Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome Guest Blogger Donna McIntosh

I'd like to welcome author Donna McIntosh to my blog. Please have a seat, relax enjoy a cup of coffee and please do tell us about yourself and your book.

I was born in New York, grew up in Arizona, married a Texan and have lived here in Texas for the last 30+ years.  I started out writing fan fiction and am just getting my toes wet getting published. 

SURVIVAL is my first book and is being published by Secret Cravings Publishing

and is currently available through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, etc.  as well.

My second book, TANNER, will be available in August through Secret Cravings and is a police story that takes place in Phoenix, AZ.

Here is the information on SURVIVAL.  It's M/M and R rated.

SURVIVAL (blurb)

Years ago four friends went through the L.A.P.D police academy together; Daniel Mathews, Christopher Reid, Sean Kelly, and J.J. (as in Jennifer Joan) Kent. Daniel was the oldest and had the most experience and made Captain by the time he was 45. He managed to pull in a few favors and got his three friends transferred into his unit. All went well until the day Detective Christopher Reid disappeared only to resurface a short time later on the other side of the law – a renegade!

When the Alien invasion came, everyone was caught off guard and the four of them were scattered across the U.S. Daniel was taking it easy at his cabin in the hills a few hours drive out of L.A., J.J. was in Canada and Sean was in Massachusetts. No one had any idea where Chris was.

The Aliens killed off every law man, and person in authority they could find and imprisoned everyone else. All hope was lost until a small band of people found a hidden valley and set up a refuge. They made forays into the prison camps across the country and brought out people that were needed to help set up their little colony. This group was led by none other than Christopher Reid.

Chris scours the prisoner lists that come in, desperately seeking his three old friends. Can he find them? Did they escape the initial purge? Will he get a second chance with Daniel and be able to prove himself worthy to be loved?

SURVIVAL is their story.

SURVIVAL (excerpt)

"Tell me about yourself, Christopher. What was your life like before all this nonsense? You said you were with the F.B.I. Was that an exciting life? Do you miss it?"

"Actually, it was ... exciting at times and some times terrifying." he admitted.

"It sounds all rather mysterious – dangerous."

"It was and it wasn't. Sometimes I loved it other times I hated it."

"I would imagine you miss all that?"

"Not really. I had just quit my job and was going to try and see what it was like to live a normal life."

"Ha!" Parks boomed. "A normal life! I don't think life will ever be normal again; do you?"

"I have no idea." Chris stared into his coffee cup and swirled the dregs.

"Did you lose someone? Leave someone special behind?"

"No. There was no one."

"Ahhh, but you wish there had been."

"I do, at least I did. But I never really had a chance in hell with either one of them."

"And why not? You're a charming young man with that blond hair and blue eyes; rather rough around the edges maybe but of good heart."

Chris chuckled at that. "There are … or were a few people who wouldn't agree with that."

"And these were?"

"Past associates of mine. We trained together, worked together for a time and then on opposite sides for several years."

"Ah, I see. Co workers, friends, rivals, enemies, potential lovers; all in one package."

"That's about it."

"Are they who you're thinking about when you stand and stare off towards the old pass? Are you hoping they will show up?"

"Before … there always was just that little bit of hope. Now I don't even have that any more."

"And why not? They could well be in camps somewhere waiting for you to ride to their rescue."

That brought another chuckle from Chris. "Believe me, I'm the last person either one of them would want to see."

"Tell me about them. Women, men, or perhaps one of each, you rascal?"

"Both male."

"Ah. Into threesomes. Kinky."

"No!" Chris couldn't help but chuckle at that one coming from the oh-so-proper Englishman. "At different times. First there was Sean then a while later Daniel." He grimaced at the painful memory.

"Sean was a runner and had this great body but his main interest was J.J. – as in Jennifer Joan. And Daniel – he was absolutely the sexiest thing on two feet."

"They sound pretty special."

"They are – or were. I doubt if either of them made it. Neither one of them could take orders or even suggestions from anyone else very well. I'm sure they are both long gone."

"At least you have your memories of being with them."

"No, it never got that far with either of them. I wanted to, I wanted to badly but Sean was too hung up on J.J. And Daniel, with him it was lust at first sight and I propositioned him within five minutes of laying eyes on him. I guess my approach was a little too bold or too awkward or simply not to his liking. He told me to get lost and kept me at arms length from then on. And then when I left, well, his dislike turned to hatred. We've worked on a few of the same cases over the years but he was cold as ice. The knowledge that he'd sooner break me in half as touch me, kept me at a distance."

"How very sad. You've carried a torch for two men and neither of them responded in kind. What a sad tale indeed. It sounds like a Victorian novel. Only in that, some rich relative would have whisked you away to his family's estate and married you off to his ugly daughter."

"Oh God! Spare me." Chris laughed as he got up, took his coffee cup into the kitchen and rinsed it out, then said good night and left for his bunk. He always waited until everyone was asleep so he couldn't hear their chatter and he didn't have to any answer any more of their never-ending questions.

He lay in his bunk and thought about Sean and Daniel. He knew they were gone, he just knew it. But some tiny spark of hope wouldn't die and he found himself wondering what it would be like to find them, to free them and bring them to this valley where they would be safe. Would they think of him differently after seeing what he had accomplished? He thought they probably wouldn't. Sean would whine constantly about finding J.J. and Daniel would just glare at him and keep his distance.

The tears started slipping down his face and he turned on his side and wiped at them with his blanket as they fell.

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  1. This book sounds so good...can't wait to sink my teeth into it. I wish you all the best with it and your one coming out in August.From your fellow SCP author,
    Daisy Dunn