Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weds Brief

Hey everyone,  it's that time of the week again.  Time to flash.   This week I'm using a prompt from this list
You can't always get what you want..." or use a birthday cake or have a scene in a fast food restaurant or use: goat, hanger, whisper or "I thought that you loved me until you said..." or "I spy with my little eye..." or use socks in a fun way or introduce a new character who is a model

see if you can figure out what I did.

Most people weren’t crazy about doing household chores.  Tom and Ben traded off doing laundry and cleaning and shopping every week so neither felt like it was the same old same old.

Ben stood on his side of their king-size bed; Tom was lying on top of the cover, fast asleep.  The poor guy had just come from a grueling overnight shift.  There was a five-alarm fire at a warehouse and it took the firefighters several hours to put it out.    Tom was barely able to make it to the bedroom before he collapsed onto the bed.  

Ben had made them chicken salad sandwiches for lunch, but they’d have to wait until his husband rested.    Ben took in the sight of his man. He didn’t want to burden Tom with this thought, but he was relieved when Tom came through that front door safe and sound every day.    He tried very hard to keep any worry from his mind, but it was hard sometimes.   But such was the life of living with someone like a firefighter.  Ben wouldn’t change things for the world.   He loved Tom with all his heart and he was so happy they were married and had a life together.   

Ben looked over at his man, who was dressed in a pair of shorts and a dark green T-shirt.   He looked so sexy Ben wanted to jump his bones, but instead he was folding clothes.  He had all the shirts, pants, and underwear all put away; all that was left in the basket was their socks.  He hated sorting socks—Tom usually did it or they did it together.    But Tom was snoozing and it gave him something to do while he waited for his man to wake up.

He admitted to having trouble figuring out if the sock he held in his hand was black or navy blue.   Tom had slightly bigger feet than he did, so it made it easier to figure out whose was whose, but there had to be some ‘land of lost socks’ cause the rare time he folded socks he always had mismatches.   Something happened from the time he’d put a complete set of socks into the washing machine and then into the dryer.   Maybe some sock fairies or gremlins came and whisked the socks away.   Ben chuckled at the image in his head. 

“Mmmffff, snort.”  Tom made some muffled noises and rolled over onto this stomach.  Ben took a look at the sock ball he had in his hand and back at Tom.   ‘No, I shouldn’.

It was too tempting.  Whack!

“Wha—what?”  Tom got a rude awakening from a sock ball to the face.  “What the hell?  Ben, I was sleeping!”

“What do you mean?”  Ben acted all innocent.

“I mean what is this?”   Tom held up a white sock ball as evidence.

“Oh, that.”

“Yeah, that.  Do you have an explanation?” 

“I’m taking the fifth.”  Ben strutted away from the bed only to have his wrist grabbed and himself pulled onto the bed.

“I have enough evidence to punish you.  You know there are laws of the bedroom that you have woefully violated.”

“Oh ,really? And what laws are those?”   Ben asked. It was getting hotter in here by the minute.

“Laws forbidding husbands from waking their spouses while they are asleep.  And the punishment for that is…”  Tom pulled Ben across his lap and pulled Ben’s shorts and boxers off and began spanking him.

“Ow! What do you think you’re doing?”  Ben feigned anger.  In truth he liked being spanked, and Tom knew that only too well.     He felt the heat register on his butt cheeks. 

“Punishing you.  I’m going to enjoy doing it.”   Tom took the rest of Ben’s clothes off and pushed him onto his back on the bed.  He covered him with his clothed body.   Benenduredthe ‘punishment’ of having his lips kissed hard, his nipples sucked on until they were hard as a rock, his belly button licked, and his cock sucked on like it was a popsicle.  The real ‘torture’ came when Tom’s fingers entered his ass and then Tom’s large cock followed.  

“Oh Tom, TOM!”   Ben endured this sweet torture until his cock shot come all over the comforter and Tom filled him.

Ben was enveloped in Tom’s arms; they covered each other in sweet kisses. 

“Looks like we’ll have to do another wash.”   Ben looked at the come-covered comforter. 

“Yeah, but this time I’ll do the socks.”

Ben laughed and Tom followed suit.  The wash could wait; right now, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


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  1. Oh such punishment Ben had to endure.
    Glad to know even fictional characters have laundry sock problems,

  2. LOL I liked it Lily. Very sexy!


  3. I am totally sympathetic about the socks. They drive me nuts. it's lovely to read about a couple who are totally functional :)

  4. thank you so much for your kind words. Good luck keeping your socks from straying