Sunday, April 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today's Six Sentences come from my book "Somebody to Love."


Sam Warner is busy working in his flower shop creating beautiful arrangements to celebrate all the happy moments in his customer's lives. He only wished he had something joyful to celebrate.
He was in a relationship until the day he came home to an empty apartment and a 'Dear John' letter. Hurt and alone he decides he doesn't want to be in another relationship ever again. But fate has stepped in and he meets Matt Doyle, the bartender at a local bar.
Can Sam give love a second chance?

Six Sentences:

Sam took Matt to the back of the store and opened the refrigerator. The florist picked up a beautiful bouquet of flowers and showed it to Matt.  He touched one of the petals and made contact with Sam’s fingers that tightened around the stem of the plant.

“Beautiful,” Matt’s gaze turned from the flowers to focus on Sam’s face. “Very beautiful.”

Sam felt his heart fluttering.

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