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Welcome Guest Blogger Donna McIntosh

I am very honored to have on my blog today Donna McIntosh    She is discussing her latest book "Home."  Which now available from Silver Publishing

by Donna McIntosh


LAPD Detective Sean Riker had one person that he'd always tried to arrest and bring to justice – Mitchell Yates. Yates had been in and out of trouble for years, always skating around the edges of the underground world of LA but nothing had ever been pinned on him.

One night after work, Riker entered his parking garage and spotted Yates' car. Certain Yates's had to be up to no good Riker decided to take him in for questioning. He exited his car, headed toward Yates and found himself under fire by unknown assailants. The next thing he knew, he hit the ground with a hole in his shoulder. Someone tugged him to his feet and out of the line of fire--Mitchell Yates. 

Yates got him into his own car and took off as bullets continued to rain in their direction. The exit ramps were blocked and escape from those shooting at them impossible so Yates transported the two of them to his HOME a fabricated satellite high above Earth. Riker discovered a world he thought existed only in science fiction. A place where his wound could be immediately healed and people pulled their weight because they wanted to.

Riker had to adjust his attitude and let Yates become his guide. The man showed Riker around the facility and explained The mission of the Keepers, a group seeking peace in the galaxy. 

As understanding dawned on Riker, a slow friendship developed between the two of them. The relationship deepened despite on old boyfriend of Yates interference.

HOME (Excerpt #1)
By Donna McIntosh

"You feeling all right? You need a pain killer?" Yates asked, turning back to Riker.
"No, I'm fine. I just need some answers, Yates, and the longer I'm here, wherever here is, the more questions I have."
"Come on out here; let's sit. I need some coffee. You want some? Or would you rather have something a little stronger?" They walked to the outer waiting room. Yates poured himself a cup of coffee.
"Coffee, please," Riker answered and lowered himself into a chair. "I want to make sure I'm stone-cold sober when I hear your explanation for all this."
Yates filled a second cup and joined Riker, sitting down across from him.
Riker took a few sips. "Oh, that's good! Not like the stuff they serve at the precinct and call coffee." He took a few more sips. "So start talking. Where the hell are we and how did we get here?"
"I'll tell you what I can." Yates sighed and leaned back in his chair. "We are a private group called The Keepers. This place has been around for more years than anyone actually knows. You're completely safe here."
"The Keepers? Exactly what is it that you keep?" Riker asked.
"The peace," Yates answered, sipping his coffee.
"The peace? Is this some kind of joke? If your job is to keep the peace and tonight is any example of your work, then I'd say you've failed miserably."
"You're still alive, aren't you? I'd say tonight worked out quite well." Yates grinned.
"I don't understand." Truly puzzled, Riker shook his head.
"All right. Short and sweet then. The Rivers case you've been working on. You were getting a little too close to the truth. Angleton put a hit out on you. I heard them planning it."
"Why didn't you just call and tell me?" Riker asked.
"Would you have believed me?" Yates lifted a brow and brought the mug to his lips again.
"Hell, no! You've been known to play both sides of the street for too many years."
"Exactly. That's why I showed up tonight in your parking garage. They were set to ambush you there. I was hoping to get there before them but I got delayed."
Riker shook his head and set his coffee cup down on the side table.
"I'm a marked man then?" Riker swiped a hand down over his face.
"That's about it, I'm afraid."
"So, what next? Can you find out the names of those men? Where I might be able to find them?"
"I probably could, but once Angleton sets his mind to something, he won't give up. If those men don't fulfill the contract, he'll get someone else who can."
"Why are you helping me?"
"I'm helping because you're one of the good guys, Riker. Whatever else happens, the good guys have to win." Yates leaned his head against the back of the chair and closed his eyes for a moment.
Riker studied Yates, wondering exactly what his angle could be in all this. A young man, late twenties, in cutoff blue jeans and a tank top, stuck his head in the door. "Hey, Yana. You're back!"
"Oh hi, Jimmy." Yates's head snapped back up.
"You come for the party?"
"Nah, I brought my friend here to see Noel. Don't tell Benny, but I forgot all about the party. If I can stay awake that long, I'll come by for a while."
"Great," Jimmy said. He eyed Riker, his smile disappearing. "Is he the reason you're spending so much time down there?"
"I'll see you later, Jimmy." Yates had just a hint of exasperation on his tired face. "I'll get some more coffee in me and I should be good for a couple of hours at least." Yates stood up and got himself another cup of coffee.
"Okay. He'll be gone by then?" Jimmy nodded toward Riker.
"Later, Jimmy."
"Yeah, later." He shot Yates a smile, gave Riker the once-over again, and left.
Riker raised his eyebrows in question.
"Don't ask! I'm too tired to get into that one right now. More coffee?"
"Yes, please. And more answers, too, if you can stay awake."
"I'm sorry," he apologized as he refilled Riker's cup. "I've been up for almost three days now and I'm out on my feet."
"I can see that." Riker observed Yates slump back into his chair, rubbing his eyes.
"So what was he talking about?" Riker prompted.
"Can we just skip Jimmy for now? Tell me what you want to do. Do you have some place where you can stay for a while until Angleton cools off or you can figure out your next move?"
"No, as a matter of fact, I don't. I guess I could get into a safe house for a while." Riker shrugged.
"That's no good. Angleton knows where all of them are. It's the first place he'll be looking."
"I'm open to suggestions then." Past tired himself, the more Riker settled into his chair the more his shoulder began to ache.
"Look, what do you say we catch a couple hours sleep so we can think more clearly?" Yates suggested.
"Here?" Riker asked, glancing around the small waiting room.
"No." Yates gave a soft laugh. "I have a room here and the one across from mine is empty. C'mon. Let's go get some rest."
Sean followed Yates through a hallway until it ended at two long ramps. One went down, the other up. When they turned the corner, the view astonished Riker.
"Oh my God!" Riker stopped at the railing and looked out over the huge complex below. Level after level as far down and as far up as his eyes could see. It reminded him of a large mall, with walkways crossing over the huge gap between. Across the open expanse he could see other walkways going from one level to another, long hallways going off into the distance, people milling around going about their business.
"What is this place?" he asked again.
"It's a long story, Riker. Let's get some rest first. My room is on the next level up." Yates walked on in silence, as Riker followed not taking his eyes off his surroundings for a moment.

Available April 21, 2012 the first in my new SciFi series HOME. Second book in the series THE MISSIONS is scheduled for release in July.

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TANNER - (Police)
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