Friday, May 4, 2012

Question to my readers

I don't think many writers ever ask their readers this question,  but I'm curious what kinds of romance stories do you like to read?  What elements do you like to see in a story?  Do you like happily ever after or do you like a lot of conflict and maybe a story that is unresolved or doesn't end on a happy note?

For me I tend to go towards HEA because RL doesn't often give us those and as a writer this is my opportunity to do something to bring some happiness and a smile to my own face and, hopefully, to those who read my books.

I tend to write contemporary novels,  though I did dabble in fantasy with my "Catch of the Day"  book.  I just love my merman.

Thank you for reading my stories.   I have more coming, it's just taking me a bit longer these days to write.

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