Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flash #18 Bedtime Lovers

It's that time again, time to flash.   Here is my story,  the prompt was "Rise and Shine sleepyhead."  The other prompt was: "Do me a favor would you? Dumb it down."  I chose the first one.

the links to my fellow flashers are at the end of my story


Bedtime lovers

Ben rolled over onto his stomach; his hand was feeling around the recently vacated space that had been occupied by his lover.     Tom was a morning person so it wasn’t unusual for there to be nothing for Ben to hold onto.    His partner’s pillow was a poor substitute for the real thing, but he snuggled up against it, nonetheless, and inhaled the musky scent of his gorgeous fireman.

“Mm.”  He purred like a cat and snuggled deeper under the plush blue comforter; his arm hugged the king-size pillow against his face.

He felt someone shaking him awake. 

“Rise and shine sleepyhead.”  Tom’s warm smile greeted him when he opened his eyes.

“Five more minutes, please?” He sounded like a kid asking their mother for more time in bed.

“Don’t give me those puppy dog eyes.”  Tom swept his blond hair off his face.

“You need a haircut, baby, but first you need this.”  Ben pulled him down for a juicy kiss.  Tom lost his balance against the side of the bed and tumbled into his dark-haired lovers arms.

“Now this is how I like to start my day.”   Ben kissed him again.   “It’s better than coffee.” 

“I think I know another way to wake you up, sweetheart.”   Tom ran his hand over Ben’s back and pulled his pajama bottom off Ben’s bubble butt and threw them onto the floor.  “Oh yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about.” 

“Tom,” Ben ran his fingers through Tom’s thick blond locks, pulling off his lover’s clothes he rubbed his groin against his.   Their cocks were hard and glistening with pre-cum and ready to go off at any minute.   “I’m going to…”  

“Let’s go off together baby.”   Tom wrapped his hand around both their burgeoning members and after some intense thrusting their stomachs and chests were showered with pearl white rain.

“That was so good, real good sweetheart.”  Ben snuggled up against his firefighter and kissed him.

“Let’s go take a shower.”  Tom was up and halfway to the shower when a hand on his bicep stopped him cold.

“Hold in, no shower until we cut your locks.”

Ben threw on a pair of shorts and walked down the hallway to the kitchen.   He opened up the drawer where they kept the odds and end stuff, it was otherwise known as a ‘junk drawer.’ 

Tom had put on a pair of black sweatpants that had his firehouse emblem on one of the legs and he followed Ben into the kitchen.

“Sit down, stud.”   Ben patted the wooden chair he’d pulled out from the kitchen table.   Tom slid into the chair, his big hands rested on Ben’s hips.

“Tom I can’t cut your hair if you’re going to manhandle me.”  Ben rolled his eyes and wiggled his hips.  He bitched and moaned about Tom’s antics, but he loved his man so much he felt like his heart would burst.

“Manhandling is my favorite sport.”  Tom was studying Ben’s belly real closely, pressing his lips against his stomach.

“Okay well you can manhandle me in the shower.”  Ben managed to break free from his man.

“Promise?” Tom flashed his brilliant, I can make you do anything I want, smile at Ben.

“Yes.”    Ben slid a comb through Tom’s hair and began snipping away at the long strands.    The fire department had some rules about how long their firefighters could wear their hair.   So Ben cut it short but not short enough that he couldn’t run his fingers through Tom’s hair.

“There, all done.”  He held up a hand mirror in front of Tom’s face.

“Nice,” Tom smiled and took the scissors from Ben’s hand.  “Do I have to tip my hair dresser?”

“What do you think?”   Ben escaped his lover’s hands and ran back down the hallway and towards the bedroom.  He was quickly tackled from behind and landed on the bed.   Tom knew every inch of his body including where he was ticklish, Ben was reduced to a laughing pile of goo under Tom’s assaulting fingers.

“Stop, oh ah, bwahahaha, stop Tom, stop.”

“Are we going to finally take a shower now?”

“Yes, YES!”   The tickling stopped but the kissing began.   They both disrobed and the were under the warm water of the steam shower, the roomy cubicle was more than big enough for the two muscular men to fit into.

The bathroom mirror steamed up probably from the hot water but it could have also been from the heat generated from the hot sex the two men were having under the water.

A few hours later, after they’d recovered, Tom had put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and kissed Ben on the cheek.  “Do you want to go out for a ride on my bike?”

“Is this a date?”

“Yeah I’m asking you out for dinner and a movie.”

“Then I’m saying yes.”   Ben had dressed in a similar fashion; only he had put on one of Tom’s T-shirts. 

Tom handed him one of the two helmets that were sitting on the seat of his Harley.   Ben put his on and waited for Tom to climb onto the motorcycle and then he climbed on behind him.  This was his favorite mode of transportation cause he enjoyed having any excuse to wrap his arms around his lover’s waist. 

“Ready?”  Tom said after he’d put on his helmet.

“Yep, let’s go.”

The roar of the engine could be heard and Tom zipped out of their driveway and towards the highway.   A dark-blue Audi was following them.



Victoria Blisse (m/f)

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