Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weds Brief

It's that time of the week again,  and this week the guys are being their usual romantic selves.   Check out what they are up to.

I used one of these prompts:

The game is afoot!" or "Feet don't fail me now" or a feat of strength or alligator, clip, residue or use a storm in some way or "You are the wind beneath my wings" or "Come sail away" or "Please pass the ..." or find a creative use for mayonnaise or make a My Favorite Martian reference.

There were just some things in life that you couldn’t prepare for, no matter how much you tried.  Tom and Ben had each other to face whatever came their way.   With all the stresses in their lives, they always took time to get away from it all from time to time.

They set aside days where they took each other out on a date. They took turns picking a day and made plans.   This time around was Tom’s day.   Ben loved it when his man took charge and today he was thrilled when Tom surprised him with a picnic lunch in one of their favorite parks.  

“Don’t forget to bring your binoculars, I know how much you love to bird watch,”  Tom reminded him as they packed the car.

“Oh, don’t worry, honey, I won’t.”   Ben was touched that Tom thought of everything.  Ben had gotten teased by men he’d dated in the past when he admitted that bird watching was a passion of his.   So he’d kept that tidbit a secret from Tom until their relationship had gotten very serious.   He remembered how nervous he was to tell him about his interest.

“What’s wrong, Ben?  You’re awful quiet.”  Tom had asked him on their date.  Ben remembered how his heart was beating so hard it almost broke out of his chest.

“Tom I have a confession to make.”  Ben looked up at Tom and saw the expression on his face. 

“You do? Okay, don’t mince words; just give it to me straight. You’re breaking up with me, right?”  Tom obviously had misread Ben’s intentions.

“What? No, of course not.  I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go bird watching with me.  See, I wanted you to know that I love bird watching.  Not all guys are into it and I felt you needed to know that about me.  Before we got any further in our relationship.” There, the Band-Aid had been ripped off; now the ball was in Tom’s court.   What Ben didn’t expect was those strong firefighter arms to wrap around his and held him tight.

“Is that all? Oh geesh, you scared the shit out of me.”

“It doesn’t bother you?”  

“Bother me? Why should it bother me?  I happen to like nature too, and I’d love to go with you.  You can show me all the birds of Pennsylvania.”

“Oh Tom, I love you!”   It was the first time either of them had ever said it.   Ben knew that this man was a keeper.  And he proved it right from that time on.   

They’d enjoyed a hike in the national park, then a picnic lunch.  They decided to go back into town and visit their favorite ice cream shop, Splits and Giggles, for some dessert. 

Tom had an ice cream soda and Ben had a hot fudge sundae.  Ben fed Tom some of his chocolate ice cream; he made sure the spoon was also loaded with hot fudge sauce.   Tom’s face lit up at all the ooey gooey goodness.

“So what are we going to do next, honey?”  Ben had been so happy with Tom’s plans so far.

“How about we take in a movie?  I’m anxiously awaiting Despicable Me.”  After Ben had admitted to bird watching, Tom made a confession of his own.  He liked animated movies.  Some adults felt they had to drag a kid to see one, but Tom went on his own if he couldn’t find anyone to go with him, that was until he met Ben. Ben loved to see them too.  “Too bad it won’t be out until July 3rd.” 

“Well, we know what we’ll be doing July 3rd. at least, whenever we have off that falls around that date,”  Ben stated.

“Love you honey.”   Tom took his hand and they took a stroll down toward the theater.  They decided to watch the Star Trek movie again; they’d already seen it a few times.  The sun had set by the time they came out and, as they were walking back toward the car, the sky opened up.  Rain descended in buckets and Tom and Ben made a run for it. Their car was parked down the street.  Ben could see it in the distance and wasn’t sure if they should try for it.  Tom pulled him into a storefront with an overhang.     

“I’m soaked.” Tom said as they took refuge under the store’s awning. 

“Me too.” Ben wrapped his arms around Tom and laid his head on his man’s wet T-shirt.  They stood there, listening to the rain coming down.   “Oh look, Tom.” Ben pointed at the front window display.  They’d found shelter at the travel agent.   There were posters from all over the world.

“If we could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?” Ben asked him.

There were posters for Hawaii, Fiji, Russia, Australia and even an Alaskan cruise.

“All those places look wonderful, honey.  And sure I’d love to go anywhere in the world with you, but do you know my favorite place to spend time with you?”

“Where?”  Ben looked up at his man’s gorgeous eyes.

“Right here, right now.”  Tom’s lips covered his and Ben forgot all about the rain or how drenched they both were.  A loud thunderclap and lightning, which lit up the sky, didn’t interrupt them.

“Wow, I heard of love setting off fireworks, but we surpassed that with our own thunder and lightning show.”

“You got it baby.” They stood in the vestibule and waited for the rain to stop.  They finally were able to make their way to the car and back home.  They ended their date with some major lovemaking.



  1. Awe <3
    Such a sweet ending :)

  2. love the thunder and lightning - :-)

  3. That was a sweet ending. These guys are total saps, but it works for them, lol. Another nice update for Ben and Tom.