Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesdays briefs part 2

This week's prompts

"Love means never having to...."  or the alternate prompts of:

use: peanuts, consideration, candelabra or

"I would have gone to .... except that I...." or

"Penny for your thoughts"  or

"Frankly, my dear, I don't...."

I'm continuing last week's fun

Fireworks 2 by Lily Sawyer

Fireworks—that’s what life was like for Ben ever since he’d met Tom.   It was like Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, and Christmas all rolled into one.  So it shouldn’t have been any surprise to Tom that of all dates he could have picked to tie the knot, he wanted to be married on the 4th of July.

“Penny for your thoughts.” Tom’s arms wrapped around his chest and the familiar feel of Tom’s chest against his back made Ben’s heart soar.

“I still think this has to be a dream. No one deserves to be this happy.”

“You do.”

Tom’s deep voice never failed to make his insides turn to jelly.

“Baby.” He turned to face Tom, his arms draped loosely around his neck. “I haven’t been fair to you.”

“What do you mean, hon?” Tom’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“I’ve been doing most of the planning for our wedding without asking you what you want. Just telling you how it’s going to be.  I didn’t even bother to ask you if you wanted to get married in Vermont. I—”

Tom covered Ben’s mouth with his hand.

“Ben, I love you. I want to marry you. It doesn’t matter where we hold the ceremony, as long as we’re together forever.  I just want you to be happy.”

He kissed Ben;his fingers combed through Ben’s hair.

“I want you to be happy, too,” Ben told him.

“I am. I’m the happiest man on Earth.”

“No, I am.” Tom sounded like a petulant little boy.

Ben grabbed Tom’s hands, intertwining their fingers.  “We both are. I can’t wait to make an honest man of you.”  Ben yelped when Tom slapped his behind.

“An honest man, huh? I’ll show you about an honest man.”

Their bedroom saw plenty of action that night.

                                                                                    * * * *

They finally had everything all settled; they were getting married at a small country inn called the Inn on Trout River in Montgomery Center.  They had tons of things to do. Ben couldn’t wait to check out the covered bridges and go out canoeing.   Of course this would all be part of their honeymoon activities.    Ben did some research online and found out the town had a parade and fireworks display on the 4th of July.    Ben was so excited—he couldn’t wait.

But that was a little over a month away.  In the meantime, Ben drove into their driveway at the same time Tom was getting home from work.

“Hi Tom.” They met each other halfway between Ben’s car and the pathway to their front door.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Tom gave him a smooch on the lips.  They weren’t worried about being openly affectionate around here.

“Mm, can you help me bring the plants in?”

“Sure, babe.” Tom didn’t have a green thumb, but Ben sure did.  So every spring he left all the gardening to Ben.  Ben loved home grown vegetables and Tom was only too glad to help. Well, by eating them, that is.

When they’d first moved into this house, the two men cleared a sunny section of their backyard for a veggie and flower garden.  Ben asked Tom what he liked and Ben planted them.

“What did you bring home?” Tom asked as he brought in several flats of plants. 

“Aside from assorted flowers, I have eggplant, tomatoes, spinach, and some seed packets too. And a variety of herbs.”

“Well, we won’t starve.”

“Nope. I have to satisfy my hungry man.”

Ben stole a kiss from Tom as he passed him by on the way to their deck.

“Would you like to help plant?”

Tom was usually working when Ben planted, but it just so happened he came home from work a little early today.

“Okay, just show me what I have to do.”

Ben brought out two pairs of gardening gloves and shovels and fertilizer.  “Okay, let’s get started.

With the two of them planting, it didn’t take long for the plants to go into their new homes.  Ben put the last stick into the ground to identify what plant occupied which row.

“Well, that’s done.” Ben wrapped his sweaty arms around Tom.

“Ew, you’re wet.”

“Well, so are you. Let’s go take a shower.”

“Together?” Tom feigned surprise.

“Is there any other way?” Ben grabbed Tom’s hand and they shucked off their clothes on the way to their big master bathroom.

“Mmm, this is nice.”  Ben let the steamy hot water cascade over his newly clean hair.  Tom had those magic fingers that knew how to wash his hair just right.  

“I figured I’d start at the top and work my way down.”

Ben felt his cock quickly filling as Tom’s fingers traveled down his body, stopping at some key points like his nipples, which were hard as a rock;his stomach—Tom knew he liked to have it rubbed just like he was doing now; and finally, the final destination… his burgeoning cock.

“Tom,” he murmured his soon-to-be husband’s name.  It was the last coherent thing he said before Tom’s cock pushed inside him.    They set a familiar rhythm they both liked and it wasn’t long before they were both shooting off.

After they’d gotten out of the shower and toweled off they lay, facing each other, on their king-size bed. 

“I can’t believe we’re getting married.  I can’t wait.” Ben’s smile lit up the room.   He reached over and caressed Tom’s face; his thumb ran over his beautiful lips.

“I can’t wait either.   Especially for the honeymoon.”

“I love fireworks. I’m glad I don’t have to wait for the 4th to see them.”

“No?” Tom asked with a knowing smile on his face.

“Nope. I see them every time we make love.”
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