Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weds Brief

Well they are BACK.   Tom and Ben have come back.   Actually Tom has returned from a trip to Chicago for a firefighter's convention.

The prompts for this week are: Don't move until I tell you." or "Your underwear is showing..." or "You're treading a fine line here..." or use: cart, prick, T-shirt or have a guest Frenchman in your story or have a hole in the ground or "wine, women and song" or use a man with a brand new goatee or discuss either  Mad Men or Royal Pains in your story or use the big bang theory 

Weds Brief June 26th

Ben looked at his watch for the umpteenth time, wondering when he’d become this clock-watcher. It probably started when he watched Tom board the plane at the airport.

There was a convention for firefighters in Chicago and Tom had to go. They always hated being apart. It was like a piece of his heart was torn away. Ben counted the days until Tom’s return.

So here he was, sitting at the gate, looking at the board. When Tom’s flight status changed to arrive, he was overjoyed.  Now his eyes scanned the sea of people passing through the terminal on their way to get their luggage.

His heart skipped a few beats until…”Tom!” He ran toward his man. Tom’s face wore the same smile as his.

“Ben.” Their arms thrown around each other, their lips met in a crushing kiss.

“Uh, wait a minute, hold on here.” Ben disengaged from their embrace and took a good look at his husband.  “What’s this?” He indicated the facial hair that hadn’t been there when Tom left him.

“It’s a goatee, do you like it?”

Neither he nor Tom had ever grown any facial hair. Well, not much beyond a five o’clock shadow.  They hadn’t seriously discussed having mustaches or beards, let alone a goatee before. Ben didn’t know how to react to Tom’s face rug.

Ben looked at Tom’s earnest face and was torn between telling him the truth and telling him he was fine with it, even though he loved Tom’s bare face better.  They didn’t say anything again until they got into Ben’s car.  Tom stowed his suitcase on the backseat and climbed into the passenger seat.

“Honey, I, well…it’s something new.  I just never thought I’d see you with a goatee.  I just don’t know what to think. I mean, I thought firefighters were not allowed to have facial hair.”

“We’re not. I just wanted to take the opportunity during this down time to see what I’d look like in a goatee.   I have a couple of days before I have to report back to work.  I’ll have to shave it before then.  I just wanted to get a reaction from you.”

Ben felt the sigh of relief come and go. “I love you, Tom, no matter what.   You know that, right?”

“Baby, of course I know that.”   Tom reached over and pulled Ben into an embrace and kissed him.    “I just wanted to try it out for size.   I used to have a mustache when I was a teenager.  You know, once you’re able to grow facial hair you want to do something besides shave.”

“Yeah, I tried to grow a beard when I was eighteen. It looked rather scraggly.   My mom kept telling me to shave it off.   Well, I didn’t listen for a long time, even grew my hair long.” 

“I seem to recall you showing me some photos of you with that beard,”  Tom commented.   Ben started the car and they headed for home.  It didn’t take long for them to get home. Ben pulled into their driveway and hit the button that opened the automatic garage opener and drove the car inside. 

“Yeah. Hey, how about we pull out the yearbooks and photo albums and have ourselves a journey down memory lane?” Ben suggested after he put the car in park and turned toward his husband.

“Sure, honey, right after we take care of this.” Tom took Ben’s hand and put it on his crouch; the bulge there was ready to break out of his pants.  “I’ve been thinking of you this whole trip. The plane couldn’t get back to Pennsylvania fast enough.”

“I was missing you the whole time you were away.  It was only a week but it might as well have been a year.  I could barely sleep in that bed all by myself.”   Ben got out of the car.   Tom followed him to the door that led inside the house.   The garage door had closed behind them and they were completely alone and shut off from prying eyes.

“Let’s get inside. I’ve been waiting for a whole week to get back to you.”   Tom used his authoritative voice.   The one that drove Ben crazy.

“What about your luggage?”  Ben asked him.

“Later. Right now you have a hungry man to satisfy,”  Tom growled. He led him past the kitchen and toward their bedroom.

“I was thinking of making some of those kosher hotdogs for dinner tonight,”  Ben suggested as Tom led the way to the back of the house and bed.

“Later. First you have to take care of another kind of kosher hotdog.”

Clothes littered the hallway and bedroom floor and it wasn’t long before two hot, sated, sweaty men were lying, tangled up in each other’s arms.   Ben’s head resting on Tom’s chest.   “Next trip, we go together.”

“You betcha.”  Tom said.


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