then he left.     He didn’t need any translation to know exactly what plan Sam had on his naughty mind.   Charlie waited a few minutes and then followed Sam. He looked around him and went into the bathroom that said ‘unoccupied.’     The space in a train bathroom was no bigger than that on airplanes.   Charlie shut the door and locked it. He turned around in the narrow space, only to be met by a pair of lips on his. 

“We don’t have much time.”  Charlie was already pulling Sam’s T-shirt off him. he felt Sam unzip his pants, and they were around his ankles before he knew it.

“I like quickies.”  Sam undid his own jeans and turned around in the narrow space until he was leaning against the sink.   “Come on, Charlie, I want you so bad.” 

Charlie moaned when he felt Sam reach around and grab his turgid cock.   They had long since passed the time when they needed a condom, but they’d have to have lube. Charlie spotted the soap dispenser and pushed the button.   He drizzled some on Sam’s pulsing hole and the rest was slathered onto his cock. 


“Hurry, I can’t stand it anymore.”

Charlie ended Sam’s agony by plunging in; Sam hung onto the edge of the sink by his fingers.  Charlie plowed into Sam’s canal, slow at first, then he picked up the tempo.   He felt the earth move… or was that the train?

“Yes, keep going, don’t stop, don’t stop.”  Sam tried not to get too loud; they didn’t want to attract the attention of the other passengers or the conductors.  It would not only be embarrassing, but Charlie could get into a heap of trouble.

“Come for me ,baby,” he whispered in Sam’s ear as he wrapped his hand around Sam’s cock and rubbed his thumb over the cockhead.    That undid his partner.   Sam’s anal muscles milked him and he came too.

They cleaned up as best they could in the narrow space.  “Who goes out first?”

“I better,” Charlie volunteered. “I have to get back to work.   How about I meet you on the platform at Union Station?”

“It’s a date.” 

Charlie kissed Sam and carefully opened the door. He saw the coast was clear and made his way back to the engine, and back to his post.  They had another four hours before they’d see the border, and then a few more before they made it to downtown Toronto.   Charlie couldn’t wait to show his man around.   This was certainly one ride neither of them was sure to forget.


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  1. I enjoyed your story very much. Charlie and Sam are so cute, and they are so naughty too :)